Franklin Parish Crop Demonstrations 2010

Carol Pinnell-Alison  |  6/2/2010 1:07:14 AM

Jonathan Campbell, Ronnie Walker, Ricky Campbell, Jr. and County Agent, Carol Pinnell-Alison planting corn hybrid demonstration.

Henry Plater, Chad Plater, James Norman and Elzie "Pete" Hollis planting cotton variety demonstration.

Jonathan Campbell and Will Chappell planting soybean variety demonstration.

Franklin Parish Crop Demonstrations 2010

On-farm crop demonstrations are used to show how LSU AgCenter recommendations perform on producer’s farms. Cooperating producers and their neighbors can view these demonstrations throughout a growing season and review the final harvest data. This information along with other LSU AgCenter publications is used by producers to make production decisions for the next year.

Several producers cooperated this year planting crop variety demonstrations.

Ricky Campbell, Jr. planted a glyphosate tolerant -- Roundup Ready -- corn hybrid demonstration which is located on Dummy Line Road between Winnsboro and Jigger. Hybrids included are DynaGro 58V69, Belle 1655PRO, Pioneer P2023HR, Syngenta (NK) 77P3000GT, Dekalb DKC68-05, DynaGro 58V24, Terral 26HR50, Dekalb DKC67-21, Terral 28HR20, Pioneer 33F87, Croplan 851VT3/PMR, Dekalb DKC66-96, Syngenta (NK) 78NGTCBLL.

Jack Dailey planted a cotton variety demonstration on Drane Loop Road in Extension. Varieties included are ST 4288 B2F, FM 1740 B2F, ST 5288 B2RF, ST 5458 B2RF, PHY 485 WRF, PHY 375 WRF, PHY 565 WRF, DP 0949 B2RF, DP 09R555 B2R2, DP 1048 B2RF and Croplan 3220.

Ricky Campbell, Sr. and Jonathan Campbell planted a soybean Group IV variety demonstration on Green Light Road between Winnsboro and Jigger. Varieties included are Delta Grow 4975, Pioneer 95Y01, Croplan RC4998, Asgrow 4630, Pioneer 94Y70, Delta King 4744, Terral 49R11, NK S49-H7, Asgrow 4730, Delta King 4968, and Terral 49R19.

Producers are encouraged to go look at these demonstrations. The harvest results are attached below.

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