Avoyelles Parish Advisory Meeting

Trent P. Clark  |  3/22/2012 7:50:05 PM

LSU AgCenter Avoyelles Parish Advisory Meeting, February 23, 2012, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

AgCenter Personnel Present:

Esther Boe, Rob Ferguson, Melody Coco, Marsh Jackson, Sandra Dubea, Rose Anne St Romain

4-H Students Present:

Nadine Madoxx, Jordan Lemoine, Gracie Laborde, Eric Burise, Leah Dupuy

Guests Present :

Ricky Juneau, Farmer and 4-H
Carolyn Bordelon, Union Bank - 4-H
Robert Thevis, Farmer and President of Farm Bureau
Shawn Mayeaux, Manager of Agrilliance
Carlos Mayeaux, School Board Member
Carlos Smith, ANR Volunteer
Robin Smith, School Teacher and Community Rep
Laurie Dupuy, 4-H Mom
Cynthia Flanders, Master Gardener and Community Rep
Craig Foster, School Board Rep
Aloysia Ducote, Community Rep and Treasurer of the 4-H Foundation Board
Iris Ducote, Council on Aging
Becky Spencer, School Board Rep
Troy Spencer, 4-H Dad and Community Rep
Monique Mayeaux, School Board Rep


The meeting was called and Carlos Smith opened with a prayer and blessed the meal.

4-H students said pledge.

Esther Boe introduced the staff and the advisory board.

Everyone then introduced themselves and said who they were representing.

Esther Boe explained why we have advisory meetings and why we were there today, which was to hear about how the AgCenter could better serve the community and what did the community want us to do. She then explained that all parishes have these meetings and that the AgCenter's main goal is to help the community.

Esther Boe then answered questions about the budget. She said we were all having hard times but if we pulled together we could make it work.

Rob Ferguson explained what each group did - for when they would break into individual group discussions: 4-H, ANR, and FCS.

Esther Boe presented a PowerPoint to the committee explaining what the responsibilities of the committee were. She explained about the business plan and how we prepare for it.

Esther Boe mentioned that we implemented 'Day at the AgCenter' to help with our budget cuts. 'Day at the AgCenter' has been doing well; this is our fourth year and we would like to have members from the community come for a visit and see just how much the kids get out of it.

It was explained how we are in need because of budget cuts; however, everyone is pretty much in the same position. While people are tired of hearing us lament about our financial situation, it is important that we get support from our local groups like the police jury and the school board. Esther Boe said she would take any suggestions that anyone had.

Rob Ferguson went over the parish profile with everyone.

Esther Boe quoted, "When we give our knowledge and time to our citizens, we are making an investment in our community."

We then broke into smaller groups for discussion and came up with these suggestions:

  • 4-H elementary students will do more with science.
  • 4-H high school students will have more life skills development.
  • ANR wants to work more closely with The School of Agriculture, better known as LASAS. ANR thinks that agriculture is fading and needs to be reintroduced to the students. We need to try and get more seniors to go into Ag related fields.
  • FCS- have demonstrations for parents, grandparents and children - all at one time, having them learn from one another. Do container gardens.
  • Speak more on diabetes. Teach community how to read labels and explain that sodium is another word for salt and corn syrup is another word for sugar.

Esther Boe stated that we had a very good meeting and that all three programs agreed that we can work together.  The idea that we need to prepare our younger generation was agreed upon by all.

Esther Boe explained about the voucher that senior citizens can use at the farmers market.

She also asked everyone to come to Ag Day and spread the word.

We would like for our volunteers to work with 4-H University - so, encourage them to sign up.

Esther Boe than adjourned the meeting and thanked everyone for their time and input and that the AgCenter couldn’t do it without them.

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