Grant Parish Achievement Day

Ophelia L. Allen, Johnson, Rodney, Cheek, Quincy L., Cormier, Danielle

4-H'ers participate in Song and Yell Contests at the 2012 Achievement Day.

Danielle Cormier (l), Grant Parish Extension Service Associate amd Extension Volunteers prepare to meet 4-H'ers for the " Part of a Plant Salad" demonstration.

4-H'ers interact 4-H volunteer, David Talberg as he tells “Stories on the Bayou” .

4-H'ers learn about stems during the Parts of a Plant Salad demonstration.

Quincy Cheek, FCS Extension Agent, demonstrates to a 4-H'er about the importance of incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet every day for optimum health.

4-H'ers enjoyed learning about parts of a plant salad at 4-H Achievement Day.

4-H'ers participated in LA. Rural Water Association “Water Jug”-demeonstrated presented by Susan Robbins

The shooting education range was a hit.

Rodney Johnson, 4-H Agent, talks to kids about gun safety.

4-H'ers got the chance to sample fruits and vegetables at the Nutrition session.

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The annual 4-H Achievement Day Program was held on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at Camp Grant Walker in Pollock Louisiana. The program was called to order by the Parish teen leader president, Kayla Whitstine.

All the Penny King and Queens from the different elementary and middle schools received their trophy and other prizes. The Song and Yell contest was held with four clubs competing in Yell contest and one club in the song contest. Pollock Elementary 4th club- 1stplace in song category and in the Yell contest: South Grant Elementary-4th place, Pollock Elem 4th grade club- 3rd place, Verda Elementary-2nd place and Pollock 5th-6th grade club 1st place. 

The Achievement Day theme for 2012 was “4-H Appreciate the Environment.” One hundred eighty 4-H club members and leaders from South Grant Elementary, Verda Elementary, Pollock Elementary, Georgetown Elementary, Grant Jr. & Sr. High and Montgomery Sr. High, participated in five concurrent educational sessions. 

The resource agencies and persons presenting the educational session: LA. Rural Water Association “Water Jug”-Susan Robbins, Forest Service-“Tree Resources,” Holly Morgan and Chad Knight,” BB Ranger”-Rodney Johnson, 4-H Agent, Forest Service-“Outdoor Fire Safety”, Kevin Raffo and Cedric Milton, Joel Petrus, 4-H volunteer and Owner of Petrus Feed and Seed store taught two sessions on “Know Your Animals.”

Also, Grant Parish 4-H Achievement day participants got a tasty treat when they attended the “Parts of a Plant Salad” session this year. Participants learned about edible plant parts such as roots, stems, leaves, seeds, and fruit. They drew and labeled the parts of a plant and learned about the importance of incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet every day for optimum health.

4-Her’s made their own Plant Parts Salad and tasted new things! Many of the kids had never eaten multi-colored cauliflower and steamed asparagus in a salad before. At the conclusion of the session they went outdoors to listen to “Stories on the Bayou” with 4-H Volunteer David Talberg. They didn’t just listen; they also acted out all of the actions David read about in the story. The importance of daily physical activity was the focus of this lesson.

Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agent Quincy Cheek and Grant Parish Extension Associate Danielle Cormier conducted the session with the help of Grant Parish Master Nutrition Volunteers and Louisiana Volunteers for Family and Community.
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