Record Book Competition

The Louisiana 4-H record book contest is a long-standing, traditional contest that encourages members to choose a project area, develop skills within that particular area, and keep records of their experiences and growth in that project.

Ascension 4-H hosts an annual parish records competition and selects its top record books to move on to the state competition. The Ascension Parish Record Book Competition. Deadline is April 9, 2024. All records books entered into this competition will be recognized at Achievement Day. Blue ribbon winners will receive a trophy.

What is a Record Book?

**Note- there have been major changes to the portfolio and record book contest as of 2022-2023. Please download the new portfolio document that will be used from that point forward. No old documents will be accepted. Please transfer any previous work**

The online Louisiana 4-H portfolio can be accessed Here. As 4-H members grow, their portfolios should too! The record book should contain up to 3 years of work. As a 4th and 5th grade member, there may not be many leadership opportunities, but as members grow and become more involved in a particular project area, their leadership should expand! The project record sheet should be used for all 4-H members planning to complete an activity guide in lieu of a project book (Beginning in 6th grade). This project guide should be used to help set goals and plan for your experience within your project area. The information in the project record sheet is very valuable when completing "Project Focus" in the 4-H portfolio document.

What is the purpose of a Record Book?

  • Record books help 4-H members to set goals, track progress, and reflect on their accomplishments. Helps with personal growth.
  • Provides an organized way of keeping all leadership activities, awards, and citizenship activities organized in preparation for future scholarship opportunities, personal portfolios, and career development.
  • Provide feedback and encouragement about their skills and development.
  • Tracks 4-H member's progress towards mastering a particular project area.
  • A way for 4-H members to get acknowledgment and recognition for their hard work. State-level awards are cash prizes and trips!
  • Opportunity for next-level competition.

Record Book Workshop- March 21, 2024- All are invited to attend!

Bring your current project books/activity guides, a list of accomplishments and 4-H activities, your current portfolio (if you have one) and any other materials you think may be helpful in putting together your record book. We will offer ideas, tips, and tricks to help you "Have a Record Year" with your record book! The workshop will take place on Thursday, March 21, 6pm at the 4-H Office.

For more record book information, agent help in developing your record book, or for questions, please contact the Ascension 4-H Office at 225-621-5799.

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