February 2015

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Clubs of the Month
Congratulations to the Jan. Clubs of the Month!
1st place  Union Central Elementary 4
2nd place  Old Bethel Christian Academy 4-6
3rd place  Old Bethel Christian Academy 7-8
4th place  Old Bethel Christian Academy 9-12
5th place  Caldwell Parish Junior High 7-8

Leaf Identification Contest
4-H members submitted 81 entries in Oct. for the 2014 Leaf Identification Contest. Entries were judged on variety of leaves, accuracy of leaf identification and neatness of work. Cash prizes were awarded to the first through fifth place winners in the Grade 4-5 division and the first through third place winners in the Grade 6-8 and 9-12 divisions. All participants received ribbons. This contest was sponsored by the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.
Grades 4-5
1st place 
Kayleigh Arthurs, OBCA
2nd place  Andie Flint, Union Central Elementary
3rd place  Casarah Harvey, Grayson Elementary
4th place  Abigale Michaud, OBCA
5th place  Keriann Cassels, Grayson Elementary
5th place  Logan Tarver, Union Central Elementary
Blue Ribbon
Grayson Elementary: Laney Braddock, Sebastian McCoy, Stormie Wilkins, Lilly Etheridge, Kelly Phillips, Neda Norris, Madalyn Crain, Hailey Boone, Kylee Broussard
Columbia Elementary: Ariel Russell, Peyton Hatfield, Emma Pearson, Zoey Prough, Jada Williams, Emily Pailette, Abby Grace Stockstill, Kierstan Hatfield, Ashton Hatfield
Union Central Elementary: Kamari Williams, Max Bates, Macy Knox, Emilee Womack, Natalie Swain, Lexi Morgan, Anna Steele, Rhett George, Heidi Adams, Alexis Demoss, Jacob Delancy, Riley Hatten, Sidney Strange, Jael Jones, Hannah Claire Beckley, Baylor Russell, Jordan Gomez, Colden Russell, Bladin Hamilton
Old Bethel Christian Academy: Joshua Robinson, Daisy Duke, Callie Barnhill, Boston Olivo, Brayden Tomlinson, McKenzie Laird, Brent Jolly, Collin Johnson, Graci Dunn, Maggie Warner, Mackenzie Hair, Tessa Black, John Michael Willis, Nicole Beckley, Victoria Ellerbe, Mia Claire Volentine, Lane Linton, Abigayle Hatten, Hadley Smith, Jackson Warner, Savannah Wyant
Red Ribbon:
Union Central Elementary: Bailey Finley, Lacie Grossie, McKenna Roberts, Maddie Stephens, Alexa Tingle, Will Steele

Grades 6-8
1st place 
Gabe Lavigne, Caldwell Parish Junior High 7-8
2nd place  Brady May, Caldwell Parish Junior High 6
3rd place  Raeghan Buckalew, Caldwell Parish Junior High 7-8
Blue Ribbon
Old Bethel Christian Academy 7-8: Rowdy James Michaud
Caldwell Parish Junior High 7-8:  Stormy Prough
Caldwell Parish Junior High 6:  Georgia Orr, Amber Burns

Grades 9-12
1st place  Leslee Bennett, Member at Large
2nd place  Nealy McCoy, Caldwell Parish High School
3rd  place  Jake Rollins, Old Bethel Christian Academy 9-12
Blue Ribbon
Caldwell Parish High School:  Tracer Houston

Fashion Revue and Consumer Decision Making Contest
Twenty-six 4-H members displayed their creativity during the 4-H Fashion Revue held on Monday, Jan. 12 at Grayson Elementary School. Member's modeled garments they created for this event during the Appearance Judging and modeled their choice of ready-made garments during the Ready-to-Wear Contest. Participants also tested their decision making skills during the Consumer Decision Making Contest. This year's Best of Show Cotton Award winner was Maci Scroggs. Sponsors for this event were Lelon Kenney, Noel Guerrero, Drew Keahey and Charlie Rowland.

1st place  Hannah Cumpton         2nd place  Taylor Snow        3rd place  Trinity Schwind
White Ribbon: Amber Burns

Tops or Bottoms
1st place  Sidney Strange           2nd place  Mia Claire Volentine
White Ribbon:  Lilly Parker

Complete Outfit
1st place  Maci Scroggs

Decorated T-Shirts (4-H)
1st place 
Kayleigh Arthurs        2nd place  Abigale Michaud        3rd place  Maci Scroggs
Blue Ribbon:  Daisy Duke, Hannah Cumpton, Jackson McCann
Red Ribbon:  Stormie Wilkins, Logan Tarver
White Ribbon:  Kade Hillestad

