2014 Iberia Parish Achievement Day Results

Bethany Edler, Oliver, Christy

Left: Sara Brasseaux, Kerrigan Fitch, Trent Broussard, Sarah Menard, Bryson Chastant, Amy Hayes, Florencia Scaglia, Chelsea Romero, Trevor Stoute and Tyson Chastant

The 2014 Iberia Parish Achievement Day was held on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Westgate High School. More than 200 4-H'ers from throughout the parish competed in various contests, including the Fashion Revue Contest. This year's dedication went to Mrs. Cathy "Skeeter" Mouton, who has been a long time friend and supporter of the Iberia 4-H Youth Development Program. She is a member of the Iberia 4-H Foundation Board where she has served for many years and has volunteered for many 4-H events each year, including the Iberia 4-H Golf Tournament, Sugarcane Festival Livestock Show and Sale, cooking contests, Journey Into Jobs and much more.

Also this year, The Louisiana Hall of Fame has inducted into its organization Mr. James "Zeke" Abadie. Mr. Abadie began his affiliation with the Louisiana 4-H program as a 4-H member in St. John Parish in the 1940s. He began his career with the  LSU AgCenter in Iberia Parish in 1959  and has served as an Assistant, Associate and County Agent and finally Parish Chairman until his retirement in 1993. He served on the Parish 4-H Foundation until 1996, and continues to serve as co-chair of the agriculture committee of the Sugarcane Festival Association. In his retirement, Mr. Abadie is still an active volunteer and supporter of the 4-H program. He serves as an activity leader for several parish based programs and is a community advocate for the program.

Overall awards are listed below. See the attached files for contest results.

Outstanding Eighth Grade Award Boy or Girl
Emmett Crochet, Loreauville High School
Emmi Hebert, Assembly Christian School

4-H Leadership Award
Victoria Stryker-Westgate High School
Trent Broussard-New Iberia Senior High School

Louisiana Volunteers for Family & Community Award
Stefani Barras, Loreauville High School
Andrew Picheloup, New Iberia Senior High School

Excellence in Demonstration Award
Maria Parrie, Caneview Elementary

Ryan Paul Trahan Memorial Award
Noah Louviere, Loreauville Elementary

Key Club Award
Kerrigan Fitch, New Iberia Senior High School
Sydney Lancon, Member At Large
Andrew Picheloup, New Iberia Senior High School

Award of Excellence
Kody Arton, Iberia Middle School
Malajah Spencer, Iberia Middle School
Griffin Landry, Belle Place Middle School
Alix Migues, Loreauville High School

Dedication Plaque
Cathy Mouton

Louisiana Hall of Fame Inductee
James "Zeke" Abadie

19 Medals (for record books)
4th Grade
1st  Jolie Derouen, Center Street Elementary
2nd Holly Hebert, Assembly Christian Elementary
3rd Bruce "Trey" Watson III, Home School
4th  Blayze Landry, Jefferson Island Road Elementary
5th Grace Delahoussaye, Home School

5th Grade
1st Jowanna James, Center Street Elementary
2nd Jeanette Arton, Caneview Elementary
3rd Kaitlyn Guidry, North Street Elementary

6th Grade
1st Victoria Watson, Home School
2nd Clare Phillips, Home School
3rd Gavyn Stevens, Magnolia Elementary
4th Laci Menard, Coteau Elementary

7th-8th Grade
1st  Kody Arton, Iberia Middle School
2nd Hayleigh Trahan, Home School of the Teche

9th-12th Grade
1st  Jewel Guidry, Assembly Christian High
2nd Stefani Barras, Loreauville High
3rd Jolyn Louviere, Loreauville High
4th Brittney Watson, Home Schoolers on the Teche
5th Andrew Picheloup, New Iberia Senior High

Honor Cords
Sara Brasseaux, Westgate High School
Trent Broussard, New Iberia Senior High
Bryson Chastant, Loreauville High
Tyson Chastant, Loreauville High
Kerrigan Fitch, New Iberia Senior High
Zachary Gibbons, Highland Baptist Christian School
Amy Hayes, Assembly Christian School
Rhett Lanie, New Iberia Senior High
Katlyn Landry, Westgate High School
Bryce Leslie, New Iberia Senior High
Sarah Menard, Assembly Christian School
Amber Rogers, Delcambre High School
Chelsea Romero, Westgate High School
Tyler Romero, New Iberia Senior High
Florencia Scaglia, Catholic High School
Trevor Stoute, Assembly Christian School
Victoria Stryker, Westgate High School

Outstanding 4-H'ers
Elementary Division
Assembly Christian School
Brooke Breaux, Holly Hebert

Caneview Elementary
Jeanette Arton, Jesse Breaux

Catholic High Elementary
Hallee Mire, Emma Labiche

Center Street Elementary
Alyssa Frederick, Jowanna James

Coteau Elementary
Trey Delahoussaye, Laila Gachassin

Daspit Elementary
Faith Alexander, Cougar Hill

Delcambre Elementary
Adasyn Rivet

Dodson Elementary
Devin Landry, Katelyn Trantham

Highland Baptist Elementary
Hilary Hebert

Home School
Grace Delahoussaye, Victoria Watson

Jefferson Island Road Elementary
Thomas Dore, Blayze Landry

Loreauville Elementary
Noah Louviere, Addison Theriot

Magnolia Elementary
Hayley Simon, Gavyn Stevens

North Lewis Elementary
Adam Perez

North Street Elementary
Kaitlyn Guidry, Taharah Patin

Pesson Elementary
Ke'asia St. Julien

Sugarland Elementary
Mallorie Lamperez, Kim Vy Phan

7th & 8th Grade Division
Anderson Middle
Darolyn Bowie, Hailey Viator

Assembly Christian School
Hope Cochran, Emmi Hebert

Belle Place Middle School
Griffin Landry, Sarah Richard

Catholic Middle School
Emma Billeaud, Evan Labiche

Home Schoolers on the Teche
Claire Phillips, Hayleigh Trahan

Iberia Middle School
Kody Arton

Loreauville High School
Emmet Crochet, Alix Migues

High School Division
Assembly Christian School
Jenna Guidry, Jewel Guidry

Catholic High School
Ty Guillotte, Jon Segura

Delcambre High School
Adrienne Williams

Highland Baptist Christian High School
Sydney Lancon, Molly Segura

Home Schoolers on the Teche
Brittany Watson, Elizabeth Watson

Jeanerette Senior High School
Oscar Vargas

Loreauville High School
Breanna Boudreaux, Jolyn Louviere

New Iberia Senior High
Trent Broussard, Kerrigan Fitch

Westgate High School
Sara Brasseaux, Chelsea Romero

Members at Large
Cydnie Brourque, Aubrey Menard

Best Club Book-Group 1
1st Jefferson Island Road Elementary
2nd Coteau Elementary
3rd Loreauville Elementary
4th Iberia Home School Elementary
5th Assembly Christian Elementary
6th Center Street Elementary
7th Sugarland Elementary

Best Club Book-Group 2
1st Loreauville High School
2nd Assembly Christian High
3rd Iberia Home Schooler's on the Teche

Yell Contest
1st Jefferson Island Road Elementary
2nd Coteau Elementary
3rd Catholic Elementary
4th Center Street Elementary
5th Caneview Elementary

Song Contest
1st Loreauville High
2nd Coteau Elementary

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