Avoyelles 4-H Foundation Meeting

Trent P. Clark  |  12/1/2011 3:05:33 AM

On November 10, 2011, the Avoyelles 4-H Foundation Board held a meeting to discuss all issues of 4-H. Past issues were discussed and future goals. Board members brought up several new ideas to try in the upcoming year. New topics were voted on.

Meeting Minutes

Board Members present:
Carolyn Bordelon , Alosyia Ducote, Ricky Juneau, Rob Ferguson, Mel Coco, Esther Boe

Invited New Board Members:
Rene Desselle, Laurie Dupuy

Board Members not present:
Shalane Pitts, Wanda Ford, Kim Naquin Sherry Dauzat, Randy Lacombe

Fiscal News: Current balance in the foundation as of 11-10-11 $ 30,217.28

Ms. Esther opened the meeting with introductions.

Mrs. Esther stated she invited some new people in the community to join the board.

Mrs. Shalane Pitts asked to be removed from the board due to busy life and that she felt she couldn’t be there when ever needed.

Ms. Esther reported that we have tried to go to a more consistent way to accept fees for workshops and dues. She said that we have been asking for checks or money orders. Board said that we would have to work it over a year because some people still use cash so start asking the parents to start using checks and money orders. Ms. Alosyia also stated we might want to look into credit card and debit machine but the only thing about that is you have to use it so much a month are you get charged a penalty.

Discussion about fees for summer camp…..it’s expensive for the parents and some kids get a chancellor’s scholarship where others don’t that maybe we could do a poboy sale like we did for 4-H University. Board liked the idea but want to talk with parents about it. Parents may or may not spend the effort and time like the high school kids. High school youth are motivated to make the money.

Ms. Esther stated that Ms. Sandra and Ms, Suzanne was doing a great job keeping up with the books and with the changes since the audit of the foundation last year.

The board voted not to have any fundraising this year. Ms. Alosyia made a motion to that affect and Mr. Ricky seconded the motion.

The board agreed to charge a three dollar charge for all bad checks. Ms. Carolyn approve the motion and Mr. Ricky seconded motion.

Ms. Esther asked them about the letter to ask for donation for the upcoming multipurpose building at camp grant walker. Mr. Ricky stated the economy was not very good right now and maybe we shouldn’t do it at this time. He made a motion to delay any fundraising for the multipurpose building and Ms. Carolyn seconded the motion.

Ms. Alosiya made the motion to remove Ms. Shalane Pitts from the board and Ms. Carolyn Seconded.

Ms. Alosiya made a nomination for Dr. Desselle, Laurie Dupuy, and Randy Lacombe to the board. All members accepted the nominations and they were approved by a motion from Mr. Ricky and seconded by Carolyn.

Ms. Esther asked the board to also ask Ms. Jennifer Dismer to the board to represent the school system. Board said that was a good idea to go ahead and do that.

Next meeting was set for April 30th 2012.

Meeting adjourns by Mr. Ricky and seconded by Ms. Carolyn.

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