2011 Iberia Parish 4-H Contest Day

The Iberia Parish 4-H Contest Day will be held January 22, 2011 at Iberia Middle School in New Iberia. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the event should conclude at 11:00 a.m. Rules for each contest are as follows:

4th – 6th Grade Contests

Demonstrations: cannot do the same demonstration under more than one category. May be a Team or Individual. Must have an introduction, body and summary. Should have posters or visuals.

A. General Ag Demonstration Team (Time limit 5 minutes)
-Team of 2 – 2 boys, 2 girls or one boy and one girl or individual
-Must be a method demonstration
-Any topic pertaining to agriculture such as horses, livestock, conservation of natural resources, wildlife, marine science, forestry, poultry science, entomology (insects), aquaculture or horticulture.

B. General Home Economics Demonstration Team (Time limit 5 minutes)
-Team of 2 – 2 boys, 2 girls or one boy & one girl or individual
-Must be a method demonstration
-Any topic pertaining to home economics such as clothing, family life, health and safety, housing, or home furnishing. Only food topics allowed are rice cookery, garnishes, and horticulture products (fruits and vegetables).

C. General Demonstration Team (Time limit 5 minutes)
-Team of 2 – 2 boys, 2 girls or one boy and one girl or individual
-Must be a method demonstration
-Any topic not covered under agriculture or home economics.
Note: If demonstration pertains to food and does not meet the requirements stated in the General Home Economics Demo; than it does not qualify and is not eligible for the Demonstration contest.

Commodity Ambassador Program
First place winners of this contest at Contest Day will be asked to represent Iberia Parish at the area contest to be held in April. The commodities included in the Ambassador Program are: 1) Egg 2) Beef 3) Seafood 4) Poultry 5) Turkey
Design a standard poster 22” x 28” relating to one of the 5 categories listed below and present a 2 –3 minute explanation of poster subject.

1) Production of commodity
2) Food preparation and nutritive value
3) Food safety practices
4) Processing
5) Marketing
4-H’ers may enter only one category in each commodity ambassador program.

7th – 12th Grade Contests

4-H U Contest- This is a 4-H University qualifying contest. Any 8th-12th
Grader (must be 13 years old or older by December 31st) who wishes to compete at 4-H University in a demonstration contest should qualify for 4-H University by participating in the demonstration contest. All contests are open to all 4-H’ers regardless of project enrolled.

4-H U *4-H Has Talent (Time limit 3-7 minutes)
-This contest will provide an opportunity for 4-H members to display their talent as an individual or groups up to 8. Individuals and groups, regardless of performance, will be judged in one category.
- Contestants must bring all props and supplies required for their performance.
- Acts may include vocal, dance, drama, instrument, etc.

4-H U* Agricultural Demonstration Team (Time limit 15 minutes)
-team of 2
-must be a method demonstration, not an illustrated talk.
-Any agricultural practice or practice relating to agriculture with the exception of cooking food.
-This contest includes the following areas: livestock and crop production, conservation of natural resources, wildlife management, marine science, poultry science, forestry, aquaculture, apicultures, (beekeeping) and horticulture.

4-H U*Agriculture Products Demonstration (Time limit- 15 minutes)
-present a method demonstration preparing a dish with one of the following Louisiana Ag. Commodities-Rice, Sugar, Beef, Wheat, Poultry, Louisiana Seafood, Dairy or Soybeans.

4-H U*Dog Care Illustrated Talk (Time limit- 5 minutes)
-Talk must be in one of four general topics areas
a. Breeds and dogs role in society
b. Behavior and training
c. Dog care and safety
d. Dogs and community service

4-H U* Entomology Demonstration Team (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-team of 2
-must be a method demonstration on any topic related to entomology. This would include: insect control, rodent control, mite control, millipede control, insecticide mixing, pesticide safety, etc.

4-H U* Environmental Threat Resolution (Time limit: 5-7 minutes)
-team of 2
-Research should be organized according to the following four (4) environmental settings: (1) Terrestrial plants as invasive species, (2) Terrestrial animals as invasive species, (3) Aquatic plants as invasive species, and (4) Aquatic animals as invasive species.
-Teams will prepare a four-page paper written which will include: (1) a description of the threat, (2) a description of the impact or consequences of the threat, and (3) a proposed solution to the threat.
- Teams will develop a PowerPoint presentation based on findings in the paper.
- Teams will make an informative and persuasive presentation to judges and answer questions about the presentation.

4-H U* Family & Consumer Science Demonstration (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-team of 2
-must be a method demonstration not an illustrated talk.
-the subject must be related to home economics. Practices include: clothing, family life, family resource management, health and safety, housing, home furnishings. Acceptable foods and nutrition topics include food storage, garnishings, meal planning, grocery shopping, food labels, etc. No cooking or preparation of a food dish is allowed.

