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A PDF version of the FCS Franklin Parish Profile is available below.

Family and Consumer Science Program Highlights

Individuals and families today deal with multiple issues related to raising children, eating right and spending smart in order to live well. Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) programming focuses on these three issues in providing educational programs for the residents of Franklin parish.

Family Resource Management

Financial literacy programs are taught to help clients make better decisions in managing their money more wisely. Classes teaching budgeting, credit, predatory lending and decision making are provided for parents in the Department of Children & Family Services’ STEP program. The new Prison Re-entry Initiative is a collaborative effort with the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office, which provides inmates 100 hours of education on a variety of topics such as money management, job skills, personal development, anger management, parenting, community resources, etc. The initiative prepares individuals to reenter society and become more responsible family members or parents as well as contributing citizens in communities. The “Welcome to the Real World” interactive activity is always a rude awakening for eighth graders when they discover the cost of every day expenses in the real world.

Family and Child Development

Parenting education programs are presented to clients to teach skills needed to raise children from birth through adolescence. Clients referred from the Department of Children & Family Services are provided eighteen hours of classes through the Parents Preparing for Success Program. Other parenting classes are provided as needed to court-ordered parents to teach parenting skills geared to the age of the children in the family. Child care provider training hours are offered to Class A, B and home child care providers on a routine basis to teach a variety of topics to enrich not only the provider but the childcare setting as well. Through a grant funded by the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund, the LSU AgCenter has collaborated with the Franklin Parish Health Unit and the Franklin Parish library to offer “The Franklin Parish Little Bookshelf: Born to Be a Reader” program. Franklin Parish parents of newborns sign up for the program at the parish health unit and receive 12 books to read to their newborns.

Health and Nutrition

Unhealthy lifestyles continue to be a problem for not only adults but also for youth as well. One-third of the adults and youth in Franklin parish are overweight or obese. LSU AgCenter Community Nutrition programs are designed to help clientele learn how to make better eating and activity choices. The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) is presented to limited resource audiences who are eligible to receive SNAP benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Happy, Healthy Me program is presented to preschoolers and kindergarten students across the parish to teach students about the food groups of MyPyramid. Smart Choices classes are presented to a variety of adult and youth audiences through programs throughout the parish.

Teaching Methods:

  • Series of Classes
  • Demonstrations and workshopsNoon Nibbles
  • Health Fairs
  • Monthly and quarterly newsletters
  • News articles
  • Educational publications
  • Life After 50 channel on website
  • Child care provider training workshops
  • Social Media -- Search Facebook for LSU AgCenter Cooperative Extension Service Franklin Parish Office
  • Interactive exhibits -- Germ Cave and Body Walk
  • eXtension --
  • Online Eat Smart Course for School Food
  • Service employees
  • Ask an Expert

LSU AgCenter Website:

Visit the Franklin Parish FCS website.

Parish Facts

According to County Health Rankings, Franklin Parish is ranked 47th out of 64 parishes in overall health outcomes, which includes mortality and morbidity rates. In regards to adult health factors, approximately 31 percent smoke, 32 percent are obese and 21 percent are uninsured. Thus, leading to a ranking of 47th out of 64 parishes.

23.1 percent of the families in Franklin Parish live below the poverty level with a median family income of around $27,440. 57. Six percent of the grandparents who have grandchildren under the age of 18 living in their household are legal guardians of those children and 49.6 percent of individuals over the age of 16 are in the labor force.

  • Population -- 19,807
  • Persons under 18 years of age -- 25.2 percent
  • Persons over age 65 -- 16.6 percent
  • Persons living below poverty -- 21.2 percent

Programming Outcomes

Nutrition and Health

  • Participants learn the importance of establishing healthy eating and physical activity habits.
  • Individuals and families learn and practice food safety practices.
  • Participants learn and practice budgeting food dollars.
  • Individuals gain knowledge about and adopt practices to prevent chronic diseases.
  • Participants gain knowledge about and adopt healthy weight management practices.

Family and Child Development

  • Early childhood educators learn importance of and incorporate developmentally appropriate experiences for children.
  • Early childhood educators provide high quality care for children and youth.
  • Family members learn and utilize skills to improve family resiliency.
  • Parents/guardian learn and implement positive parenting practices.

Family Resource Management

  • Clientele seek financial stability and security by reducing debt and improving money management skills.
  • Individuals improve financial stability by seeking or obtaining employment.
  • Clientele adopt best practices for building, retrofitting or maintaining sustainable homes.
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