Claiborne Parish Profile 2012

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Program Highlights

4-H Youth Development
The Claiborne Parish 4-H Youth Development program provides opportunities for youth to de-velop a greater sense of belonging to their communities and peers. Workshops, trainings, trips, club meetings, and social activities are ways these youth learn and demonstrate the techniques and skills learned in 4-H. Of the 1,370 youth enrolled in public and private schools between the ages of 9 and 19, 30% are enrolled in 4-H (Source: Claiborne Parish School Board, Claiborne Academy, Mt. Olive Christian School).

The 2011-2012 educational focus for Claiborne Parish 4-H Club Meetings is S.A.F.E. (Sensible Advice For Everyone). Topics discussed included cyber bullying, how to have safer user names and passwords, safe posting, and general "sensible" use of technology sources such as social me-dia, cell phones, and computers.

The Claiborne Junior Leaders adopted two foster children through the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) organization. During Christmas, the Junior Leaders collected presents for each child as well as gifts for the other 45 foster children in our CASA region. All clubs were encour-aged to collect items to help the CASA organization.

Through a NRA grant in the amount of $5500, the Claiborne Outdoors Skills program has been able to purchase supplies, targets, clays, and trap machines to enhance the skills of its members. The archery division of the Outdoor Skills program was also provided a grant for approximately $2500 to purchase needed equipment.

Since 2003, approximately 3000 Claiborne Parish 6th grade youth have participated in hands-on activities during the annual Water Fest program. This program allows youth and adults to experi-ence water conservation techniques, gain knowledge of the importance of the Sparta Aquifer, the affects of pollution on our water and develop strategies for personal conservation.

Ag and Natural Resources
The LSU AgCenter works closely with Producer’s groups such as the Claiborne Parish Cattlemen’s Association to provide quarterly meetings in which the Cattlemen are informed about issues such as best management practices, financial information regarding to Beef Cattle Production, and envi-ronmental concerns such as fertilizer runoff. Our office also works closely with Master Gardeners in our parish to address common homeowner horticultural issues.

Family, Nutrition & Health
Adult nutrition classes are held at both Claiborne Parish head start centers. Series of classes include nutrition lessons, cooking demonstrations and tasting new foods. Approximately twenty parents attend the series of four lessons that encourage balanced, budget friendly family meals. 

We reach:  

2000 Parish Youth (ages 5-19 years old)
420 4-H members in19 Organizational Clubs,6 Project Clubs
5,024 Adults
3,500 Ag & Natural Resources
1,524 Nutrition Education

How we reach them:  

4-H Clubs, Class Series, School Enrichment, Demonstrations, Field Days, Workshops, Newsletters, Web Sites, Publications, and Social media.

Expanding our efforts:

Volunteers 4-H Families, Community Service Clubs, Mas-ter Gardeners, Cattlemen, Claiborne Fair As-sociation, Claiborne 4-H Foundation, Clai-borne Parish Police Jury, Claiborne Parish School Board, 

Parish Facts  

LSU AgCenter Agents provide research-based information on plant, aquacul-turewildlife and animal enterprises to Clai-borne Parish clientele. The 2010 total dollar amount from these commodities were:

  • Plant enterprises - $38,408,979
  • Aquaculture and wildlife - $1,720,650
  • Animal enterprises - $107,721,738

Data from the Louisiana Ag Summary Web site:

Population - 17,195
Land area (square miles) - 755
Persons under 18 years old - 20%
Persons 65 years old and over - 16%
Median household income - $32,292
Persons below poverty - 27% (Data taken from 2010 U.S.Census Bureau) 

Local Issues & Plans for this year.

1. Increase productivity and profitability of Agriculture in Claiborne Parish.  

  • Create a better link between Agricultural Research and Beef and Timber Producers by conducting Research Update Meetings and Trainings on Best Management Practices.
  • Provide Home and Commercial Vegetable Producers with research based information to increase quality and yield, and conduct trainings on new marketing techniques.

2. Promote the wise use of natural resources and protec-tion of the environment.  

  • Sparta Aquifer education for all parish 6th grader students at annual Water Fest.
  • Implement Best Management Practices with timber pro-ducers, and educate livestock producers about the effects of animal waste runoff on our environment.

3. Develop leaders and good citizens through 4-H Pro-grams  

  • All youth programs will incorporate character education and the development of respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, and fairness

4. Strengthen families and communities  

  • FNP clients will receive training on feeding their families nutritionally on a budget
  • Partner with Community Services, David Raines Community Health Center, Cadenhead Com-munity Housing, Homer Housing Authority to provide nutrition lessons, cooking demonstrations and food tastings
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