February 2012

Casey Johnston, McCann, Jimmy D.  |  2/2/2012 9:05:54 PM

Clubs of the Month for January 2012
Congratulations to the following clubs:
1st place  Union Central 6
2nd place  Union Central 4
3rd place  Old Bethel Christian Academy 4-6
4th place  Union Central 5
5th place  Old Bethel Christian Academy 7-9

Leaf Identification Contest
One hundred entries were submitted in October 2011 for the Leaf Identification contest. This contest sponsored by Caldwell Parish Forestry Awareness and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation has two divisions for grades 4-6 and 7-12.

Division I: Grades 4-6
  Ethan Meredith
       Cole Johnston
2nd  Meredith Scroggs
         Abbie McCann
3rd  Raeghan Buckalew
        Taylor Snow
        Jackson McCann

Division II: Grades 7-12
  Bailey Coates
2nd  Krista Weems
3rd  Nealy McCoy

Photography Contest
Twenty-nine Photography Contest entries were submitted by 4-H'ers in December 2011. This contest is divided into three categories, Story or Series, Plants or Animals and People, Structures or Buildings. Sponsors for this contest are Eugene Dunn, Clerk of Court, Scott Meredith, Assessor and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.

Story or Series
  Jake Rollins                2nd  Abbie McCann                      3rd Jessie Cruse
Blue ribbon: Sarah Guidry, Maura Roberts, Dalton Meredith, Raeghan Buckalew
Red ribbon: Asia Ferguson, Kyle Henderson, John Ethan Reitzell.

Plants or Animals
  Meredith Scroggs          2nd  Jackson McCann              3rd  Gabe Lavigne
Blue ribbon: Raeghan Buckalew, Dalton Meredith, Jake Rollins, Ally Brown, Sarah Guidry
Red ribbon: Asia Ferguson, Alexis Barnhill,  Stormy Prough.

People, Structures or Buildings
  Nealy McCoy       2nd  Dalton Meredith                 3rd  Jake Rollins
Blue ribbon: Sarah Guidry, Asia Ferguson, Shae McNemar, Raeghan Buckalew, Alicia Foy

4-H Livestock Team
Caldwell Parish Livestock Team members exhibited their animals during the Ag Expo Livestock Show held at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center on Jan. 21. Members showed beef cattle. Livestock team members will also be competing in the Northeast District Livestock Show in Delhi on Feb. 1-4 and the LSU State Livestock Show in Gonzalez on Feb. 11-18.

Communication and Career Contest
Caldwell parish 4-H'ers recently competed in the 4-H Communications and Career Contest held at Union Central Elementary on Jan. 30. Members competed in the Demonstration Contest, Ambassador Talks and the Personal Development Contest. This contest was sponsored by State Farm and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.

Demonstration Contest

Grades 4-6
1st  Jackson McCann
2nd  Dalton Meredith / Rowdy Michaud
3rd  Abbie McCann / Taylor Snow
4th  John Ethan Reitzell / Ethan Meredith
5th  Kyle Henderson
Blue ribbon: Courtnie Frazier, Railey Ellerbe
Red ribbon: Maura Roberts, Jaci Williams, Addie Barnhill, Meredith Scroggs, Shae McNemar, Hannah Hightower, Alexis Barnhill, Reed Anderson, Jadon Knights, Lindsey Coates, Ethan Whittington, Drew Frazier, Michaela Ellerbe

Grades 7-12
1st  Alicia Foy
2nd  Brooklyn Hatten
3rd  Jake Rollins
4th  Krista Weems
5th  Tracer Houston / Shelby Strange
Blue ribbon: Cole Black, Braden Grubb, Bailey Coates, Seth Smith, Cole Ellerbe, Ally Brown, Jessie Cruse
Red ribbon: Erin Scott, Mallory Dannehl, Lexi Smith, Hope Reid

Personal Development Contest

Grades 4-6
1st  Ethan Meredith
2nd  Jackson McCann
3rd  Courtnie Frazier
4th  Meredith Scroggs
5th  Maura Roberts
Blue ribbon: Railey Ellerbe, Abbie McCann, John Ethan Reitzell, Jadon Knights, Jaci Williams
Red ribbon: Addie Barnhill, Kyle Henderson, Ethan Whittington, Dalton Meredith
White ribbon: Reed Anderson, Taylor Snow, Rowdy Michaud, Lindsey Coates, Shae McNemar, Michaela Ellerbe

Grades 7-12
1st  Shelby Strange
2nd  Jake Rollins
3rd  Alex Warner
4th  Brooklyn Hatten
5th  Alicia Foy
Blue ribbon: Erin Scott, Krista Weems, Bailey Coates, Mallory Dannehl, Nealy McCoy, Braden Grubb
Red ribbon: Lexi Smith, Jessie Cruse, Ally Brown, Tracer Houston, Callie Steines
White ribbon: Jacob Smith, Tyler Roberts, Cole Black, Cole Ellerbe, Hope Reid

Ambassador Talks

Egg Grade 4-6
  1st  Kyle Henderson
Egg Grade 7-9  1st Jessie Cruse

Seafood Grade 4-6  1st  Maura Roberts
Seafood Grade 7-9  1st  Tracer Houston              2nd  Jake Rollins

Sugar Grade 4-6  1st  Courtnie Frazier
Sugar Grade 7-9  1st  Erin Scott

Turkey Grade 4-6  1st  Michaela Ellerbe
Turkey Grade 7-9  1st  Mallory Dannehl

Attention seventh and eighth grade 4-H'ers! The time is fast approaching for the 2012 4-H TEAM Camp. The camp will be held at Camp Grant Walker Educational Center in Pollock, La. from March 29-31. Camp fees are $45 which will include a two-night stay, meals, snacks and a t-shirt. Test your team-building and communication skills while making friends to last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this exciting camping experience! The last day to sign-up is Friday, March 2.

4-H T-shirts
There are a few 2011-12 4-H t-shirts available for purchase for $13 each. Sizes available are adult medium, adult large, adult XL and adult XXL. Contact your 4-H leader or the 4-H office to purchase a shirt. Proceeds from t-shirt sales benefit the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.

Upcoming Events
Feb. 1-4  Northeast District Livestock Show - Delhi, La.
Feb. 1  Dairy Billboard entries due
Feb. 9  Fashion, Food and Fitness Club meeting - Union Central Elementary
Feb. 14  Junior Leader Club meeting - Caldwell Pre-Kindergarten Center
Feb. 11-18  State Livestock Show - Gonzalez, La.
Feb. 29  Beef Posters due

March 6  Area Cookery Contest - Rayville Civic Center
March 9-11  State Junior Leader Conference - Camp Grant Walker, Pollock
March 19  4-H Pet Show - Caldwell Parish High School tennis court
March 17-18  State Food and Fitness Camp - Camp Grant Walker, Pollock
March 29-31  TEAM Camp for grades 7-8 - Camp Grant Walker, Pollock

April 10  Records, 4-Star applications, scholarships due
April 14  Fishing Clinic - location TBA
April 24  State Ambassador Talks - Parker Coliseum Complex, LSU campus, Baton Rouge
April 30  4-H Awards Night - CPHS Fine Arts Building
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