East Carroll Parish FCS Advisory Leadership Council

The Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) program held an Advisory Leadership Council meeting on Thursday March 5, 2020 at 12 p.m. in the Home Economics classroom at General Trass Senior High School in Lake Providence.

14 were in attendance including the following SU Ag Center employees: Area Extension Agent Carolyn Robinson and Nutrition Educator Assistants Grace Siggers and Marianna Langston (Union Parish) and LSU AgCenter employees: Parish Chair Donna Lee and Administrative Coordinator Sherry McGaha.

Mrs. Robinson asked Ms. Lee to introduce herself and give the welcome.

Ms. Lee welcomed everyone and introduced herself. She told everyone the information they give Mrs. Robinson is very important for her programming for the next year. Ms. Lee then introduced everyone else including Union Parish Nutrition Educator Assistant Marianna Langston and two retired LSU AgCenter employees, Patricia Johnikin and Mary Reed.

Mrs. Robinson explained that she is a Family and Consumer Sciences agent with a multi-parish responsibility. She tries to be in the schools to help Ms. Siggers when she can as it a rigorous job working with youth. She asked everyone to give suggestions of things that can be expanded on. She informed them they were chosen because they represent the people of East Carroll Parish. She then asked Ms. Siggers to talk about her job duties.

Ms. Siggers introduced herself and explained she works with SNAP Ed. She serves East and West Carroll parishes where she works in the schools and reaches 300-350 children. As for adults, she goes to the Council on Aging, Community Action, Housing Authority, Jong’s SuperValu, etc. Hands-on demonstrations are conducted, food labels are read, breakfast lessons and food safety are taught among other things. Ms. Siggers stated if anyone needs our services to feel free to call Mrs. Robinson or her and they will be glad to conduct a program.

Mrs. Robinson informed everyone of the Roles and Responsibilities of Members fact sheet and asked if they are willing to serve on the advisory committee to sign the back and turn it in to Ms. McGaha. She thanked everyone for attending and gave special thanks to the youth ambassadors for serving the food.

At this point, Mrs. Robinson released anyone who had not already eaten to wash their hands, get their food and discuss issues of importance.

Topics brought up for discussion:

  1. Community garden
  2. Partnering with Social Services to teach household cleanliness
  3. Providing more activities for youth to prevent them from getting into trouble
  4. Conduct classes/seminars on consequences of bad behavior
  5. Continue regular/nutrition programming including parenting

The meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Click on the link below to view a printable copy of the minutes.
5/29/2020 9:12:51 PM
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