2014 Avoyelles Achievement Day

Sheena Grote  |  2/11/2014 2:17:50 AM


Achievement Day will be held on March 22 at LaSAS. Achievement day is a day full of fun educational sessions, skill-a-thons and competitive contests that focus on various 4-H topics. The event is open to all youth and they are encouraged to take part in as many contests and educational activities as desired. 4-H member and club awards will also be presented at this event. Contests to be held at Achievement Day are as follows:

CAREER PREPARATION: Individual contestants submit a resume, application, story, and participate in a job interview. The situation for the contestant’s interview with the judges will be a job interview. The contestant selects the job for which they want to be interviewed and put name of job on resume. The job selected should represent a present-day situation, not a job projected in the future. Contestants will be asked questions dealing with workplace ethics and other knowledge as indicated on the interview scorecard during the interview process. Each contestant should wear an outfit appropriate for a job interview. Each contestant will submit a resume giving his or her qualifications for the job for which he or she is applying. Resume MUST be typed. The Personal Development Story (story shall be no more than 6 pages double-spaced), resume, and job application shall be compiled into a bound portfolio.


Open to all 4-H members. All contests will consist of three divisions: Elementary (grades 4-6), Junior (grades 7-8), Senior (grades 9-12). There will be a limit to no more than two demonstrations per 4-H member. Members of a team demonstration can be from different clubs. Members can be from a different grade level, but will compete in the oldest team member’s grade division. All demonstrations must be pre-registered. Any Demonstration not pre-registered will be unable to participate. Time limit for demonstrations- min. 5, max. 15 minutes.

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