2011 Ascension 4-H Youth and Adult Vegetable Garden Contest

The 2011 LSU AgCenter 4-H Youth and Adult Vegetable Garden Contest and awards presentations were held in Ascension parish.

With vegetable gardening becoming such a popular and necessary practice, 4-H’ers and adults worked hard to “make the best better” with a competitive spirit to achieve success.

This contest is held to encourage healthy eating and outdoor activity for youth and adults. It also promotes family relationships and increases involvement in family fun.

LSU AgCenter Horticulturist Desiree Dorest suggests the following best management practices for successful gardening: draw a garden plot plan, carefully select the site, till the soil and remove weeds. Weeds compete for nutrients and must be removed from the garden. Watering, irrigation for run-off of excess water and fertilizing are necessary. Deciding what to grow and choosing vegetables for the season are important. A selection of basic vegetables for quick and easy growing is best.

Many plant varieties were LSU AgCenter recommended and were resistant to most common diseases. Gardens must maintain 6-8 hours of sunlight. Shade trees will affect gardens. Insect and disease control are mandatory and many different techniques can be used. Record keeping and labeling of vegetables in the garden are helpful for success.

4-H Youth Row Garden: Sponsored by Hughes Insurance Agency

  • 1st Place Winner – Stephen LeBlanc
  • 2nd Place Winner – Kelsie Brignac

4-H Youth Boxed Garden 

  • Winner - Keelie Brignac

4-H Youth Container Garden: Sponsored by Joey Templet, Sac’s Western Feed Store

  • Winner – Aliesha Amiot

Adult Large Gardens: Sponsored by New River Soil and Water Conservation

  • 1st Place Winner- Jeff Dinino
  • 2nd Place Winner- Joe Cataldo
  • 3rd Place Winner- Ralph Delatte – Sponsored by Mr. Don Bourgeois, St. James Insurance Agency

Adult Small Gardens: Sponsored by Joey Templet, Sac’s Western Feed Store

  • 1st Place Winner – Sherry Campbell
  • 2nd Place Winner – Jerry Ball

Adult Container Garden: Sponsored by Marty Sanchez, Old Time Feed Store

  • Winner – Janis Poche

We wish to thank our dedicated judges, master gardeners, Don Bourgeois, Sheila Billingsley and Terry Tripp, who gave their unprecedented time and effort judging the vegetable garden contest.

Awards and certificates were given to the winners of the vegetable garden contest. The awards were donated by Hughes Insurance Agency, Old Time Feed and Seed Store, Sac’s Western Store, New River Soil and Water Conservation District and St. James Insurance Agency.

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