Ascension 4-H Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of the Ascension Parish 4-H program. There are many roles and positions the provide important functions to help make 4-H programming successful. All volunteers must be registered and trained by the parish office. Individuals can volunteer to serve project leaders, provide transportation to 4-H events, assist with the parish or school 4-H programs, and more. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please call the 4-H office. As a volunteer, you are supported by the insurance carried by LSU AgCenter for AgCenter events. You can enroll as a volunteer through the 4-H online system Here. Enrolled volunteers will be required to complete all volunteer requirements for their specific role prior to being approved in the volunteer system. Some volunteer levels require background screens, risk management training, driver authorization, and/or orientations and must all be completed and approved prior to serving in that particular volunteer role.

Here are a few examples of Volunteer Roles:

  • Club Leaders- Club leaders organize and hold 4-H meetings with their members. They work directly with youth on club educational programs and projects and are responsible for member registrations and dues. Club leaders may also have their own volunteers.
  • Club Helpers- Club helpers go to club meetings and assist club leaders and members with their duties.
  • Episodic Volunteers- Episodic volunteers help out occasionally. They may be needed for a large parish event, fundraiser, or field trip. (Examples may include judges, event prep and cleanup, etc)
  • Project Leaders- A project leader is someone who has a specific skill set and aids club members in the completion of their project related to their skill set. Examples include fashion and sewing, canine, robotics, and more.
  • Overnight Chaperone- Volunteers who attend camp and other events to help chaperone and conduct activities.

Looking for more 4-H Volunteer professional development opportunities? Louisiana 4-H Volunteer specialist, Meggan Franks, along with special guests host a monthly webinar on different volunteer topics.

Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leader Webinar Series

Every third Thursday of the month at 6:00pm CST via Microsoft Teams

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