Acadia Parish Livestock Program

It is time to begin planning for the LSU AgCenter Spring Shows.

This year the LSU AgCenter will again us the online system for all shows and exhibitors. This means that we will have to work together to navigate these changes. The best way for you to reach me with questions and/or troubleshooting through this process is through our livestock remind group. Enclosed are instructions on how to join.

We will again use the fair entry livestock show program moving forward. Fair Entry is compatible with 4-H Online and works in unison to make gathering information easier for exhibitors and staff. Even though separate entities both Fair Entry and 4HOnline will work together to accomplish our livestock show needs. 4-HOnline facilitates enrollment and gathering of animal information; animal information MUST be entered into the 4HOnline system by exhibitors before or on the possession date or validation date for each animal. When show entry time comes around (likely November/December for most) Fair Entry will facilitate the exhibitor’s entry into shows using the exhibitor’s animals’ information previously entered into 4-H Online.

The first step this year is registration through 4-HOnline. All Exhibitors (Even FFA Only) must create a 4-H Online profile. If you are only joining FFA please select FFA- School Name as your club when registering. Enclosed are the steps to creating a 4-HOnline Profile.

No animal will be allowed entry if it is not entered into the 4-H Online System by the Deadlines.

Your first step is to enter your animal's information using the 4HOnline program. Exhibitors can go to their profile in 4HOnline to enter their animal information by logging into 4HOnline just as they did when enrolling. This process was designed to be user-friendly and uses drop-down boxes for the most part.

  1. For all registered breeding animals, the exhibitor will enter animal information into the 4HOnline system on or before the animal’s possession deadline. The exhibitor will also be required to upload registration papers by the possession deadline or if papers are PENDING our NEW Registration Papers Pending form will need to be uploaded in the place of the Registration Papers. For Pending papers also use pending as the registration number instead of a random made-up number. (For exhibitors still waiting on Registration papers; the paper must be received in the Acadia 4-H Office no later than 30 days after the possession deadline.) Exhibitors will not have access to enter animals into the 4HOnline system after the possession deadline.
  2. For market and/or commercial breeding animals the exhibitor will also be required to go into the 4HOnline system to enter animal information on or before validation deadlines. This part of the validation process will be in addition to submitting DNA/hair samples and validation fees to Agents and Ag Teachers by validation deadlines. Exhibitors will not have access to enter animals into the 4HOnline system after the possession deadline.

All animals (breeding and market) must be entered in 4HOnline by the possession /validation deadline for that species. Animals requiring validations will only be approved after agents have received the validation envelope, card, and payment for the respective animal.

4HOnline is not a tailor-made program and as such certain form fields had to be adapted. There are descriptions specifying what is needed in each field, but sometimes these descriptions are in smaller print and may not always be easily read. The list of these changes are as follows:

  • Home Raised is for Louisiana Bred. Select “Yes” if the animal is LA Bred.
  • License Number is for the Louisiana Bred Tag Number.
  • Tag would be the leg band number
  • Colors and Markings is the Variety/Color (i.e. – white, blue, barred, buff, etc.)
  • Type of Poultry is whether the bird is Standard or Bantam.

All animals can be validated by the exhibitor or parent on their own premise. The responsibility of tagging and collecting DNA hair samples will be that of the exhibitor and/or parent. Exhibitors should request a validation kit from the extension office. The validation will consist of ear tagging, pulling a hair sample & placing it in the envelope provided. Validation envelopes must be returned to the 4-H Office with the $7 fee by the deadline stated below. Checks can be made out to Acadia 4-H Foundation or paid online at Acadia 4H Foundation website.

Animals validated must be in the exhibitor’s name or family name. Animals tagged for the 2023 LA State Fair may utilize the State Fair tag but must still pull hair to complete the LSU AgCenter State Show validations.

Validation Dates: (Animals must be in continuous possession of exhibitor, tag assigned, and DNA/hair samples must be submitted to parish LSU AgCenter Office by listed deadline) Com.=Commercial

November 6, 2023, by 4:30 P.M.: Com. Does, Market Goats, Com. Lambs, Market Lambs, Com. Heifers and Com. Dairy Heifers

December 4, 2023, by 4:30 P.M.: Market Swine and Com Gilts

Possession Dates: (Animals must be in continuous possession of the exhibitor by this deadline. Registration papers must be submitted within 30 days of the possession deadline.)

November 6, 2023: Beef, Sheep, Goat, Dairy Breeding, and Exhibition Poultry.

