The Claiborne Parish 4-H Youth Development program provides opportunities for youth ages 9-19 to develop a greater sense of belonging to their communities and peers. Through hands-on workshops, trainings, trips, club meetings and other social activities youth learn and are able to demonstrate life skills to help them be more productive citizens. Approximately 17% of the total parish student population is enrolled in 4-H. (Source: Claiborne Parish School Board, Claiborne Academy, and Mt. Olive Christian School). Today’s 4-H concentrates on leadership, character, and service. An educational focus is determined each year through an advisory process that includes adults and youth voice. Youth participate in the Outdoor Skills Shooting Sports program, Livestock Club, and Junior Leadership program in addition to monthly in school club meetings. Through the dedication of volunteers trained in Risk Management and certified Shooting Sports instructors, the Claiborne Parish Shooting Sports program continues to teach firearm safety, help youth develop a sense of responsibility to the environment and civic engagement. Water conservation continues to be an important issue in Claiborne Parish. Through the Water Fest program, all parish 6th grade students are taught the importance of practicing water conservation. Other nontraditional programming includes the Clover Buds program for 1st-3rd grades.

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