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Feliciana Forestry Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1995. The purpose of FFA is to serve as the "Voice of Forestry" in East and West Feliciana Parish. Our association's membership is open to any person, firm, corporation, or organization interested or engaged in ownership, conservation, protection, development or use of timber and forest products. We are the largest parish forestry association in Louisiana. New members are always welcome to help us promote better forest management and utilization as well as enjoyment and appreciation of our Feliciana forests.

Our Association's Members are landowners, forestry, professionals, and others who promote the intelligent management of forest lands. Feliciana Forestry Association provides education and awareness through workshops, field days, and news letters.

Our members want to preserve our forests for future generations. We believe maintaining and replanting trees is beneficial to the individual landowner and to the community as a whole. Forests provide us with an escape from the rigors of our fast-paced society. They promote wildlife, recreation, and beautification in the Felicianas. Trees are a source of income for the tree farmer, and forestry professionals. We believe forest conservation and educated utilization are worthy goals. If you agree, please join FFA and take advantage of our educational opportunities and fun outings!

Feliciana Forestry Association History

The seed for a parish forestry association was planted by Charles Wilson, West Feliciana County Agent (retired), at an extension forestry advisory committee meeting in November 1994. The seed was nurtured by a committee whose members were Glenn Brady, Leslie Bickham, Dan DeLee, Mark Hurst, Frank Lathrop, Jack Morris, James Devillier, Charles Wilson and Brian Chandler. They worked for the next four months seeking input from landowners, developing the bylaws, and working on the slate of officers and board members. The seed sprouted with the formation of the association on April 18, 1995 at the Jackson Civic Center.

Forty forest landowners attended that first meeting to learn about the association and its purposes, to review the bylaws, and to elect officers and board members. By the end of the meeting, the association had 60 members.

The first officers and board members elected were President – Dennis Aucoin, President-elect – Tom McVea, Treasurer – Brent Fazende,

Secretary – Brian Chandler, East Feliciana Board – Glenn Brady, Bruce Dodd, Mark Hurst, and Jack Morris, West Feliciana Board – Leslie Bickham, Dan DeLee, Frank Lathrop, and John Thompson.

With the continued nurturing of the officers and board members, the seedling has grown into the largest parish association in the state. It has produced seeds which have grown into other parish associations around the state, especially in the rest of the Florida Parishes. Its fruits have sponsored field days, workshops, tours and scholarships. With your help, participation and member recruitment, the association will continue to grow and produce more fruit over the next 10 years and beyond.

Join FFA by completing the application and sending your dues of only $15.00 /year. See brochure below.

You may contact Jessie Hoover to join today!

Jessie Hoover

County Agent- Horticulture

East Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Helena

Phone: 225-683-3101

Email: JHoover@agcenter.lsu.edu

Printable Membership Brochure

Electronic Membership form (must mail dues check to office)



Feliciana Forestry Association (FFA) will accept applications for a $1000.00, one-year undergraduate scholarship in Forestry, Renewable Natural Resources or Wildlife, during the months of January-March for the school year beginning the following August/September. Priority will be given to the forestry applicant if there are other applicants in the other curriculums at the same time. More than one scholarship may be awarded in a given year depending on the availability of funds.

In order to receive this scholarship, applicant must be a permanent resident of East or West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana or an owner of, or immediate family member (spouse, child or grandchild) of someone who owns, forest land within East or West Feliciana Parish.

Applicants must also be enrolled in a School of Forestry, Renewable Natural Resources, or equivalent, accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF); be a full-time student (generally, must be enrolled for 12 semester hours credit, or 8 quarter hours, minimum) and maintain a minimum 2.75 grade-point-average (GPA). Applicants will be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee of FFA during April and May and will be notified of their acceptance/rejection by the end of May. The decisions of the committee are final.

If accepted, the applicant will receive $500 for the semester or $333 for the quarter, as soon as the FFA Scholarship Committee receives from the applicant a university receipt showing that the applicant in enrolled as a full-time student for the fall semester/quarter and a transcript showing a minimum GPA of 2.75 up to that point (GPA does not apply to entering freshmen). The applicant will receive an additional $500 per semester or $333 per quarter as soon as the committee receives similar documentation for the following semesters/quarters.

Address all correspondence to:

Feliciana Forestry Association

Forestry Scholarship Committee

4419 Idlewild Rd

Clinton, LA 70722

FFA Scholarship Application

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