April 2015

Jana Bennett, McCann, Jimmy D.  |  6/24/2015 9:22:14 PM

Congratulations to the March Clubs of the Month!
1st place
  OBCA 4-6
2nd place  UCES 4
3rd place  CPJH 7-8
4th place  OBCA 9-12
5th place  Columbia 4

Dairy Billboard Contest
Twenty-five entries were submitted in Jan. for the Dairy Billboard Contest. First place posters will be sent to Baton Rouge for the state billboard contest. Members who participated in this contest learned more about milk and milk products and their importance to healthy bodies. This contest was sponsored by the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.
Grades 4-6:  1st place Kylee Hillestad          2nd place Colden Russell           3rd place Taylor Snow
Blue Ribbon: Annabell Calton, Hadley Smith
Red Ribbon: Amber Burns, Daisy Duke, Victoria Ellerbe, Abigale Hatten, McKenzie Laird, Emily Pailette, Zoey Prough, Abby Stockstill, Logan Tarver, Jada Williams
Grades 7-8:  1st place  Kade Hillestad       2nd place  Abbie McCann       3rd place  Taylor Snow
Red Ribbon: Stormy Prough, Cari Scott, Larrah Springer
Grades 9-12:  1st place  Jackson McCann       2nd place  Tracer Houston     3rd place  Nealy McCoy
Blue Ribbon: Jake Rollins

Communication and Career Day
Fifty 4-H members participated in this year's Communication and Career Day on Feb. 9 at Union Central Elementary school. This contest gives members the opportunity to showcase their skills in public speaking, interview and presenting a method demonstration. Winners in the Ambassador Talk Contest are eligible to compete at the State Ambassador contest to be held on April 28 at LSU in Baton Rouge. This contest was sponsored by State Farm and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation. 
Demonstration, Grades 4-5
1st place  Maci Scroggs         2nd place  Logan Tarver       3rd place  Tessa Black
Blue Ribbon: Kayleigh Arthurs, Abigale Michaud, Baylor Russell, Colden Russell
Red Ribbon: Nicole Beckley, Daisy Duke, McKenzie Laird, John Michael Willis
Demonstration, Grades 6-8
1st place  Abbie McCann, Taylor Snow                 2nd place  Maura Roberts, Jenna Robinson                 
3rd place  Rowdy J Michaud
Blue Ribbon:  Kaitlyn Beckley, Cody Bingham, Victoria Ellerbe, Abigayle Hatten, Lane Linton, Cari Scott
Red Ribbon: Kade Hillestad, Kylee Hillestad, Elizabeth Jolly, Dalton Meredith, Ryan Murphy, Hadley Smith, Mia Volentine, Savannah Wyant
Demonstration, Grades 9-12
1st place  Mallory Dannehl, Alex Warner       2nd place  Jackson McCann           3rd place  Meredith Scroggs
Blue Ribbon:  Leslee Bennett, Ally Brown, Hailey Ewing, Jake Rollins

Interview, Grades 4-5
1st place  Abigale Michaud       2nd place  Kayleigh Arthurs       3rd place  Tessa Black
Blue Ribbon:  Nicole Beckley, Brent Jolly, McKenzie Laird, Baylor Russell, Colden Russell, Maci Scroggs
Red Ribbon:  Daisy Duke, McKenzie Hair, Rivers Strong, Logan Tarver, John Michael Willis
Interview Grades 6-8
1st place  Abbie McCann        2nd place  Ryan Murphy        3rd place  Maura Roberts
Blue Ribbon: Jenna Beckley, Abigail Hatten, Lane Linton, Brady May, Dalton Meredith, Jenna Robinson, Cari Scott, Mia Volentine
Red Ribbon: Kaitlyn Beckley, Cody Bingham, Victoria Ellerbe, Kade Hillestad, Kylee Hillestad, Taylor Snow, Rowdy Michaud, Hadley Smith, Savannah Wyant
Interview, Grades 9-12
1st place  Alex Warner          2nd place  Erin Scott         3rd place Leslee Bennett
Blue Ribbon: Ally Brown, Tracer Houston, Jackson McCann, Jake Rollins, Meredith Scroggs
Red Ribbon: Nealy McCoy, Hailey Ewing, Tyler Roberts

Ambassador Talks
Egg, Grades 4-6: 1st place  Tessa Black
Chicken, Grades 10-12: 1st place  Jake Rollins
Turkey, Grades 10-12: 1st place Mallory Dannehl
Seafood, Grades 4-6: 1st place Nicole Beckley     
                  Grades 10-12:  1st place Tracer Houston
Sugar, Grades 4-6: 1st place Logan Tarver     2nd place McKenzie Laird          3rd place Kylee Hillestad
             Grades 7-9:  1st place Kade Hillestad          
             Grades 10-12: 1st place Erin Scott

Beef Poster Contest
Members submitted 19 entries for the 4-H Beef Poster Contest held in Feb. and learned about beef and its importance to human health. First place posters will be sent to Baton Rouge for the state Beef Poster Contest. This contest was sponsored by Caldwell Cattleman's and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.
Grades 4-6:  1st place Riley Hatten          2nd place Maci Scroggs             3rd place Kylee Hillestad 
Blue Ribbon: Daisy Duke, Lane Linton, Baylor Russell, Hadley Smith, Jackson Warner
Red Ribbon:  Colden Russell, Maggie Warner, Sarah Woomer
Grades 7-9:   1st place Taylor Snow       2nd place Leslee Bennett         3rd place Jackson McCann
Blue Ribbon: Kade Hillestad, Abbie McCann
Red Ribbon:  Chelsee Meredith
Grades 10-12:  1st place Jake Rollins          2nd place Nealy McCoy

