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Union Central Elementary 4-H fourth grade officers

Union Central Elementary 4-H fifth grade officers

Clubs of the Month
Congratulations to the Nov. Clubs of the Month!
1st place   OBCA 6-7
2nd place  UCES 5
3rd place  OBCA 4-5
4th place   OBCA 8-10
5th place   UCES 4

Fall Foods Festival
Caldwell 4-H club members recently entered 95 dishes in the 4-H Fall Foods Festival held on Nov. 12 at Union Central Elementary School. First, second and third place winners received cash awards sponsored by Haven Home Health and Duff's Body Shop. All participants received ribbons. First place winners will compete in the regional event on February 18 at the Rayville Civic Center. Winners in each of the categories included:
Best of Show
Krista Weems
Beef - Any Other
1st Kyle Parker      2nd Railey Ellerbe     3rd Mia Claire Volentine
Ground Beef
1st Dalton Meredith  2nd Rowdy James Michaud, Jr.  3rd Jackson McCann
Rice - Main Dish
1st Larrah Springer   2nd Bailey Coates   3rd  John Ethan Reitzell
Rice - Any Other
1st Nealy McCoy     2nd Jake Rollins       3rd Maura Roberts
1st Krista Weems     2nd Hunter Manley     3rd Hailey Ewing
1st Brooklyn Hatten     2nd Shelby Strange     3rd Bailey Coates
1st Railey Ellerbe     2nd Brooklyn Hatten      3rd Jaci Williams
Sweet Potato
1st Abigayle Hatten     2nd Meredith Scroggs     3rd Lindsey Coates
Consumer Foods Judging 4th - 5th
1st Abbie McCann      2nd Asia Ferguson       3rd Victoria Ellerbe
Consumer Foods Judging 6th - 8th
1st Tracer Houston      2nd Shelby Strange      3rd Jackson McCann
Consumer Foods Judging 9th - 12th
1st Alex Warner          2nd Nealy McCoy       3rd Hailey Ewing

4-H Fashion Revue Winners Selected on December 3rd
4-H'ers modeled their Fashion Revue Contest handmade garments, ready-to-wear garments and handcrafted shirts on stage at the Grayson Elementary School auditorium for an audience of family and friends on Dec. 3rd. First, second and third place winners received cash awards. All participants received ribbons. The "Best of Show - Cotton Award" winner was Abbie McCann. Abbie received $25. Sponsors for this 4-H event were Noel Guerrero, Drew Keahey, Lelon Kenney and Charlie Rowland.
1st Abbie McCann     2nd Shelby Strange     3rd Mallory Dannehl
Blue ribbon Cari Scott         Red Ribbon Dalton Meredith
Tops or Bottoms
1st  Taylor Snow
Complete Outfit
1st Alicia Foy
Decorated Shirt (4-H)
1st  Meredith Scroggs       2nd Lexi Barnhill       3rd Krista Weems
Decorated Shirt (Other)
1st Rowdy James Michaud, Jr.   2nd Raeghan Buckalew     3rd Shelby Strange
Blue ribbon group: Nealy McCoy, Meredith Scroggs, Jackson McCann, Maura Roberts, Alicia Foy, Cari Scott, Erin Scott, Dalton Meredith, Brianna Rogers, Shae McNemar, Jaci Williams
Ready to Wear (4-5)
1st Rowdy James Michaud, Jr.      2nd Taylor Snow     3rd Abigayle Hatten
Blue ribbon group: Asia Ferguson, Dalton Meredith, Abbie McCann, Victoria Ellerbe
Ready to Wear (6-8)
1st Brooklyn Hatten      2nd Maura Roberts        3rd Shelby Strange
Blue ribbon group: Meredith Scroggs, Cari Scott, Raeghan Buckalew, Railey Ellerbe, Jaci Williams
Ready to Wear (9-12)
1st Alicia Foy      2nd Nealy McCoy       3rd Erin Scott
Consumer Decision Making (4-5)
1st Taylor Snow     2nd Asia Ferguson      3rd Abigayle Hatten
Blue ribbon group: Victoria Ellerbe, Dalton Meredith, Rowdy James Michaud, Jr., Abbie McCann, Lexi Barnhill
Consumer Decision Making (6-8)
1st Maura Roberts     2nd Jackson McCann       3rd Shelby Strange
Blue ribbon group: Reaghan Buckalew, Brianna Rogers, Railey Ellerbe, Shae McNemar, Cari Scott, Meredith Scroggs, Brooklyn Hatten
Consumer Decision Making (9-12)
1st Nealy McCoy      2nd Alicia Foy       3rd Erin Scott
Blue ribbon group: Mallory Dannehl, Krista Weems 

4-H Junior Leaders Make Christmas Boxes for Local Youth
As a local community service project, the 4-H Junior Leadership Club "adopted" youth at Grayson Elementary and filled large shoe boxes with small gifts and toys. 4-H Junior Leaders were responsible for selecting the age appropriate gifts for these youth. The 4-H Junior Leadership Club is open to 4-H Club members in grades 7-12. The mission of the club is to develop leadership skills in youth and participate in community service and service learning projects. The next club meeting will be held on Jan. 8, 2013 at the Caldwell Pre-K Center from 4:15-5:30 p.m. 

Dairy Billboard Contest
Dairy Billboard Contest entries are due on Jan. 31, 2013. To enter create a billboard design encouraging or promoting the consumption of milk and/or milk products on any color 22" x 28" poster board. Do not attach anything to the poster that is more than 1/2 " thick and no glitter. Do not use commercial brand name products, jingles, slogans, signs or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on your poster. First place billboards will be sent to LSU to be judged in a statewide contest. For more information visit the Dairy Billboard Contest page on this site.

Meet Some of the New 4-H Officers!
Union Central Elementary 4th Grade Club
President - Brady May
Vice President - Kacey Davis
Secretary - Memory Shipp
Reporter - Kylee Hillestad

Union Central Elementary 5th Grade Club
President - Taylor Snow
Vice President - Abbie McCann
Secretary - Jadeyn Gomez
Reporter - Kade Hillestad

Upcoming Events
Feb. 1  4-H Camp signup begins
Feb. 4  Communication and Career Day, Union Central Elementary
Feb. 28  Beef Poster Contest entries due
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