Sugar Cookery

  • A 4-Her may enter a dish for each category if they so choose.
  • Siblings and cooking companions are not allowed to enter the same dish/recipe even if they are not in the same age division.
  • Age Divisions are 4th -5th graders, 6th -8th graders, & 9th -12th graders.
  • You can use a box mix if you are adding a ½ cup of additional sugar. Only recipes using cake mix or premade cookie dough as a base item with additional ½ cup sugar are permissible. For example: you cannot turn in a recipe for German Chocolate Cake and only use items listed for a box cake mix.
  • Please bring 1-2 servings of your dish transported on ice in a disposable, hard-top, container. Please do not bring the entire dish, it is a waste. It may seem silly to transport, cake, cookies, candy, etc. on ice, but these are the regional culinary contest rules, so we use them as well. Please be aware that we may not accept a dish if it's not on ice.

Contest Requirements

Categories are: Cake, Cookies, Pie, Candy/Other.

Division Requirements: Each recipe must include at least a half-cup (½ cup) of Sugar. This includes brown sugar, granulated sugar, confectioner’s sugar, raw sugar, or any combination of the listed sugars as long as it adds up to one-half cup (½ cup).

Taste: 70 possible points

  1. Does the finished dish have a flavor that appeals to most people?
  2. Do the flavors blend well together?

The Appearance of Dish: 10 possible points

  1. Does the finished dish look appetizing?
  2. Is the product cooked correctly, or is it burnt?
  3. Garnishments and added extra decorations will not enter into scoring and may result in a deduction.

Bonus Features are an opportunity to gain an extra 10 points for those who submit the following:

  1. Pictures (4) of the 4-Her creating the dish and Finished Product/Plated Portion pictures (2).
  2. If a summary paragraph is submitted using standard sentence structure describing the 4-Her’s experience, there is a possible (4) extra points to earn. Standard paragraph structure includes an introduction sentence, three body sentences, and a conclusion sentence.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call or email. 225-621-5799 or

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