High School Financial Planning Program

Brenda C. Morgan, Uzzle, Linda D. (Diane)  |  8/9/2010 7:12:54 PM

Bienville Parish teachers at High School Financial Planning Program 2010.

Bienville Parish Teachers Empowered to Teach Financial Planning

With personal bankruptcies and credit card debt increasing while retirement savings are decreasing among Americans, the need to teach financial literacy in the nation’s high schools is critical.

Eleven teachers in Bienville Parish took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the High School Financial Planning Program Teacher In-Service, taught by Diane Uzzle, Financial Resource Management Agent , LSU AgCenter. Guest speaker included Princeton Williams, Senior Economic Education Specialist, Public Affairs Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

For teachers, the challenge is to provide instruction on a topic that traditionally has not been included in the nation’s high school curricula. Finding, obtaining, and integrating free, noncommercial, and high-quality classroom materials about personal finance can be difficult and time-consuming. Also, some teachers may have only limited knowledge of personal finance issues.

For high school students, the challenge is to reverse startling statistics such as these:

  • Fewer than half of teens participating in a recent survey understood how to budget.
  • Entering college freshmen have an average debt of $1500 on personal credit cards.
  • Americans under age 25 are filing for bankruptcy faster than any other age group.

LSU AgCenter partnered with Bienville Parish School Board and the National Endowment for Financial Education to offer a solution which offered:

  • A program correlated to ALL state standards and all relevant national standards
  • A step-by-step teaching plan and detailed materials list
  • Dynamic PowerPoint presentation visuals
  • Discussion questions and activities that promote critical thinking
  • A web site portal which caters individually to the needs of students, teachers, parents, and the general public
  • 6 CLU’s
  • Stipend for participation, lunch, and refreshments

The success of this financial education effort, however, depends on having trained teachers and professionals to teach the curriculum. That is why we offer teacher training programs for the HSFPP. The step-by-step teaching plans make it easy for any teacher to pick up the book and immediately start using it. The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to the constant growth of this program and its value to students, teachers, and parents. Independent evaluations of the program conducted have shown that the HSFPP produces significant improvement in financial knowledge, confidence, and behavior among teens who have completed the program.

Submitted by: Diane Uzzle, LSU AgCenter, Bienville Parish, 318-263-7400, e-mail 

Because Learning About Money Is As Important As Earning It!

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