2009-2010 Iberia Leader Updates

Monique Sanchez, Fredieu, Joshua

January 2010 Club Meeting Calendar

You have been selected to be a 4-H leader! Congratulations! You’re starting an interesting, challenging and very rewarding experience. Because we know you have lots of questions about this new venture, we believe you’ll find the following information helpful.


January 2010 Reminders

Fashion Revue forms and garments are due Friday, January 15, 2010. Contest Day will be on February 6th at Iberia Middle School. Encourage your members to participate.

* Select your Award of Excellence nominees (5th – 8th grades) and send applications to the 4-H office by January 8th. Remember this is a special award and should be given to 4-H’ers who have been active.

* Please encourage your 4-H members to work on their project books. They are due in March.

* Lastly, our January club program will be on the Web of Life.

December 2009 Reminders


v Meet with your club in December to hold some type of holiday social

v Reminder*** Enrollment cards and fees are due before December 12 if you have not turned them in already. Fees are $5 per 4-H member. (Make checks payable to the Iberia 4-H Foundation). We have not received dues or enrollment cards from all schools. If you want us to continue coming to meetings, we must have record that you have enrollment at your school.

v 4-H Contest Day will be held February 6. Rules were provided at your November club meetings for the Fashion Contest. Speaking Contest Rules will be passed out at your January Meetings. Encourage your club members to participate.

v Award of Excellence and Key Club Award: It’s that time of year again where 4-H’ers can apply for leadership awards. Within Iberia Parish, only six 4-H’ers will be selected per award. The 4-H Key Club Award in Louisiana gives recognition to Senior 4-H Club members who have shown outstanding leadership ability in their club and in their parish. A club member may win the award only one time. The Award of Excellence is given to Junior 4-H’ers who show faithfulness to the 4-H program and aspire to become senior 4-H leaders. A club member may win the award only one time.

Remember: We will not have club meetings in December!!!

v Food for Families Food Drive - Monday, December 14. Many clubs have been collecting canned goods for nearly a month now. The 4-H office will NOT pick up canned goods from your school. We are asking that you bring the canned goods to a location nearest your school. Also, please turn in your total number of canned goods collected by December 15. Your club could win $40 from the Junior Leader Club.

November 2009 Reminders

v Meet with your 4-H officers to discuss your November meeting agenda and other activities.

v Reminder*** Enrollment cards and fees are due before your November meeting if you have not turned them in already.
Fees are $5 per 4-H member. (Make checks payable to the Iberia 4-H Foundation).
Remember, if you pay before your November meeting, you can still earn 100 bonus points for Best Club.

v Fall Fun Day is scheduled for November 7 at Iberia Middle School.
Encourage your club members to attend the workshops and/or participate in the bicycle rodeo as well as in the beef, seafood and rice cookery contest.  No bus transportation is provided for this event.

v The Journey into Jobs (Personal Development Contest) will take place on December 3 at Sugarland Elementary.
Encourage your club members to participate. Rules will be provided at your November meetings. This is an easy activity that can earn points for you club.

v 4-H Contest Day will be held February 6. Rules will be provided at your November club meetings.
Encourage your club members to participate.

v If your club is looking for a one-time community service project, please consider one of these options:

-Food for Families food drive-December. Start collecting nonperishable items now and you may be the winner of  $40 from the Iberia Parish Junior Leader Club.

-Collect pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House. Refer to the handout with instructions on procedures to follow.
(Community service chair’s folder)

-Check the list in your community service chair’s folder for other ideas.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you at your club meetings.
If you need further assistance or have concerns about your club meeting date, please contact us at the Iberia 4-H Office at 369-4440.

Remember: We will not have club meetings in December!!!

October Reminders:

vDuring officer training the community service representatives were given ideas for community service learning such as the pull tab project that we conducted last school year. Please meet with your CSR so that your club may plan to take part in these types of community service.

vSend your enrollment cards at least one week before your club meeting.
This will give us time to get the books pulled. You are welcome to come by the office and pull them yourself.
 Remember that all clubs who turn in their cards and money by October will receive an extra 200 points towards their best club book.

v Dues are $5.00 per club member and should be paid by check made payable to the Iberia 4-H Foundation.
Dues are due any time before November 2, 2009.

v The October Club meeting schedule is also enclosed. Remember this will be the first meeting that will be judged.
 Good luck to all!!

v National 4-H Week in October 4-10. The theme for this year is “Meet the Future”.
We encourage all schools to promote 4-H and our efforts in helping today’s kids become tomorrow’s leaders.

v Encourage all 4-H club members to participate in Fall Fun Day on Saturday, November 7th at Iberia Middle School.

September Reminders

1. Enrollment:

a. Collect enrollment cards and dues. Amount of club dues is set by clubs. $5.00 per club member goes to the Iberia Parish 4-H office. Leaders may ask for an additional amount for school club. These dues are for the whole year.
Either enroll the members prior to your meeting or at least have them sign up to attend the meeting to avoid students attending just to get out of class. You may get enrollment cards at our office which is located in the basement of the Courthouse on Iberia Street or we will bring them with us for your first meeting.

2. Election of officers in local 4-H clubs:

The right officers can make or break an outstanding 4-H club. It is important to follow some procedure to determine your officers.
Leaders may either hold an election or appoint their officers. Whichever you choose, it is important that you follow some guidelines. You will want a set of officers that will work to make the club the best it can be.

3. Officer/Leader Trainings:

· Encourage your officers to attend Officer Training on Thursday, October 1 at North Street Elementary.
· We will also have a short leader training October 1 that we encourage all of you to attend.

4. Executive Committee Election

a. Each year we elect a parish executive committee at officer training. This committee meets a couple of times a year to plan Achievement Day. Each club should submit two (2) names of 4-H’ers who can attend the elections on October 1st for voting delegates. These two 4-H’ers will represent your club.

5. National 4-H Week is October 4-10

With your officers or a committee, plan activities to promote 4-H during this week.

During the September club meetings, we will be enrolling 4-H members, explaining who we are, what benefits are derived
by being a 4-H member and introducing our educational program for the year. The 4-H office is asking all leaders to remind their 4-H club members about participating in the livestock and cookery events associated with the 2009 Sugarcane Festival, September 24-26.

We look forward to seeing you at your club meeting.
Please feel free to call us at the 4-H office at 369-4440 or email us at msanchez@agcenter.lsu.edu or
 jfredieu@agcenter.lsu.edu if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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