November 13, 2023: Miniature Cattle

December 4, 2023: Swine Breeding

Please order validation packets from Kaylyn LeBlanc by calling the Parish AgCenter office and return them directly to her with the $7 payment.

Animals participating in both the State Fair of Louisiana and the Spring LSU AgCenter shows must be validated twice (once for each show).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the 4-H office at 337-788-8821.


Megan Sarver

County Extension Agent

About the Livestock Project

The 4-H Livestock project allows youth to learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills through hands-on learning opportunities. Participants gain independent responsibility, knowledge of production agriculture, and science through their projects. Youth can participate in the following project areas:

  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep
  • Swine

Stay Up-To-Date

Stay up-to-date with information regarding Acadia Livestock by joining the text remind system.

Text @aclistock to the following number 81010 or use the following link:

Upcoming Shows

The following Show Dates are subject to change.

Louisiana Cattle Festival: September 29-30, 2023 1105 W Port St. Abbeville, LA 70510

ARK-LA-MISS Fair Open Livestock Show: September 29- October 8, 2023 Monroe Civic Center (Swine, Lambs and Goats only)

State Fair of Louisiana: October 26 - November 11, 2023 - Shreveport, LA

Jim Bowie Livestock Show: November 17-18, 2023- Opelousas, LA

2023 Acadia Parish Junior Livestock Show: January 18-20, 2024 - Acadia Rice Arena, 159 Cherokee Drive, Crowley, LA

Southwest District Livestock Show: January 30- February 3, 2024 - Burton Colesium, Lake Charles, LA

LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show: February 10 - 17, 2023- Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Gonzales, LA

State 4-H & FF Rabbit Show: March 2, 2024 - State Evacuation Shelter in Alexandria.

Sponsor a Buckle for this year's show!

The Acadia Parish Jr. Livestock show is looking for sponsors for this year’s show. Sponsoring a buckle for this year’s upcoming show is the perfect way to show your support, and recognize a loved one, or your business. Sponsorships make it possible for our youth to get the recognition they deserve for all the work they have put into their livestock project.

The cost of buckle sponsorship is $150 per buckle. If you are interested in sponsoring a buckle, please visit our website

If you are interested in sponsoring the Acadia Parish Livestock Show in other ways, please contact Megan Sarver at or by calling the office at 337-788-8821.

All sponsorships are due by November 1, 2023.

All sponsors will be recognized at the Acadia Parish Livestock Show.

*Buckle designs are chosen by the Acadia Parish Livestock Board youth members. *

Animal Entry for 4-H Online and FairEntry

Below are the Forms and Tutorials needed for entering livestock animals into 4-H Online and FairEntry for showing at Parish, District, and State LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows.

For how to enter an animal into 4-H Online: Families Adding Animals

For how to enter Poultry Animals into 4-H Online: 4-H Online - How to Enter Poultry (New)

Form for Pending Registration Papers: REGISTRATION Pending Form_2024 (Updated)

Dairy Lease Affidavit: LSU AgCenter Junior Dairy Show Affidavit

For how to enter Exhibitors and Entries into FairEntry: FairEntry Exhibitor Entry Tutorial

Forms & Files


Come join the Horse Clinics this year for FREE! This year Acadia parish will be offering horse clinics. We will again team up with master horsemen throughout the region. The dates for the clinics are September 15, October 30, November 27, December 18, January 29, February 26, March 25, April 29, May 20, June 24, July 31-Open horse Show (time TBD) held at the Acadia Parish Rice Arena from 6 -8 p.m. In order to attended youth must be a registered 4-H member AND bring your own horse. For more information or questions, please contact the 4-H Office.

Rules and Regulations for All Exhibitors

From Dwayne Nunez:

Major changes coming at the LSU AgCenter for 4-H and FFA youth that will exhibit Livestock and Horses at our 2023 District and State Livestock/Poultry/Rabbit/Horse Shows. We are moving to an online entry process and plan to implement this system for our 2023 LSU AgCenter State Shows. This process will include validation and/or possession online documentation. It will also include the ability to enter and pay all fees online at the state level.

We will continue to use our current validation method of requiring a DNA/Hair sample on all market and commercial animals. These samples will continue to be submitted to your parish LSU AgCenter Office by each specie/animal deadline. In addition to this process after the NEW system is activated exhibitors will go online to document their validation as well as possession of registered breeding animals on or before possession dates. The new system allows for Registration papers to be uploaded when animals are documented on or before the possession deadline for each specie.

