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Program Highlights

Family, Nutrition & Health
Smart Bodies & Body Walk Exhibit
is an interactive educa-tional program designed to help prevent childhood obesity. Smart Bodies integrates classroom activities with hands-on learning to teach children how to build strong bodies and de-velop active minds. Each year a school is recruited to be a Smart Bodies school. As of 2012, all elementary schools in the parish have had the program.

Family Nutrition Night (FNN)
Families get an opportunity to learn about the importance of healthy lifestyles through a presentation, "You Can Make a Big Difference in Your Child’s Health!" Youth and parents take a trip through six interactive stations where they learn more about eating well and getting active. Crawford Elementary School involved over 125 youth and adults. An immediate post-event survey was completed by the parents the night of the event. Results indicated 97% would attend another FNN event; 100% listed ways their family will improve eating hab-its; 97% listed ways their family will increase physical activity time; 94% will make an effort to have more family meals to-gether. The presentation was accompanied by a healthy meal and door prizes for the entire family to enjoy. Family Nutrition Night is also scheduled for Gibsland-Coleman School Complex.  Charting Your Course to Home Ownership is an educational class that awards certificates of com-pletion to assist in meeting requirements for home loans. Impacts for 2011 proved knowledge gained as follows: 48% increase in Navigating Your Way to a New Home; 30% increase in Staying on Course with Financial Management; 43% increase in Sailing Through the Mortgage Process and 39% increase in Maintaining and Protecting Your Home. Due to budget cuts, this program is no longer available.

4-H Youth & Family Development
The parish service learning project focused on leading a to-bacco free lifestyle. 4-H’ers received a series of six lessons entitled Life Smarts focusing on charac-ter , covering topics like bullying, decision making, self-esteem, diversity, conflict resolution, responsi-bility and risky behaviors. Lessons were taught at monthly club meetings and reinforced at 4-H events and through newsletters. A focus group evaluation method was used to compile the impact of the program. Youth indicated they learned about helping others and ways to resolve and prevent bullying. When youth were asked what they were responsible for, their responses included: helping others, their own actions and getting along with and respecting others. Youth indicated the impor-tance of treating people the same, even if they are different from the perceived norm. Jurors Empow-ering Teens: In 2011, 13 youth participated with 12 of them completing the program. Eight students had perfect scores in Workforce I and had a 15.8% increase in knowledge. Four students had per-fect scores in the Workforce II, and there was a 15% increase in knowledge. Financial Management had 2 perfect scores and a 10% increase in knowledge and the 9-1/2 Steps session showed a 14.6% increase in knowledge. Since the inception of Jurors Empowering Teens in 2008, 72 stu-dents have benefited from the experience. 

Who we reach:  

4,049 - Youth (includes 446 4-H mem - bers & 12 school 4-H clubs)
8,056- Adults 1,600 Ag & Natural Resources 6,456 Family Consumer Sciences

How we reach them:  

4-H clubs, Class series, School Enrichment, Demonstrations, Field days, Workshops, Newsletters, Web sites, Publications, Social media, Newspaper, and Television.

Expanding our efforts:

150 Volunteers - 4-H, Master Gardeners, Family & Community, Master Horsemen 

Parish Facts  

LSU AgCenter County Agents provide re-search-based information on plant, aquacul-ture, wildlife and animal enterprises to Bien-ville Parish clientele. The 2010 total dollar amount from these commodities were:

  • Plant enterprises - $50,037,226
  • Aquaculture and wildlife - $2,202,299
  • Animal enterprises - $45,279,837

Data from the Louisiana Ag Summary Web site:

Population - 14,353
Land area (square miles) - 811.27
Persons under 18 years old - 23.3%
Persons 65 years old and over - 18.5%
Median household income - $31,870
Persons below poverty - 26.6% 

Local Issues & Plans for this year:  

Unhealthy Nutrition Practices and Lack of Physical Activity-Adults and Youth  

1. Smart Choices Nutrition Curriculum  

  • 21st Century After School Enrichment Program: A series of nine interactive les-sons are being taught to 5th-6th graders at Gibsland-Coleman School Complex. Youth learn to make healthy food and lifestyle choices each day and to share with others what they have learned. A character focus is also included in each lesson on Respon-sibility, Respect, Decision Making and Caring. After completion of the second lesson, 76% of participants have already increased their daily physical activity time.

2. Smart Portions– classes aim to help individuals to achieve a healthy weight and to improve their health indicators.

3. Family Nutrition Night—Youth and parents take a trip through six interactive stations where they learn more about eating well and getting active.

4. Smart Bodies & Body Walk—An interactive educational program designed to help prevent childhood obesity.

5. Show Me Nutrition—Let’s Read About Healthy Eating - A pre-kindergarten nutrition education curriculum/ - Each lesson includes reading a book about healthy eating, tasting healthy foods, engaging in physical activity, and practicing healthy habits such as hand washing.

Youth Safety and Youth Financial Management  

6. Youth will learn internet and general safety skills through 4-H programs.   A series of six lessons, S.A.F.E., will be taught at club meetings. Topics include: Cyber Bullying, Safeguarding Your Identity, Ap-propriate Statuses and Messages and Digital Footprints. Achievement Day activities will be centered on safety.

7. Teens hired for the Jurors Empowering Teens (JET) pro-gram will increase their knowledge of workforce prepared-ness and financial management skills while exploring career options at local universities and technical colleges. They will also get hands-on work experience within Bienville Parish.

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