2013 Advisory Leadership Council meeting minutes

Alexis O. Navarro  |  7/4/2013 12:36:57 AM

Guest in attendance: Freda Smith – JPPSS, Ricardo Mesa-JPL, Amanda Gardner – JPPSS, Mel Dussel – Dawn Busters Kiwanis Club, Rose Washington – Jeff Adult Education, Pam Simoneaux-JPPSS, Sandra Mesa- JPPSS, Milson Schleismann – LDAF, Emery Vanitook – Market Umbrealla

Staff in attendance
: Alexis Navarro, J.B. Anders, Sarah Purcell, Ann Gauthier, Portia Brown, Rhonda Douglas, Beth Gambel, Rusty Gaude, Bobby Fletcher, Michael Mosley, Karen Walker

Convened at 1:00

Introductions: Everyone took time to introduce themselves and to explain which organization they represent and what their mission is.


Dr. Bobby Fletcher presented the history of the LSU AgCenter from its inception with the passage of the Morrill Act, and later the Smith-Lever Act. He explained the various funding sources of Federal, State and Local monies. Dr. Fletcher then went on to give an overview of LSU2015, a blueprint to combine the various LSU campuses into one campus with one Chancellor.

Alexis Navarro gave an overview of the various programs of the Jefferson Parish office of the LSU AgCenter. She broadly spoke of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Nutrition and Health, and 4-H. She then explained the importance of the ALC members’ input in guiding our work.

J.B. Anders gave an in depth presentation on Agriculture and Natural Resources, Master Gardener’s, the Spring Garden Show and School/Community Gardens.

Rusty Gaude presented the various components of the Sea Grant Program. These include Fisheries, Surface Water Development, Urban Fishing, South Shore Direct Seafood, Louisiana Master Naturalist Program, Louisiana Clams ( a new fishery), CSF (Crescent City Support Fisheries), and Wing Trawl ( a new type of sustainable shrimping net)

Karen Walker shared with the ALC members the on-going programs relating to Nutrition and Health. These include EFNEP, Smart Portions, Smart Choices, Bee Fit Day with the Hornets, Family Nutrition Night Program, and Lets Eat for the Health of It (an outreach to Jefferson Parish employees).

Beth Gambel spoke of the Gerontology Programs which include the Ombudsmen, and Nutrition Education Classes in Senior Centers.

Ann Gauthier and Chantel Williams spoke of the exciting activities taking place in 4-H and Youth Development. Exciting activities include 4-H School Clubs, 4-H Commodity Cookery contest and Ambassador contest, Smart Bodies program working in tandem with the Nutrition Educators, Organ Wise Guys, Smart Bodies Walk, 4-H Day at the Capitol, 4-H Summer Camp, 4-H Challenge Camp, 4-H Lost Camp, School Gardens working in tandem with LSU AgCenter Horticulturist, and a school “Geauxing Green” recycling program.

Lastly, Alexis Navarro informed the ALC members of the JVFC (Jefferson Volunteers for Family and Community) activities and the Family Life, Environment and Literacy community outreach programs of JVFC.

At this point, ALC members were invited to list the most important points that they think the AgCenter should focus on in our major programming areas of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Health and Nutrition and 4-H.


Agriculture and Natural Resources:

  • Increased programming in lower elementary grades--animals and plants
  • Increase livestock programming--AgMagic and animal identification
  • Increased forestry programming--protecting plants and trees
  • Pursue the Louisiana Clam Project
  • Lead Soil Test for safe home gardening
  • Lead as a cause of ADD/ADHD
  • Poultry education
  • Field to Plate
  • Pesticide safety
  • Storm water runoff with fertilizers

The top three concerns for ANR were:

  • Increase Livestock programming
  • Pursue Louisiana Clam Project
  • Field to plate

Health and Nutrition:

  • Increased Pre-K programming
  • Adult Nutrition Education for adult caregivers of school age children
  • Bringing Health and Nutrition to PTA meetings
  • Follow up meetings with school based health clinic physicians to prescribe healthy eating and physical activity to families and students
  • Have a combination of Mentor Night with Family Night Nutrition Program
  • Increased Nutrition and Health classes for senior citizens

The top three concerns for Health and Nutrition were:

  • Increase Pre-K programming
  • Adult Nutrition Education for adult caregivers of school age children
  • Follow up meetings with school based health clinic physicians to prescribe healthy eating and physical activity to families and students


  • Grow-It and Cook-It program
  • Increase school gardens
  • Junior Master Gardeners
  • Integrate 4-H with the school science curriculum
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills by selling school garden produce
  • Sponsor Chef Adopted school gardens

The top three concerns for 4-H were:

  • Grow-It and Cook-It
  • Integrate 4-H with science curriculum
  • Chef adopted school gardens

Adjourned 3:30

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