Jefferson Davis Parish Profile

About the LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter provides innovative research, information and education to improve people’s lives. Working in a statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises, and develop human and community resources.

Program Highlights

Family, Nutrition and Health

The LSU AgCenter focuses on strengthening families and citizens through nutrition and health educational programs. The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a community nutrition outreach program. The program seeks to educate limited resource audiences on eating healthy to lessen risks of chronic disease and obesity. The EFNEP population is of diverse, limited resource individuals who are responsible for preparing family meals, have children under the age of 18 living in the home, pregnant, receiving free/reduced lunch. The program areas of focus are diet quality and physical activity, food resource management, food safety and food security.

4-H Youth Development

Jeff Davis Parish has over 830 youth enrolled in 24 traditional 4-H clubs for youth 9 to 19 years old. We incorporate hands-on learning activities/projects through schools, camps, & 4-H clubs as educational tools. Our focus areas are leadership, science, and service learning. To reach these goals we offer these specialized clubs such as Sewing, Cooking and Art clubs, Livestock, Junior Leadership and Shooting Sports. Jeff Davis Parish will continue to strive to improve & build upon the already strong foundation set for their 4-H Youth Development Program.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture is the largest economic generator in Jeff Davis parish. In order to help producers achieve fiscally and environmentally efficient production, the LSU AgCenter provides the latest research-based recommendation through electronic newsletters, news articles, farm research plots, field days, educational clinics, yearly pesticide re-certifications, mass media, home/farm visits and access to specialists to address areas of concern. Community gardens are also used to promote a sense of teamwork and education for parish residents and students while also teaching them about the natural world.

Whom We Reach:

  • 8,006 youth (includes 835 4-H members and 24 school 4-H Clubs)
  • 24,901 adults (4500 through agriculture producers and home gardeners and 300 youth and adult volunteers, including LVFC)

How We Reach Them:

4-H Clubs, school enrichment, field days, publications, newsletters, class series, demonstrations, workshops, project clubs, on-farm research, commodity schools, website, and social media.

Expanding Our Efforts:

500 Achievement Day participants, 60 youth will attend summer camp, 100 youth attended regional/state competition, 3 school 4-H Shooting Sports clubs were formed. 500 ag. Producers participated in educational programs and 150 private pesticide applicators were certified/recertified.

Parish Facts:

LSU AgCenter agents provide research-based information to Jefferson Davis Parish clientele. The top agricultural commodities in the parish are Rice – 81,967 acres, Soybeans – 3,025 acres, Crawfish – 63,584 acres, Sugarcane – 660 acres, Hay – 16,500 acres, Turf – 16,000 acres and Beef Cattle – 11,600 head.

The total value of agricultural commodities exceeds $156,982,210.

Data from the 2020 Louisiana Ag Summary website:

Population —31,342; Population under 18 years old — 26.2%; Population 65 years old and over — 14.8%; Land area — 652.5 square miles; Median household income — $42,716; Persons below poverty — 16.9%

Local Issues and Plans for This Year:

Family, Nutrition and Health

  • Provide guidance to assist clientele in proper nutrition and healthy eating habits
  • Make available EFNEP programming for low-income clientele
  • Make clients aware of available educational literature and/or programs

4-H Youth Development

  • Develop and implement service-learning projects throughout the parish
  • Plant live oaks with Acorns of Hope for storm surge protection on coastal areas
  • Junior Leaders will work with CASA, character education projects and fashion club members on promoting youth development activities
  • Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H youth development

Agricultural and Natural Resources

  • Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana agriculture
  • Conduct result demonstrations in rice, soybean, beef, small grain and commercial turf production
  • Conduct commodity schools and field days for rice and soybeans
  • Hold pesticide recertification classes
  • Conduct farm and home educational visits
  • Use mass media, personal contacts, farm visits and electronic media to inform producers
  • Use multiple methods to inform home gardeners on effective and environmentally sound practices for consumer horticulture production

Extension Funding
FY 2022-2023

How we are funded:

You are the local supporters and beneficiaries of the LSU AgCenter extension programs. Your support keeps these programs in your communities.

Your parish extension office offers programs in:

  • Sustaining Louisiana agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Building leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development
  • Family, nutrition and health to enhance the quality of life for Louisiana’s citizens

LSU AgCenter State Appropriated Funds for FY 2022-2023:

  • State General Direct: 78.01%
  • Federal Funds: 12.06%
  • Self-Generated: 6.31%
  • Statutory Dedications: 3.62%

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