2011 Iberia 4-H Fashion Revue Rules

Iberia 4-H Fashion Review
Jan. 22, 2011
Iberia Middle School
New Iberia, La. 

Please read carefully as the contest and rules have changed!

Any 4-H member interested may participate in the Fashion Review.

Construction judging - Garments are due in the 4-H Office, (Iberia Parish Courthouse, 300 Iberia St., Suite B-110, New Iberia, La.) no later than Friday, Jan. 7, 2011 by 4:00 p.m. Exception: Ready to Wear garments are not turned in for construction judging, only appearance judging at Contest Day (see below). Ready To Wear (RTW) Form must be turned in no later than Friday, Jan. 7, 2011 by 4:00 p.m. RTW garments are not to be turned in.

Appearance Judging - 4-H’ers will model their garments for an appearance score that will be added to their construction score on Contest Day, Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011.

The total score (construction and appearance) will determine the placings. All 4-H’ers will receive a ribbon. In the Senior Division, the highest scoring individual in each division will be asked to represent Iberia Parish at 4-H University held at LSU in Baton Rouge June 21-24, 2011.


1. Each contestant may enter one garment in each of the divisions she/he qualifies in. The contestant must do all the sewing/construction on the garment herself/himself. Any store bought garment will be disqualified. (Exception: Ready to Wear Division in Senior Division.)

2. Garments will be judged on construction as well as appearance for the total score.

3. Fabric of outer garment may be of any fiber type. Interfacing, lining and trim should be of compatible fabric.

4. Each contestant must completely fill out the personal data sheet and turn it in with their garment by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 7, 2011. Check the end of the fabric bolt for information on how to care for your fabric. You will need this information to fill out your data sheet.

5. Make sure garment meets the division requirements. Also, make sure contestant is in the correct grade group.

6. RTW forms are due in the 4-H office by Friday, Janu. 7, 2011 (not the garment).

If you have any questions, call the 4-H Office at (337) 369-4441.


Junior Division, Grades 4-7
Grades 4 and 5 - One piece outfit such as apron, skirt, shirt, pajama pants, etc.

Grade 6 - Complete outfit; 4-H’er must make entire outfit; when buying a pattern, look for “Easy to Sew,” “Jiffy,” “Fast & Easy” or “Learn to Sew.”

Grade 7 - Any complete outfit such asschool dress, pants outfit or special occasion; outfit should feature one of the following: pockets, zippers or buttons.

Division Grades 8-12 (must be 13 year of age by Jan. 1, 2011.)

1) Casual Outfit - Includes outfit (dress, skirt, shorts, or pants, jumpsuits and skirt or blouse, etc.). Category does not include floor length skirts or very dressy outfits.

2) Special Occasion Outfit - Must be suitable for special occasion such as prom, church, wedding, interview outfit or dinner date/dance.

3) Ready to Wear - Includes any outfit for any occasion that was selected for $100 or less. Model outfit with accessories and judge one class of clothes. (Do not turn in garment) Complete and return ready to wear form Jan. 7, 2011.

4) Creative choice - Must be 14 years or older by Jan. 1, 2011. Construct a complete outfit that includes a minimum of five design/construction features listed below:

Tailored outfit with bound buttonholes and/or tailored collar.
Collar or other neckline treatment-other than plain, faced edge.
Creative stitchery - appliqué, patchwork, embroidery, quilting, beading, etc.
Design that must be matched-plaid, print, stripe.
Gathers, ruffles, flounces, pleats or tucks.
Handmade accessory.
Special seam - flat felled, French, lingerie, etc. (any except finishing edge of a plain seam).
Trim or decorative - top stitching, braid, insertion, trim, etc.
Use of unusual fabric - pile, napped, sheer, lace, lightweight knit, etc.
Worked on two or more fabrics of different weights or textures (not including underlining, interfacing, lining).
Color blocking use in design.
Unusual or self-created design.
Two or more coordinated garment pieces for mix and match.
Garment details of unusual size or shape (ex., curved French cuffs).


1. Remember when modeling be confident and SMILE!
2. Don’t forget to accessorize your garment. If you plan on using a certain accessory, bring it with you Jan. 22, 2011, to the Appearance Judging. (accessory examples - hat, purse, flower, backpack, balloon, cooking utensil, etc.)

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