Egg Cookery

Egg Cookery Contest Rules & Scoring Criteria

The Category Options

Appetizer/Side Dish - Main Dish/Salad - Dessert

The Recipe - Each contestant’s recipe should include the following elements: 20 possible points
  • Name of the Recipe
  • Ingredients listed in the order they are used in the instructions
  • Clear instructions for combining ingredients should be given
  • Size of pan stated – Large pan isn’t enough, 3-quart saucepan is proper
  • Temperature and cooking time stated
  • Number of servings listed
  • 4-Her name, school, grade, and dish category should be on the back of your recipe.
  • Recipes may need to be retyped to include all the above listed information.
Egg Cookery Requirements:
  • The egg dish must be labeled on the recipe, whether it’s an appetizer/side dish, main dish/salad, or dessert.
  • All egg dishes entries MUST utilize a minimum of four (4) eggs.
    This can be either:(4) Four egg whites(4) Four egg yolks(4) Four whole eggs OR a combination utilizing (4) Four eggs.
  • For example, if a recipe contained 2 whole eggs in the custard and 2 egg whites in the topping, it would be allowed because it uses a total of 4 eggs. If a recipe contained two egg yolks in the custard and 2 egg whites in the topping it would not be allowed because it only used two whole eggs.
  • The recipe with 4 eggs must make only one standard-size dish. For example, a recipe with eggs that makes two pies of standard size will not qualify, because it makes more than one standard pie.
  • A 4-H member may enter a dish for each category if they so choose.
  • Neither siblings nor cooking companions (4-H members cooking together) can enter the same dish/recipe, even if they are not in the same age division.
  • Age Divisions are 4th -5th graders, 6th -8th graders, & 9th -12th graders.

Scoring Criteria:

Taste: 70 possible points
  • Does the finished dish have a flavor that appeals to most people?
  • Keep in mind that eggs have a mild, delicate flavor and can easily be overpowered by seasonings.
  • Do the flavors blend well together or is there an aftertaste?
Appearance of Dish: 10 possible points
  • Does the finished product look cooked correctly or does it appear overcooked?
  • Garnishments and added extra decorations will not be factored into scoring.
  • Does the finished dish look appetizing? Does the plated portion look appetizing?
Bonus Features - Pictures Submitted: 6 extra possible points
  • Ingredients Picture – group the recipe listed ingredients together for a picture to show the items used.
  • Instruction Pictures – 3 pictures with the 4-H member completing the instructions given in the recipe. Examples: stirring the pot of cooking beef, chopping vegetables, mixing pie ingredients.
  • Finished Product Pictures – 2 pictures of the completed dish. One picture can be the finished product as a whole and one can be a plated portion. Example: picture of the whole casserole in the dish and one picture of the casserole served on the plate ready to eat.

Bonus Features - Dish Summary: 4 extra possible points
  • Does not have to be typed, but the writing does need to be legible. The summary needs to follow general paragraph standards. Example: Introduction sentence, 3 body sentences, and a conclusion sentence.
  • Examples of things to include are challenges the 4-H member had while completing the dish, skills they have learned, or why they chose that specific recipe.

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