2011 Avoyelles 4-H Body Walk

Trent P. Clark  |  12/2/2011 7:44:50 PM

Student nurse from Louisiana Technical College (left) and a Bunkie High School Student explain the workings of the brain.

"Choose My Plate" from the choosemyplate.gov explained by two student nurses from Louisiana Technical College.

Student from Bunkie High (left) learns about the lungs.

Students hear about how many servings of vegetables one should eat each day.

Review of all lessons from the Body Walk experience.

Presentation about the importance of milk as a source of calcium.

Volunteer helpers from Bunkie High and from Louisiana Technical College.

Children engaged in a presentation.

Young students learn about portion control from a Bunkie High volunteer.

Presentation about the importance of eating a variety of foods.

Body Walk is a travelling interactive education experience offered by the Louisiana 4-H program to schools throughout the state. On Nov. 14, 2011, the Avoyelles 4-H program hosted the Body Walk for students at Bunkie Elementary with assistance from student nurses from Louisiana Technical College and Bunkie High students.

During Body Walk, students walk through an exhibit that presents information about body functions. Participants learn about how internal organs function and what foods are needed to keep one's body healthy and strong.
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