2012 Advisory Leadership Committee Agenda

Irvin Hendrix  |  2/21/2012 9:50:04 PM

2012 Franklin Parish Advisory Leadership Council Meeting

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., February 23, 2012
Scott Research and Education Center Auditorium

Introductory Comments/Introductions – James Hendrix, Parish Chair, Franklin Parish

Franklin Parish LCES Staff

4-H Youth and Family Development
Laura Bradley
Ginger Boutwell

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Carol Pinnell-Alison
James Hendrix

    • Video Message -- Dr. Coreil and Dr. Russin
    • Presentation/ Discussion about the Business Plan
    • PowerPoint – LSU AgCenter Business Plan
    • Discussion – James Hendrix, Dr. Boyd Padgett, Dr. Wink Alison, Dr. Tara Smith
        • Identify impacts of program focus changes in Franklin Parish.
        • Identify potential sustainable funding streams to support priority programs in the LSU AgCenter.
        • Identify critical research and extension programs that are not included in the Business Plan. If a new program is needed, identify possible funding streams to support the needed program.
    • Concluding Statements – James Hendrx
    • Regional AgCenter Listens – 9:00 - Noon, May 2, Scott Research and Education Center

NOTE: An Agriculture Coalition that has been created as a statewide voice for the importance of agricultural research and extension programs with membership from across the state of Louisiana representing all programming areas including 4-H, Master Gardeners, Agriculture & Forestry (all commodities), Livestock, Nutrition and Health among others. The Coalition is dedicated to ensuring the continued economic growth of and support for agricultural related industries for future generations of farmers, consumers and the workers supported by these industries. If any of you are interested in participating, please contact Hampton Grunewald .

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age or disability.

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