January 2015

Jana Bennett, McCann, Jimmy D.  |  1/24/2015 2:04:28 AM

Clubs of the Month
Congratulations to the November clubs of the month!
1st place  OBCA 9-12
2nd place  OBCA 4-6
3rd place  OBCA 7-8
4th place  Grayson 5
5th place  Union Central 4

Fall Foods Festival

Fifty Caldwell 4-H members participated in this year's 4-H Fall Foods Festival held on Nov. 10 at Union Central Elementary School. Members prepared and presented dishes containing the Louisiana commodities beef, chicken, egg, sweet potato, rice and pecan. Participants in the Consumer Foods Judging Contest judged and ranked foods based on criteria such as nutrition and economic value. Judges from around the parish tasted and scored 73 dishes on appearance, taste and use of commodity. During the judging, 4-H'ers participated in an educational nutrition program presented by LSU AgCenter nutrition educator Tammy Tarver. Congratulations to the first place winners and good luck to them when they compete at the Northeast Area Commodity Cookery to be held in Feb. Congratulations to Nealy McCoy for being named this year's Best of Show winner. The Caldwell Parish 4-H program would like to thank Duff's Body Shop and Mark McKee, D.A. for sponsoring this year's event, Union Central Elementary for allowing us to use their facility, the judges who volunteered their time to this year's event and the Junior Leaders who volunteered their time to ensure that the contest ran smoothly.

Quick-N-Easy Ground Beef
1st  Colden Russell
2nd  Rowdy James Michaud
3rd  Dalton Meredith
Blue Ribbon: Victoria Ellerbe, Nealy McCoy
Red Ribbon:  Amber Burns, Andie Flint, McKenzie Laird

Heart Healthy Ground Beef
1st Leslee Bennett
2nd  Logan Tarver

Sweet Potato
1st  Nealy McCoy
2nd  Amber Burns
3rd  Lane Linton
Blue Ribbon: Kayleigh Arthurs, Lindsey Coates, Hannah Cumpton, Daisy Duke, Mackenzie Hair, Abigayle Hatten, Tracer Houston, Sebastian McCoy, Bryce Sanford
Red Ribbon:  Landon Bailey, Tessa Black, Kaitlynn Broussard, Kylee Broussard, Andie Flint, Abbie McCann

1st  Baylor Russell
2nd  Sidney Strange
3rd  Kayleigh Arthurs
Blue Ribbon: Tessa Black, Makala Skyles, David Trichell, Jackson Warner
Red Ribbon:  Hannah Cumpton, Lexi Morgan, Meredith Scroggs, Mia Volentine

1st Nealy McCoy
2nd  Alexis Demoss
3rd  Kayleigh Arthurs
Blue ribbon: Maci Scroggs, Sidney Strange, Logan Tarver, John Michael Willis
Red ribbon:  Kaitlynn Broussard, Tracer Houston, Lexi Morgan, Jayla Skyles

1st  Nealy McCoy
2nd  Brady May
3rd  Rhett George
Blue Ribbon:  Kayleigh Arthurs, Jackson McCann, Mia Volentine
Red Ribbon:  Tessa Black, Kylee Broussard, Bailey Coates, Victoria Ellerbe, Dalton Meredith, Hadley Smith, Logan Tarver, Grace Winters

Rice Main Dish
1st  Abigail Michaud 
2nd  Maggie Warner
3rd  Hadley Smith
Blue Ribbon:  Tessa Black, Maci Scroggs, Logan Tarver

Rice Any Other
1st  Jackson McCann
2nd  Leslee Bennett
3rd  Andie Flint

Consumer Foods Judging 4th - 5th
1st  Maci Scroggs
2nd  Baylor Russell
3rd  McKenzie Laird
Blue ribbon:  Heidi Adams, Kayleigh Arthurs, Kylee Broussard, Alexis Demoss, Daisy Duke, Abigale Michaud, John Michael Willis
Red ribbon:  Tessa Black, Mackenzie Hair, Sebastian McCoy, Bryce Sanford, Logan Tarver, Maggie Warner
White ribbon:  Hannah Cumpton, Brent Jolly, Colden Russell

Consumer Foods Judging 6th - 8th
1st   Elizabeth Jolly
2nd  Lindsey Coates
3rd  Hadley Smith
Blue ribbon:  Victoria Ellerbe, Lane Linton, Dalton Meredith, Abbie McCann, Rowdy James Michaud, Maura Roberts, Cari Scott
Red ribbon:  Katelynn Broussard, Abigayle Hatten, Brady May, Mia Volentine, Jackson Warner

Consumer Foods Judging 9th - 12th
1st  Erin Scott
2nd  Mallory Dannehl
3rd  Hailey Ewing
Blue ribbon:  Leslee Bennett, Tracer Houston, Jackson McCann, Nealy McCoy, Tyler Roberts, Meredith Scroggs, Alex Warner

4-H Junior Leaders Make Christmas Boxes for Local Youth

As a local community service project, the 4-H Junior Leadership Club "adopted" youth at Columbia Elementary School and filled large shoe boxes with small gifts and toys. 4-H Junior Leaders were responsible for selecting age appropriate gifts for the youth. The 4-H Junior Leader Club is open to club members in grades 7-12. The mission of the club is to develop leadership skills in youth and participate in community service learning projects.

