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September is 4-H Club enrollment month, and youth in grades 4-12 are encouraged to join 4-H.

4-H members choose activities they want to do based on their interests and abilities, such as raising animals and plants, preparing food, caring for pets, camping, collecting insects, outdoor skills/shooting safety, learning to sew, computer skills and much more!

East Carroll Parish has a 4-H Club at every school! Each club is led by an adult volunteer leader (a teacher at the school, a parent or other caring adult), who keeps the group organized and aware of upcoming activities. Clubs meet during the school day once a month during the school year.

To enroll in 4-H, students should complete an enrollment card and pay their club dues. Dues are a once-a-year fee set by the club or volunteer leader to cover costs of project books, insurance for events and materials for club activities. Club leaders have enrollment cards at the school. Enrollment cards ask for basic information from the student, including address, phone number, grade, date of birth, etc. Each student also selects ONE project book based on his or her interests. First-time 4-H members in fourth through sixth grades must select the “Discovering 4-H” project book; others can select a project they want to learn more about.

“What else can I do in 4-H besides go to club meetings?” is a question asked by many 4-H members. There are parish, district, state and national events and activities for youth enrolled in 4-H.

Adults can become involved in 4-H as well. Clubs at schools need volunteers to assist with club programs and activities. 4-H members can form “project groups” and adults can work with a small group of youth who are working on the same project book.

Want to learn more about 4-H? Visit www.lsuagcenter.com or www.louisiana4h.org or contact assistant extension agent Lekeisha Lucas-Powell at (318) 559-1459 or stop by the East Carroll Parish Extension Office, 502 First Street, Lake Providence, La.

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