Milking in Avoyelles

Trent P. Clark  |  3/7/2012 9:51:22 PM

milking in Avoyelles

milking in Avoyelles

Melody R. Coco, nutrition assistant for Southern University AgCenter, presented a program about the importance of dairy in your diet for all Pre-K classes in Avoyelles and Evangeline parish.

The reason for this presentation was to help the students understand where milk comes from and why it is so much better for your body than sodas.

The students were able to view a video from Mr. Jeff Kleinpeter, owner of Kleinpeter Farms and Dairy. The video showed the process of how they get the milk from the cows, how it is bottled and how it is sent to schools and stores.

The students were then given an opportunity to milk Ms. Annabelle, a wooden model cow complete with the udders mounted on a bucket.

Then they were able to taste a healthy recipe called Honey Milk Balls.

The children learned about the number of servings of dairy one is supposed to have each day and how drinking milk is important in building strong bones and helping teeth stay healthy.
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