4-H Strawberry Fundraiser
Monday, April 6 is the deadline to order and pay for strawberry flats. Flats are $20 each and will be delivered to the 4-H office on Monday, April 13. Strawberries must be picked up at the 4-H office on Monday, April 13 from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. or on Tuesday, April 14 from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

4-H Records Contest
Record-keeping is an important part of every 4-H educational project. Records show your 4-H club work progress from year to year. You may include up to 3 years of 4-H work in your portfolio. Project books, portfolios including completed project book(s), Club Secretary record book, Club Reporter record book,   4-Star applications and scholarship applications are due to the 4-H office on Tuesday, April 14. This contest is sponsored by the Lions Club, Hatten Tire, the Scott Foundation, Caldwell Parish School Board members and administrators and the Caldwell 4-H Foundation.

4-H Fishing Clinic
The 4-H Fishing Clinic will be held on Saturday, April 18 at a location to be announced. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. Members will fish from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. All supplies for the clinic (poles, bait, etc.) will be provided. Members will be able to compete in the Biggest Fish and Most Fish Caught contests and learn about outdoor safety. Preregistration for this event is required.

Hamburger Lunch Fundraiser
A 4-H Hamburger Lunch fundraiser will be held on Friday, May 8 at the First Methodist Church in Columbia. Plates include a hamburger, chips and dessert and may be picked up from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Plates are $6 with proceeds going to the Caldwell 4-H Foundation. If you are interested in donating a dessert (cake, cookies, brownies) please contact the 4-H office. Desserts should be delivered to the 4-H office by noon, Thursday, May 7. Orders may be placed by calling the 4-H office.

4-H Day at the Capitol
4-H Day at the Capitol will be held on Wednesday, June 3. Each year more than 1,500 4-H members from all 64 parishes participate in this event. 4-H Day at the Capitol begins with an assembly on the Capitol steps with legislators participating along with state 4-H officers and LSU Vice President for Agriculture Bill Richardson. After visiting with legislators, members will tour the state capitol and have lunch in Baton Rouge. Members will leave the 4-H office in Columbia at 6:00 a.m. to travel to Baton Rouge to attend this event and return later that evening. The cost of the trip is $10 and is due to the 4-H office by Friday, May 1. This fee is non-refundable after May 1.

4-H Camp - "Unbearably Fun!"
4-H Camp registration has begun! Caldwell 4-H'ers will camp this year from June 15-19. To be eligible to attend, a 4-H'er must be in 4th, 5th or 6th grade and be 12 years of age or younger on Jan. 1, 2015. Camp fee is $175 and includes meals, lodging, a t-shirt, picture and transportation. A non-refundable $50 deposit for summer camp must be paid by Friday, April 24 to reserve your spot for camp. Payment is by check or money order only, made payable to Caldwell 4-H. There will be a $25 charge for returned checks. All remaining fees must be paid and camp forms completed  and turned in to the Caldwell 4-H office by Monday, June 1. To register, come by the Caldwell Parish LSU AgCenter office located at 106 Jackson Street in Columbia. Do not send forms or money to school. 4-H Camp is held at Camp Grant Walker, an 80-acre campsite located near Pollock, Louisiana about 15 miles north of Alexandria. If you are interested in going to camp, please come by our office as soon as possible to sign-up. Our camp numbers are limited and registration is on a first-come, first-pay basis.

4-H University / Clover College
Mark the date: 4-H U and Clover College will be held from June 23-26 at LSU in Baton Rouge! 4-H University is the premier 4-H event of the year for 4-H members ages 13 and up. 4-H U and Clover College offers both competitive and non-competitive activities along a range of interests from technology to theatre arts. The registration fee for 4-H U / Clover College is $40 and is due to the 4-H office by Monday, June 1. If you are interested in attending, come by the 4-H office to sign-up or if you would like more information contact agents Jana Bennett or Jim McCann.

Character Corner: Citizenship
Do your share to make your school and community better.
Be a good classmate and neighbor.
Respect the authority of your teachers, school staff and administrators; obey all rules that govern your classroom and school.
Show school pride by taking care of school property.
Be a volunteer; help your school and community be better, cleaner and safer.
Protect the environment by conserving resources, reducing pollution and cleaning up after yourself.

Upcoming Events
April 13  Strawberry pickup  3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
April 14  Strawberry pickup  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
April 14  Records Contest entries due
April 18  Fishing Clinic
April 24  4-H Camp deposit due
April 28  State Ambassador Talk, Baton Rouge

May 1  Fee due for 4-H Day at Capitol
May 8  Hamburger lunch fundraiser

June 3  4-H Day at the Capitol, Baton Rouge
June 15-19  4-H Camp, Camp Grant Walker
June 23-26  4-H U / Clover College, Baton Rouge
June 30 - July 1  District Horse Show, West Monroe

July 6-11  LSU State Horse Show , Lake Charles

August 3-7  LOST Camp, Camp Grant Walker
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