Plant Strawberries in November

Plant strawberries in November for berry production next spring. Strawberry varieties have changed over the years. Headliner and Daybreak were followed by Tangi and Chandler. Current varieties are Camarosa, Camino Real and Strawberry Festival.

Planted in November, strawberries will develop an extensive root system capable of supporting leaves and heavy fruit production next spring. If planted later in the year, a smaller plant will grow but the berries will be just as flavorful. Position plants so the base of the crown is slightly covered with soil. The crown is where the roots and leaves connect. Planting too shallow or too deeply may kill the plant. Space plants 10 inches apart in a single row or 14 inches apart when planted in double rows.

Adjust the soil pH to 6-6.5 and build high rows to assure good drainage. Plant in hanging baskets, raised beds and patio containers if garden space is limited. Apply a water soluble fertilizer every two weeks through winter and protect early flowers and developing fruit from cold damage by covering with a layer of pine needles or an old quilt.
12/21/2011 1:53:45 AM
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