2010 Body Walk -Ridgecrest Elementary School

Children begin their tour in the brain by learning how foods affect brain development.

An LSU AgCenter volunteer teaches students the effects smoking cigarettes has on the lungs.

A volunteer anxiously awaits her first group of students in Hardy Heart.

Students learn to protect their skin from germs through proper hand washing and from UV rays by applying sunscreen.

A volunteer explains the four health habits for Organ Wise Kids: Low Fat, High Fiber, Lots of Water and Exercise.

Students learn the importance of building strong bones through exercise and proper nutrition.

Students learn the importance of good nutrition for proper functioning of the heart.

Students learn to jump start their day by eating a nutritious breakfast.

Students learn about food digestion in the Body Walk's "stomach."

In the Body Walk's "small intestine," students learned the importance of water and fiber intake.

Students at Ridgecrest Elementary School welcomed the Louisiana Body Walk with open arms on March 2, 2010. Smart Bodies is an interactive educational program designed to help prevent childhood obesity. A joint initiative of the LSU AgCenter and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, Smart Bodies integrates classroom activities with hands-on learning to teach children how to build strong bodies and develop active minds.
3/9/2010 11:03:07 PM
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