2012 Iberia 4-H Achievement Day Results

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The 2012 Iberia Parish Achievement Day was held Saturday, March 31, 2012 at Westgate High School. More than 300 4-H'ers from throughout the parish competed in various contest. The theme was "The Big 4-H". This year's dedication went to Mrs. Sheri Patout, a local 4-H leader who has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Iberia 4-H Youth Development program.

Overall awards are listed below. See the attached files for contest results.

Outstanding Eighth Grade Award
Kevin Arton, Iberia Middle School
Abby Songne, Loreauville High School

4-H Leadership Award
Trayton Derouen, Westgate High School
Jacqueline McCarthy, New Iberia Senior High

Louisiana Volunteers for Family & Community Award
Nolan Brasseaux, Westgate High School
Victoria Stryker, Westgate High School

Excellence in Demonstration Award
Faith Alexander, Daspit Elementary

Ryan Paul Trahan Award
Sebastin Jenkins, Jefferson Island Road Elementary

10 Best Club Awards with Year
Group 1
1st Place- Coteau Elementary
2nd Place- Sugarland Elementary
3rd Place-Jefferson Island Road Elementary
4th Place-Center Street Elementary
5th Place-Loreauville Elementary
6th Place-Delcambre Elementary
7th Place-Assembly Christian Elementary

Group 2
1st Place-Loreauville High School
2nd Place-Westgate High School
3rd Place-Catholic High School

25 Medals (for Record Books)
4th Grade
1st Place- Adrienne Williams, Delcambre Elementary
2nd Place-Emilee Lopez, Delcambre Elementary
3rd Place-Jansen Robichaux, Coteau Elementary
4th Place-Krislyn Mobley, Delcambre Elementary
5th Place-Grace Boggs, Loreauville Elementary
5th Grade
1st Place-Kody Arton, Caneview Elementary
2nd Place-Carson Hebert, Delcambre Elementary
3rd Place-Jobe Hebert, Loreauville Elementary
4th Place-Clay Chambers, Loreauville Elementary
5th Place-Alix Migues, Loreauville Elementary
6th Grade
1st Place-Emmet Crochet, Loreauville Elementary
2nd Place-Griffin Landry, North Lewis Elementary
3rd Place-Lindsey Dubose, Magnolia Elementary
4th Place-Aaron Songne, Loreauville Elementary
5th Place-Hunter Derouen, Coteau Elementary
7th & 8th Grade
1st Place-Sydney Lancon, Iberia Homeschool
2nd Place-Kevin Arton, Iberia Middle School
3rd Place-Alexis Dartez, Catholic High School
4th Place-Jolyn Louviere, Loreauville High School
5th Place-Brooke Bodin, Catholic High School
9th-12th Grade
1st Place-Jacqueline McCarthy, New Iberia Senior High
2nd Place-Brandy Milliman, Catholic High School
3rd Place-Robert Lancon, Highland Baptist Christian School
4th Place-Andrew Picheloup, New Iberia Senior High
5th Place-Stefani Barras, Loreauville High School

Key Club Awards
Nolan Brasseaux, Westgate High
Sara Brasseaux, Westgate High
Robert Lancon, Highland Baptist Christian School
Brandy Milliman, Catholic High School

Award of Excellence
Jolyn Louivere, Loreauville Elementary

Honor Cords
Avery Bernard, Catholic High School
Nolan Brasseaux, Westgate High School
Angelle Louviere, Highland Baptist Christian School
Jacqueline McCarthy, New Iberia Senior High
Shelby Segura, Higland Baptist Christian School
Marcus Smith, Highland Baptist Christian School
Jeremy Stevens, Highland Baptist Christian School

Song-Group 1
1st Place-Delcambe Elementary School
2nd Place-Sugarland Elementary
3rd Place-Jefferson Island Road Elementary
4th Place-Coteau Elementary

Song Group 2
1st Place- Iberia Home School

Yell-Group 1
1st Place- Coteau Elementary
2nd Place-Jefferson Island Road Elementary

Yell-Group 2
1st Place- Iberia Home School
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