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About The LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to providing innovative research, information and education to improve people’s lives. Working in a statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises, and develop human and community resources.

Program Highlights

Nutrition Program

There are an abundance of barriers Louisiana residents face that prevent living healthy lives, and offering resources for these challenges to West Baton Rouge residents remains our priority. To address these concerns, a comprehensive nutrition education and physical activity program is provided. The objectives of these nutrition programs are to have adults and youth increase their knowledge of budget-friendly healthful food choices, benefits of increased physical activity, and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

4-H Youth Development

The Iberville Parish 4-H Youth Development Program strives to create innovative programs which play a key role in implementing positive growth and development in Iberville Parish youth. The 2023-2024 school enrichment focus for grades 4-12 is “Imagineering Your Future” through which youth will gain knowledge of money management, problem solving, career readiness, and entrepreneurship. In addition, youth will be offered opportunities such as 4-H University, 4-H summer camp, livestock shows, shooting sports, workshops, and various other activities.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Located just west of the Mississippi River and in the industrial core of the state, Iberville parish still has a very vibrant agriculture presence. The two major row crops in the parish are soybeans and sugarcane which span approximately 37,000 acres. Iberville is also known for its livestock and forage production with approximately 4,500 acres of hay production and 6,500 cattle across the parish. Producers rely on information from LSU AgCenter specialists and researchers to make informed decisions that impact their daily production practices. This information is presented to them through our Iberville Sugarcane Production Meeting and farm visits with the local County Agent.

Whom We Reach:

  • 1,700 youth (includes 255 4-H members and 20 school 4-H Clubs)
  • 761 adults (150 through agriculture and natural resources and 611 through family consumer sciences)

How We Reach Them:

4-H Clubs, school enrichment, field days, publications, newsletters, class series, website, social media, and workshops.

Expanding Our Efforts:

150 volunteers from 4-H, Master Gardeners, family and community and Master Horseman.

Parish Facts:

LSU AgCenter county agents provide research-based information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife, and animal enterprises to Iberville Parish residents. The total dollar amount from these commodities in 2020 were: Animal enterprises, $5,315,689; aquaculture and wildlife, $3,860,962; plant enterprises, $66,553,910.

Land area — 618.72 square miles; Population —29,506; Population under 18 years old — 19.9%; Population 65 years old and over — 17.0%; Median household income — $52,994; Persons below poverty — 22.5%

Local Issues and Plans for This Year:

Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana agriculture

  • Make home and farm visits to provide educational information to solve problems.
  • Certify Private Pesticide Applicators and Worker Protection Standards (WPS) through the Iberville Sugarcane Production Meeting.
  • Conduct prescribed burn management certifications.
  • Work with NRCS to promote conservation programs.

Increase Healthy Living through horticulture and environmental stewardship

  • Promote Best Management Practices (BMP) for gardens, lawns, landscapes, and fruit/vegetable trees.
  • Conduct school and community garden programs to educate both youth and adults about healthy lifestyles.
  • Westside Master Gardener Program

Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development

  • Develop and implement service-learning projects throughout the parish.
  • Implement 4-H activities which develop leadership and citizenship skills.
  • Develop life skills through educational programs conducted in school club meetings, service-learning projects, workshops, and after school activities.

Strengthen families and communities

  • Provide educational opportunities on nutrition education, budget-friendly awareness, and chronic disease prevention.
  • Conduct community forums, assessments, and other community engagement to assess public health hurdles amongst the parish.
  • Recruit coalition and stakeholders to assist in developing plans to better support healthy lifestyles for residents.
  • Conduct policy, system, and environmental changes to create opportunities for people to eat healthy and get physically active.
  • Increase the community’s awareness, knowledge, and capacity about healthier lifestyle choices to improve health outcomes by accessing available resources.

Extension Funding
FY 2022-2023

How we are funded:

You are the local supporters and beneficiaries of the LSU AgCenter extension programs. Your support keeps these programs in your communities.

Your parish extension office offers programs in:

  • Sustaining Louisiana agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Building leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development
  • Family, nutrition and health to enhance the quality of life for Louisiana’s citizens

LSU AgCenter State Appropriated Funds for FY 2022-2023:

  • State General Direct: 78.01%
  • Federal Funds: 12.06%
  • Self-Generated: 6.31%
  • Statutory Dedications: 3.62%

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