4-H U* Horticulture Demonstrations - General or Use

A) Horticulture General (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-Topics can include any of the four areas of production, marketing, artistic arrangements or landscaping.

B) Horticulture Use (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-Demonstrate preparation of a dish including a horticulture product- vegetables, herbs or fruits.

4-H U*Nutrition Illustrated Talk (Time limit 10-15 minutes)

-Individual or Team of 2
-present an illustrated talk promoting Awareness of and/or Causes/Solutions to Food Security Issues in Louisiana: Hunger, Eating well on a budget, feeding a family on a limited income, Food Banks, pantries, soup kitchens, USDA Nutrition Assistance Programs (WIC, School Lunch, Day Care Centers, Milk Program), Farm Bill and Food Security, etc.
• Low Food Security: Generally, people in this category have to make changes in the quality or the quantity of their food in order to deal with a limited budget.
• Very Low Food Security: People in this category have struggled with having enough food for the household, including cutting back or skipping meals on a frequent basis for both adults and children.
• Note: Food security is not Food safety or protecting the food supply from terrorist attack.

4-H U* Public Speaking – Cooperatives (Time limit 5- 7 minutes)
-speech must be on cooperatives
-the speech may not be read

4-H U* Public Speaking – Any Other Subject (Time limit 5 – 7 minutes)
-the speech can be on any subject except cooperatives

4-H U* Resource Management (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-present an illustrated talk on any aspect of electric energy management, energy conservation or other sources of energy conservation of any of the state’s natural resources, such as soil, water, energy, air, forests, wetlands, etc.

4-H U* Small Engine Demonstration (Time limit – 15 minutes)
-individual demonstration
-any topic relating to small engines and their many uses (chain saws, boats, mowers, garden tractors, mini bikes, etc. may be demonstrated.

4-H U* Solutions Unlimited (Time limit 5-8 minutes)
-Team of 2 or 3 members
-The vision of this process is to have at least one team member who is proficient in researching topics for the internet, one person who is proficient at organizing and synthesizing the information into a logical presentation format and one team member who is proficient in presenting the information in a power point format.
-Teams will be expected to utilize the research found online to put together pertinent information to solve the scenario
-Teams will assemble this information into a logical format to present this information in a power point presentation.
-Teams will have to construct a brief abstract detailing their presentation with references (no longer than 1 page) abstract should follow APA format, be a maximum of 1 page with 1 inch margins, a minimum of 3 references listed in APA format
-Scenario that team should solve: With recent budget cuts being a concern to Louisiana 4-H, make a presentation on why your local school board should continue to support your parish 4-H program.

4-H U* Soybean Illustrated Talk (Time limit 5-8 minutes)
-individual will give an illustrated talk on the uses of soybeans or the importance of soybeans to Louisiana’s economy.

*Sports Broadcasting Contest (Time limit –8 minutes)
-Team of 2
-will broadcast a sporting event selecting from football, basketball, and baseball.
-Team must bring in a VHS or DVD recording of a selected high school or college game and call the game in front of judges
-One contestant will broadcast the play by play; the other will be the color commentator
-The teams will be required to introduce the broadcast and end it with a short commercial break (Notes may be used)

*Horse Team Demonstration Contest (Time limit –6-12 minutes)
-may be a demonstration or illustrated presentation
-a team of 2
-subject must pertain to the horse industry
-judges may ask questions after demonstrations
-questions time will not be counted in the allotted time.

Horse Individual Demonstration Contest
-same rules for team contest, but only one member presents demonstration

*Horse Public Speaking Contest (Time limit 5-10 minutes)
-subject must pertain to the horse industry
-Contestants may use notes. Excessive use of notes may be counted against the contestant at the discretion of the judges.
-judges may ask questions concerning the material

4-H Commodity Ambassador Program
-First place winners of this contest will be asked to represent Iberia
Parish at the area contest to be held in Jennings in March or April.

There are 5 commodities included in the Ambassador Program:
(1) Seafood, (2) Beef, (3) Turkey, (4) Chicken (5) Egg

Each commodity (egg, poultry, turkey, beef and seafood consists of 5 categories):
1) Production of commodity
2) Food Preparation & Nutritive Values
3) Food Safety practices
4) Processing
5) Marketing

Grades 7 – 9
-Contestant designs a standard poster 22” x 28” relating to one of the above 5 categories.
-Contestant prepares an essay not to exceed 500 words or 3 typed pages, double spaced, about the selected subject.
-Presents a 2 –3 minute explanation of subject.

Grades 10-12
-Contestant will present a 5-8 minute illustrated talk on commodity (beef, egg, poultry, turkey or seafood)

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