October 2015 4-H Pet Show / Bicycle Rodeo

Joe P. Bairnsfather  |  9/25/2015 11:24:24 PM

Deputy Stephen Karabelean discussing bicycle safety with our Bicycle Rodeo participants.

Sadi White with her dog who won Most Handsome Male Dog!

.Ahsyria Williams with her rabbit who won Best Overall Rabbit!

Concordia 4-H Fun Day

A total of 38 4-H youth participated in the 2015 4-H Fun Day event. Results are as follows:

Pet Show– (Large Dogs) Biggest Paws– Journey Levite; Best Smile– Devin Hebert; Best Large Dog– Devin Hebert; (Small Dogs) Best Personality– Raelin Mount; Most Adorable - Lillie Bazile; Best Small Dog– Lillie Bazile. (Cats) - Most Unusual Feature– Delaney Jones; Best Personality– Delaney Jones; Longest Tail– Halle Davenport; Best Costume Cat/Owner– Halle Davenport ; Most Gorgeous Girl Cat— Delaney Jones;Best Cat– Delaney Jones.(Other Small Pets) Most Unusual– Layla McCall ; Most Active - Lida McCalll; Best Costume-Layla McCall; Best Other Small Pet– Layla McCall (Rabbits) - Best Jumper– Ahsyria Williams; Best Costume– Ahsyria Williams; Best Overall Rabbit– Ahsyria Williams. (Large/Small Dogs) Obstacle Course– Sophie Rabb;Best Costume–Natalie Yakey; Most Handsome Boy Dog Sadi White;Most Gorgeous Girl Dog– Lillie Bazille. (All Pets) Tricks– Jordan Strickland ; (Most 4-H Spirited)- Raelin Mount.

Bicycle Rodeo- Top Winner– Maki Green; (Purple Ribbon)-Jordan Strickland, Halle Davenport, Lida McCall, Joseph Burns, Aubrey Powell, and Gabe Rushing; (Blue Ribbon)- Ty Harris, Slate Latiolais, Braylon Bush, Linda Fair, and Devin Hebert.

Congratulations to all of our Pet Show participants and Bicycle riders!

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