2021 Beauregard Parish Profile

About the LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to providing innovative research, information, and education to improve people’s lives. Working in a unique statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations, and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises, and develop human and community resources.

Program Highlights:

4-H Youth Development

Parish 4-H programming is conducted through the direction of an advisory process. Through this process Personal Development and Life Skills are seen as a key issue. County 4-H Agent utilized a lesson study topic of Personal Development to present a series of lessons related to Goal Setting, Self-identity, Communication, Teamwork, Motivation, and Feelings and values were presented live in a club setting with reflection information included in newsletters and posted on the leader Google Classroom page. Clover bud lessons related to Agriculture in Louisiana was presented to youth 4-8 years of age to help teach about various Louisiana Agriculture commodities and encourage 4-H program participation. Parish youth were offered the opportunity to participate in the Central Region Seed of the month educational activities where youth received seeds to plant and educational information related to that month’s highlighted seed. Other youth educational activities focus on current issues and meet BESE ELA standards.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

In 2021, The Master Gardener program had its eleventh class online with five students from four different parishes. MGs also provided leadership at its Virtual Spring Garden Forum attended by 24 gardeners and homeowners from across Louisiana.

Landowners continue to attend workshop about the safe use of prescribed fire as a management tool. In June 2020, 7 people successfully completed training to be state Certified Burn Managers. This lower number is the result of coronavirus guidelines for group settings.

Extension Office

203 W. 3rd St. DeRidder, LA 70634
Phone: 337.463.7006
Fax: 337.463.7007



Office Hours:

8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.



Social Media:

Beauregard Master Gardeners Facebook Page

Beauregard Parish 4-H Facebook Page

Beauregard 4-H Shooting Sports Facebook Page

Parish Chair:

Keith Hawkins


Additional Contact:

Mike LaVergne, County 4-H Agent


Lisa Johnson, Administrative Coordinator



4-H and Youth Development

  • Shooting Sports
  • Engineering Activities
  • Drones
  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Cookery and Healthy Living
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Clover Buds

Agriculture & Natural Resources

  • Master Gardeners
  • Beekeeping
  • Home Horticulture/Lawn and Garden
  • Urban Forestry
  • Prescribed Burning Workshop

Whom We Reach:

  • 8,505 youth (includes 315 4-H members with 11 school 4-H Clubs out of 21 currently meeting live due to Covid-19 Concerns)
  • 24,901 adults (3,548 through agriculture and natural resources)

How We Reach Them:

4-H Clubs, school enrichment, field days, publications, newsletters, class series, website, social media, and workshops.

Expanding Our Efforts:

150 volunteers from 4-H, Master Gardeners, family and community.

Parish Facts:

LSU AgCenter county agents provide research-based

information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife, and animal enterprises to

Beauregard Parish residents. The 2018 total dollar amount from these

commodities were:

  • Animal enterprises, $11,787,048.
  • Aquaculture and wildlife, $2,295,902.
  • Plant enterprises, $66,830,222.
  • Population - 35,654
  • Land area (acres) - 755,772
  • Persons under 18 years old - 19.7%
  • Persons 65 years old and over - 12.9%
  • Median household income - $46,385
  • Persons below poverty - 16.8%

Local Issues & Plans for this year

Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana Agriculture

  • Resume in-person Master Gardener classes.
  • Resume Spring Garden Forum on vegetables, ornamental plants, hazard trees, and introduced pests.
  • Continue to write Root, Fruits, Shoots & Flowers column based on questions gardeners and homeowners send to extension agent.
  • Resume participation in Beauregard Parish Fair and bring educational material and sign up potential MG students.

Promote the wise use of natural resources and protection of the environment

  • Resume in-person annual Forestry Forum to forest landowners and to professional foresters.
  • Continue to bring prescribed burning workshops and to grow a pool of trained Certified Burn Managers.
  • Make site visits to evaluate possible hazard trees on both public and private landscapes, especially after recent hurricane events.

Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H youth development

  • Through various methods; reach youth and parents through social media as well as traditional personal meetings with assistance of volunteers; provide educational lessons related to enhancing Life Skills through Personal Development topics.
  • Through club activities; teach youth the importance of being a good leader and prepare them to perform their 4-H Club membership duties while teaching Life Skills in various 4-H educational activities.
  • Through the efforts of 4-H volunteers, continue gardening educational activities to help youth increased their knowledge of gardening & plant propagation and learn about healthy living.
  • Through the Advisory process; continue conducting timely 4-H club educational programs and Field Day activities to meet the 4-H youth development needs.

How we are funded:

You are the local supporters and beneficiaries in the LSU AgCenter extension programs. Just 20% support keeps these programs in your community. Your parish extension office offers programs in:

  • Sustaining Louisiana agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
  • Building leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development.

LSU AgCenter State Appropriated Funds for FY 2020-2021

  • State general direct: 74.99%
  • Federal funds: 13.83%
  • Self-generated: 7.23%
  • Statutory deductions: 3.95%

Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

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