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Sherry McGaha  |  6/22/2017 6:41:34 PM

The East Carroll Parish Extension Service held an Overall Advisory Leadership Council (OALC) meeting on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 12 p.m. at the Extension office.

Twelve were in attendance, including the following AgCenter employees: Regional 4-H Coordinator Terri Crawford; Parish Chair/County Agent Donna Lee (Agriculture & Natural Resources [ANR]); Area Extension Agent Carolyn Robinson (Family & Consumer Sciences [FCS]); Area Nutrition Agent Brittney Seay (FCS); Assistant Extension Agent Lekeisha Lucas-Powell (4-H and Youth Development [4-H]); Nutrition Educator Assistant Grace Siggers (FCS – Nutrition); Nutrition Educator Mary Reed Russell (FCS - Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program [EFNEP]); and Administrative Coordinator Sherry McGaha.

Ms. Lee welcomed everyone and gave the purpose for the meeting. We are looking for input on issues we need to address. Introductions were made and the blessing was offered by Mrs. Carolyn Robinson.

Ms. Lee briefly described the ANR program, which covers row crop farming, commercial/home gardens, lawn care, flower gardens, etc.

Ms. Seay explained a little about FCS EFNEP – this program reaches limited resource audiences including youth and adults. Mrs. Russell briefly described what she does in the schools and with adults in group sessions. A comment was made that many children think their food is made at grocery stores.

Mrs. Robinson talked about the nutrition program that Ms. Siggers works with. It is similar to EFNEP except the two programs do not have the same clients. Mrs. Siggers visits commodity distribution sites to teach the recipients how to use the commodities they receive. Mrs. Robinson then informed that she works with Family Development including parenting, financial management, CHEF Camp (cooking camp open to 9-17 year olds), etc.

Mrs. Powell gave a description of the 4-H program, which is in all schools in the parish. The 4-H clubs meet for about an hour each month during the school year. The focus this year was on healthy living. Two Healthy Living Workshops were held this week where the kids got to taste-test some things they had never tried and learned some exercises among other things. 4-H numbers are up.

The topic for this year’s From the Library to the Garden workshop is pollination. 4-H is working with NRCS to get some information on this topic. Ag Safety Day will be held in April. All schools in the parish including the Mennonite school will participate this year.

Ms. Lee stated that all information we distribute is research-based. Our funding is from federal, state, local and grant money. If we charge for a program, it is to cover transportation or supplies.

Ms. Lee explained that the LCES Advisory Leadership System: Responding to the Needs of the People of Louisiana form is a fact sheet of the roles and responsibilities of members, a commitment form to serve on the Advisory Leadership Council and a permission to list the member’s name on our web page.

Mrs. Crawford stated she appreciates everyone’s participation and support of our programs. We came out of the legislative session well. We only have one 4-H agent in East Carroll. There are many agents who have more than one parish to serve; but we continue to reach people throughout the state.

Ms. Lee then asked everyone to write three things on an index card – anything we need to do something about or anything we are lacking in. We are looking for things that we can address – not things we have no control over.

All About You is our bi-monthly newsletter that we send out. If anyone would like to be on the mailing list to receive this newsletter or Horticulture Hints, please let Sherry know on your way out. We also have Ag Points which is an ANR newsletter that goes out quarterly.

Ms. Seay read the suggestions submitted.

Continue with nutritionXX
Physical activityXX
Proper dressingXX
How to make a budgetXXX
How to garden in pots/buckets and when to plant whatXXX
Quilting/sewing for adultsX
Exercising for adultsXXX
Get away from discussion of start clean/finish clean in row crop farming
& promote & research cover crops
Continue field day trials at research stations to provide farmers with
up-to-date seed varieties & pesticides on the market
Continue to do on-farm demonstrations regarding Irrigation Water ManagementX
Outreach to African American farmersX
More Ag workshopsX
Continue working together, we all benefit from itXXXX

Mrs. Powell stated that we hold a container garden workshop every year. Mrs. Robinson said the SU Ag Center is working to create garden plots or containers and fruit orchards as community gardens and community orchards. A SU Ag Center representative will provide all needed materials and seed. The locations can be on private property, however, whoever maintains the garden/orchard will have to realize it is for the community and they can give away the produce.

Someone commented that those who need the most help are those who don’t have Internet access or are not computer literate. The FCS EFNEP and nutrition programs can take sign-up forms to their meetings for anyone who wants to be added to our mailing lists.

Mrs. Crawford said Ag Alley is open to 1st and 4th grade students and letters are mailed to those teachers. Ag Adventures is open to 2nd & 3rd grade students and letters are mailed to those teachers. Participation from East Carroll Parish in both of these events has been minimal the past couple years. Someone said there won’t be any participation unless you talk to the principals specifically, otherwise the information will just sit and not be read or pursued. Mrs. Robinson said the Farm-to-Table program goes to the schools to teach the kids.

Ms. Lee said the ANR program is very weak in reference to reaching African American farmers. We do have a few who use us, but she feels there are many more who do not. If any of you knows what she can do to get their participation up, please let her know. Those who are on the mailing lists, get the mail outs.

Ms. Lee said burndown needs to be done 30-45 days before planting. NRCS wants to see cover crops during winter months. She stated that the AgCenter looks at an issue whereas NRCS looks at the big picture.

Ms. Lee mentioned that oak trees are allelopathic – that is, they exude chemicals that inhibit growth of other plant species and that is why many oak trees have nothing growing under them. She also commented that Amdro should be used for ants; be sure to follow instructions on the label.

Ms. Lee and Ms. Seay adjourned the meeting by thanking everyone for their participation and their support.

Below is a list of the OALC members, the commitee(s) they serve on and their affiliation with the LSU/SU AgCenter.

Member Committee Affiliation
Jacqueline Collins
Mattie Dixon FCS ECP Sheriff's Dept.
Jackie Folks
Edward Foster NRCS
Elisha Lucas 4-H

ANR - Ag & Natural Resources
FCS - Family & Consumer Sciences
4-H - 4-H Youth Development
MAL - Member At Large (meaning the member serves on more than one committee)

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