2011 Iberia Parish Profile

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Program Highlights

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture is an $97 million dollar industry in Iberia Parish and as a coastal parish, residents are concerned with protecting the coastline and maintaining the fisheries industry. Delcambre Direct, which is part of the Market Maker program, allows local fishermen the opportunity to sell their products directly to the public via the Internet. With the recent oil spill, this program has been very successful and hopes are that other commodities such as local fruits, vegetables, eggs and beef follow suit.

Family and Consumer Sciences
Nutrition, obesity and healthy living are important to Americans and a concern to residents in Iberia Parish. To address this, a comprehensive nutrition education and physical activ-ity program is conducted. The objectives are to have children increase their knowledge of nutrition and physical activity, understand the importance of time spent in physical activity and increase fruit and vegetable intake. The 6 Easy Bites Club is a monthly after-school program, which promotes physical activity and healthy cooking. Kids Chef Camp is a week long summer camp which emphasizes healthy food choices, food and kitchen safety, healthy cooking and physical activity. The Smart Bodies program integrates classroom activities with hands-on learning. In the past five years, more than 5,500 Iberia Parish youth have received these programs.

4-H Youth Development
The 4-H Youth Development program focuses on enriching the lives of young people. Through the four essential elements of belonging, independence, generosity and mastery, Iberia 4-H members display leadership, communication and service learning skills. To en-hance these skills, during the 2010-2011 school year, 32 Iberia Parish 4-H clubs consisting of nearly 1,000 youth collected more than 600 pounds of “pop tops” with all funds raised being donated to support various “Ronald McDonald Homes.” Leadership skills are em-phasized by allowing all parish 4-H clubs as well as the Junior Leader club and advisory committees to have officer positions. Through 4-H clubs, monthly educational programs provide youth members the opportunity to become more trustworthy, responsible, respect-ful and caring.

Who we reach:

38,500 - Youth (includes 1,000 4-H members and 32 school 4-H clubs)
13,582 - Adults 5,723 Ag and Natural Resources 6,100 Family and Consumer Sciences
1,759 - 4-H Youth Development

How we reach them:

4-H clubs, Class series, School enrichment, Demonstrations, Field days, Workshops, Newsletters, Websites, Publications, and Social media.

Expanding our efforts:

200 Volunteers - 4-H, Master Gardeners, Family
and Community, Master Horsemen

Parish Facts

LSU AgCenter county agents provide re-search-based information on plant, aquacul-ture, wildlife and animal enterprises to Iberia Parish clientele. The 2010 total dollar amount from these commodities was: —Plant enterprises - $82,868,752
  • Aquaculture and wildlife -$6,260,886
  • Animal enterprises - $7,958,704
Data from the Louisiana Ag Summary Website.

Population - 75,101
Land area (square miles) - 575.13
Persons under 18 years old - 27.7%
Persons 65 years old and over - 12.2%
Median household income - $40,610
Persons below poverty - 18.8%

Local Issues Plans for this year

1) Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana Agriculture (ANR)
  • Continue marketing strategies for local fisheries industry.
  • Continue sugarcane field day.
  • Continue pesticide and smoke management recertification.
  • Continue commodity production meetings and variety trails.
  • Continue Master Gardener, Master Farmer and Master Cattlemen programs.
  • Continue the Ag Adventures educational program.
  • Conduct farm finances and labor issue educational programs.
2) Strengthen families and improve the lives of residents in our local communities (FCS)
  • Continue to provide Family Nutrition Program (FNP) clients with train-ings on feeding their families nutritionally on a budget.
  • Continue Smart Bodies educational program.
  • Continue Parenting for Success and Mentoring Moms educational programs.
  • Conduct educational trainings on nutrition, budgeting and chronic diseases.
3) Enable youth to gain knowledge and life skills to become positive, productive and capable members of their communities. (4-H Youth Development)
  • Conduct educational programs to youth through club meetings.
  • Continue community service learning projects.
  • Continue leadership opportunities and trainings.
  • Continue character development and youth safety programs for positive youth development.
  • Continue contest days, workshops, livestock shows and camps.
4) Collaborate with government bodies and agencies
  • Continue collaborations with local governing bodies and agencies such as Iberia Parish Government, Iberia Parish School Board, District Attorney’s Office, Iberia Sheriff’s Office, Office of Family Support and Council on Aging.

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