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About the LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to providing innovative research, information and education to improve people’s lives. Working in a statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises, and develop human and community resources.

Program Highlights

4-H Youth Development

This year, 208 Cameron Parish youth enrolled in 6 traditional 4-H clubs supported by 2 project clubs to build personal skills in communication, teamwork, leadership and management. Project clubs include Cal-Cam Horse Club, Junior Leaders and Shooting Sports. The Cameron Parish Youth Development program provides a diversity of opportunities for youth and adult volunteers to make a difference in their lives and that of their communities. Young people acquire knowledge and life skills through participation in local, parish, regional, state and national programs. We are flexible in offering many opportunities for youth and family participation, including 4-H afterschool workshops, variety of overnight camps, livestock shows, shooting sports trainings and competitions and service-learning projects. Over 50 youth participated in gun safety and marksmanship training with the 4-H Shooting Sports program.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Requests for information about vegetation management in fishponds as well as for marsh management is a perennial constant. Control and management of marsh and aquatic vegetation is highly dependent on timing and recommendations such as burning, drawdown, cutting, rolling, and herbicides. The Cameron Alternative Oyster Park continues to make progress. Legislation was passed in the 2022 Legislative session designating the park. Currently, 6, 2 Acre plots have been assigned to local growers. Conducted Calcasieu-Cameron Cattlemen educational meetings for 67 area cattle producers to gain knowledge in nutrition and health management areas from industry professionals. 8,000 acres of rice between 8 farmers, acres of crawfish, and 14,000 head of beef cattle.

Who we reach:

  • 1,248 youth (includes 208 4-H members and 6 school 4-H Clubs)
  • 24,901 adults (3,548 through agriculture and natural resources)

How we reach them:

4-H Clubs, school enrichment, demonstrations, field days, publications, newsletters, class series, website, social media and workshops.

Expanding our efforts:

150 volunteers from 4-H, Master Gardeners, Master Cattlemen, Sea Grant Programs.

Parish Facts:

LSU AgCenter county agents provide research-based information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife and animal enterprises to Cameron Parish residents. The total dollar amount from these commodities were:

  • Animal Enterprises: $5,508,747.10
  • Aquaculture and Wildlife: $62,205,891
  • Plant Enterprises, $8,592,831.64

Data from the Louisiana AgSummary website:

  • Land area — 1,254.92 square miles.
  • Population —4,902; Population under 18 years old — 22.2%; Population 65 years old and over — 18.9%.
  • Median household income — $64,525; Persons below poverty — 14.0%

Local Issues & Plans for this year:

Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana agriculture

  • Conduct sugarcane field day
  • Conduct master vegetable field day
  • Write news columns, webpage content and seminars on agriculture practices
  • Conduct farm and home educational visits

Promote the wide use of natural resources and protection of the environment

  • Conduct meetings and workshops fisheries and aquaculture programs
  • Conduct Coastal Land Management programs throughout the parish
  • Continue to assist pond owners with good management techniques to increase water quality
  • Conduct Master Cattlemen program to increase producer’s sustainability in agriculture
  • Conduct Master Gardener program to increase sustainability in sound gardening practices

Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development

  • Develop and implement service-learning projects throughout the parish
  • 4-H members, adult leaders ang agents will work together to develop mentoring programs through the parish 4-H program
  • Junior Leaders will work with Cameron Council on Aging, schools to fight hunger issues in our parish and area, along with workshops on promoting youth development activities

Extension Funding
FY 2022-2023

How we are funded:

You are the local supporters and beneficiaries of the LSU AgCenter extension programs. Your support keeps these programs in your communities.

Your parish extension office offers programs in:

  • Sustaining Louisiana agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Building leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development
  • Family, nutrition and health to enhance the quality of life for Louisiana’s citizens

    LSU AgCenter State Appropriated Funds for FY 2022-2023:

    • State General Direct: 78.01%
    • Federal Funds: 12.06%
    • Self-Generated: 6.31%
    • Statutory Dedications: 3.62%

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