4-H Fashion Revue and Consumer Decision Making Contest

The 4-H Fashion Revue Appearance Judging and Consumer Decision Making Contest are scheduled for Monday, Jan. 12 at Grayson Elementary School. The Fashion Revue consists of the Clothing Construction, Decorated Shirt and Ready-to-Wear contests. All contestants are required to attend. The contest will begin at 9:00 a.m. when contestants will pick up their garments and dress according to the appearance judging schedule. Appearance Judging, Ready-to-Wear and the Consumer Decision Making Contest will begin at 9:15 a.m. Contestants in the Consumer Judging Contest will rank classes of consumer products or services and give written reasons for rankings. Categories are grades 4-5, grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

Honey Bee Essay Contest

Entries for the 2015 Honey Bee Essay contest are due to the 4-H office in Columbia on Friday, Jan. 23. The topic for the 2015 contest is "Planting for Bees from Backyards and Up." Beekeeping has become difficult due to a lack of native plants for forage. In this essay, you will be required to discuss ways that habitats can be modified to become "bee friendly." This is a state contest. Entries must be submitted electronically and will be forwarded to Baton Rouge for judging. Essays must be 750-1000 words in length, typed, double-spaced using 12-point Times or similar font following standard manuscript format and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word compatible document. For complete contest rules and forms, contact 4-H agent Jana Bennett at the Caldwell 4-H office in Columbia.

Dairy Billboard Contest

Entries for the 2015 4-H Dairy Billboard Contest are due to the 4-H office on Friday, Jan. 30. Billboard design must be on a 22" x 28" poster board, any color. Do not attach anything to the poster that is more than 1/2" thick and do not use glitter. Do not use the name of commercial brand name products, jingles, slogans, signs or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster. Using a pencil, remember to print your name, address, grade in school and parish on the back of the poster in the upper right-hand corner. First place billboards will be sent to Baton Rouge to be judged in the statewide contest.

4-H T-Shirt Sale

Orders are now being taken for the 2015 Caldwell 4-H t-shirt. Shirts will be navy with this year's 4-H design on the front of the shirt. You must pay for your shirt when you place your order. Make checks payable to Caldwell 4-H. You can contact a 4-H Junior Leader, your 4-H club leader or the 4-H office in Columbia to place your order. Deadline to order is Jan. 30. The cost is $15 for all sizes. Youth sizes are S-XL; adult sizes are S-3XL. Shirts will be delivered to students at school.

Communication and Career Day

The 4-H Communication and Career Day will be held at Union Central Elementary School on Monday, Feb. 9. Communication and Career Day consists of demonstrations, career preparation interview and commodity ambassador illustrated talks. Demonstrations will have a time limit of 10 minutes and can be individual or a team of two. Career preparation interview divisions are Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12. Ambassador Talk categories are egg, chicken, turkey, seafood and sugar. Parish winners in the Ambassador Talk contest will be eligible to compete in the state contest to be held at LSU in April. Please pre-register for this contest by calling the 4-H office at (318) 649-2663. The pre-registration deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 4. For complete contest information, see your 4-H leader for a copy of the contest handout or visit the Contest page of this website.

Character Corner

This month's pillar of character is Responsibility. Responsible people act in 4 ways:
1. They do their duty and meet their moral and legal obligations.
2. They are accountable for their actions and accept responsibility for the consequences of their choices, not only for what they do but also for what they don't do. They don't make excuses or blame others.
3. They work hard to achieve excellence.
4. They control their behavior. They think before they act. They are rational and act out of reason, not anger, revenge or fear. They know the difference between what they have a right to do and what is right to do.

Upcoming Events
Jan. 12  Fashion Revue & Consumer Decision Making Contest, Grayson Elementary
Jan. 14-17  Ag Alley / Ag Expo, Ike Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe
Jan. 30  Deadline to order 4-H t-shirt

Feb. 4-6  Northeast District Livestock Show, Delhi
Feb. 4  Preregistration deadline for Communication and Career Day
Feb. 9  Communication & Career Day, Union Central  Elementary
Feb. 14-21  LSU State Livestock Show, Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Gonzales
Feb. 27  Beef Poster Contest entries due

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