Decorated T-Shirts (Other)
1st place 
Abbie McCann        2nd place  Rivers Strong        3rd place  Mia Claire Volentine
Blue Ribbon: Leslee Bennett, Rowdy James Michaud, Abigale Michaud, Colden Russell, Brady May, Baylor Russell
Red Ribbon: Kylee Hillestad
White Ribbon: Nealy McCoy, Blandin Hamilton, Graci Dunn

Ready to Wear Grades 4-5
1st place 
Maci Scroggs       2nd place  Baylor Russell       3rd place  Sidney Strange
Blue Ribbon: Kayleigh Arthurs, Stormie Wilkins, Hannah Cumpton, Rivers Strong
White Ribbon: Keesley Ross

Ready to Wear Grades 6-8
1st place
  Abigayle Hatten         2nd place  Victoria Ellerbe           3rd place Mia Volentine
Blue Ribbon: Abbie McCann, Kade Hillestad, Taylor Snow
Red Ribbon:  Hadley Smith, Kylee Hillestad

Ready to Wear Grades 9-12
1st place  Meredith Scroggs
White Ribbon: Nealy McCoy

Consumer Decision Making Grades 4-5
1st place 
Maci Scroggs               2nd place  Abigale Michaud           3rd place  Baylor Russell
Blue Ribbon:  Colden Russell, Sidney Strange, Kayleigh Arthurs, Stormie Wilkins
Red Ribbon:  Rivers Strong, Logan Tarver

Consumer Decision Making Grades 6-8
1st place  Abbie McCann            2nd place  Rowdy James Michaud          3rd place  Abigayle Hatten
Blue Ribbon:  Victoria Ellerbe, Hadley Smith, Brady May
Red Ribbon:  Mia Volentine, Kade Hillestad, Taylor Snow, Kylee Hillestad

Consumer Decision Making Grades 9-12
1st place  Meredith Scroggs       2nd place  Jackson McCann      3rd place  Leslee Bennett 

Communication and Career Day
Communication and Career Day will be held at Union Central Elementary on Monday, Feb. 9. Communication and Career Day consists of demonstrations, career preparation interview and commodity ambassador illustrated talks. Demonstrations will have a time limit of 10 minutes and can be individual or a team of 2. Career preparation interview divisions are Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12. Ambassador Talk categories are egg, chicken, turkey, seafood and sugar. Parish winners in the Ambassador Talk contest will be eligible to compete in the state contest to be held at LSU in April. Please pre-register for this contest by calling the 4-H office at 318-649-2663.

Beef Poster Contest
Entries for the 2015 Beef Poster Contest are due to the 4-H office in Columbia on Friday, Feb. 27. To enter this contest, create a poster telling a story of beef and/or beef products and their importance to human health. Poster must be on 11x14 inch white poster board only. Place your name, address, age, grade in school and parish on the upper right corner  of the back of the poster. Poster should generate  positive images of beef and beef products  and not portray negative images of other food products. The finished poster should be appropriated for use on a billboard. Contest divisions are Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12. This contest is sponsored by Caldwell Cattleman's and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.

4-H Pet Show
The 4-H Pet Show is scheduled for Monday, March 16 at the Caldwell Parish High School tennis courts. Categories are Dogs, Small Animals and Large Animals. Members can enter 1-3 categories but cannot enter 2 animals in the same category. Participants will give a short speech about themselves and their pet. All animals MUST be in CAGES or ON A LEASH. Contest registration will be at 12:30 p.m. with the contest beginning at 1:00 p.m. For complete contest guidelines, contact the 4-H office or the  4-H leader at your school. As a community service activity, we will be collecting dog food, treats and supplies to donate to a local animal shelter. Supplies needed are canned dog food (not dry), bleach, blue Dawn dish washing liquid, old blankets or towels, tarps, zip ties, Milk Bone dog treats, braided rope chew toys (no rawhide chews), tennis balls. If you would like to participate, please bring your donation to the Pet Show. 

Character Corner: Caring consists of two components, concern for others and charity.
Concern for Others: Be compassionate and empathetic (able to share someone else's feelings). Be kind, loving and considerate. Be thankful and express gratitude for what people do for you. Forgive others for their shortcomings. 
Charity: Give time, support, comfort or money without strings for the sake of making someone else's life better, not for praise or gratitude. Help people in need.

Upcoming Events
Feb. 4-6  Northeast District Livestock Show
Feb. 4   Preregistration deadline for Communication & Career Day
Feb. 9  Communication and Career Day, Union Central Elementary
Feb. 14-21  LSU State Livestock Show, Gonzales
Feb. 23  Area Cookery Contest, Rayville Civic Center
Feb. 27  Beef Poster Contest entries due

March 13-15   State Junior Leader Conference, Camp Grant Walker
March 16   Pet Show, CPHS tennis court  
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