We have completed our first round of training with District and State Livestock and Horse Show staff. Staff members are learning the new process. As they learn the process they identify potential problems/issues associated in order to correct them prior to activation. We will be working with Parish agents and FFA advisors statewide over the next couple of months to familiarize them with the new system. Once parish agents/FFA advisors receive this information it will be passed on to exhibitors using the traditional method on the parish/chapter level. Information to exhibitors should be expected in September/ October. This new system will be activated during that period which will be after steer validations are due to parish offices on August 15th. Therefore for this year ONLY, we have steer exhibitors enter their steer validation information into the system when the system is activated; all other animal entries (Breeding, Market, and Commercial) will be required to document animals in the system at their listed validation/possession deadline date. Instruction will be provided to all exhibitors and families on the new system and will include written material and video tutorials to assist with navigating the new process.

I am looking forward to the new system as I believe it will; make the validation/possession/entry process easier on exhibitor families, it will allow direct communication with families/exhibitors during the process, and the system will provide options to pay for validations and entries at the state level using an online payment system. We do understand that as much as we prepare for the transition/implementation there will be issues that arise that we will have to work through. Our LSU AgCenter show staffs are fully committed to doing that. I am looking forward to you all being introduced to the NEW system and the improvements it will provide as we learn the many features it offers our program at all levels.

Validation Kit Process:

Kits will consist of a tag and validation envelope. The 2022-23 validation fee is $7 per validation. This fee must be paid when exhibitors submit their validations to parish offices. All checks submitted to the Acadia Parish 4-H Office should be made out to the “Acadia 4-H Foundation with livestock validation and exhibitor name in the memo. or paid through the online system ( Ag Teachers should request validation kits from Acadia parish LSU AgCenter office by the date specified below.

Acadia Parish Validation/Possession Deadlines:

Steers: August 12, 2022

Beef & Dairy Commercial Heifers, Market lambs & Commercial Ewes, Market Goats & Commercial Does: November 4, 2022

Market & Commercial Hogs: December 1, 2022

Must be validated by the exhibitor and submitted to Parish LSU AgCenter Office by 4:30 pm on the dates above.

Exhibitor Responsibility:

1. Animals must be in continuous possession of exhibitor from time of validation until the LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show. See rules in the 2022-23 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show catalog or consult the livestock show manager for specific possession rules.

2. Exhibitors should request validation kits from agents and ag teachers as per parish guidelines. Each parish LSU AgCenter 4-H office will supply validation kits to exhibitors upon request.

3. Validation will consist of ear tagging animal and pulling a hair sample; hair sample should be placed in a properly identified validation envelope for each animal validated. Validation envelope must be returned to local LSU AgCenter office with validation fee by specified deadline.The responsibility of tagging animals and collecting DNA/hair samples will be that of the exhibitor and/or parent.  Agents/Ag Teachers MAY be present and can assist.

4. Animals previously tagged for the 2021 Louisiana State Fair may utilize the State Fair TAG to complete LSU AgCenter State Show validations. All animals must be tagged with either an LSU Tag or State Fair tag to be validated. (New hair samples must be submitted to LSU AgCenter for all animals previously validated for the State Fair)

5. Animals must be validated in either the exhibitors name or in family name (Family consist of parents, legal guardians, brothers, and sisters.). When official entry forms are turned in at the parish level animals validated in family name must be entered in the name of the exhibitor that will show the animal at the District and State Livestock Shows.

Validation Hardship Statement

District and/or State Show manager must be notified within seven days after the validation deadline to be considered for a validation hardship. After contacting District and/or State Show Manager hardship forms must be immediately filed with supporting material and stating hardship. These hardships will be evaluated on a case by case basis by parish agent, district show manager, and state show manager. Only cases where it is determined to have been unavoidable will the exhibitor be allowed to validate. This decision will be final and not subject to appeal.

2023 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Breeding Animal Possession Dates

November 7, 2022: Beef, Sheep, Goat, and Dairy Breeding.

November 14, 2022: Miniature Cattle

December 2, 2022: Swine Breeding

During the regular state legislative session of 2019, a bill was passed to expand the definition of a commercial farmer to include certain student farmers who meet specific requirements in relation to sales and tax exemptions. Through the Act of 199 individuals under the age of 23 and meeting the defined criteria of a “student farmer” can now be sales tax exempt when purchasing:

  1. Feed and feed additives for the purpose of sustaining livestock;
  2. Seeds or plants to be used to produce food ordinarily used for consumption by humans or livestock;
  3. Fertilizer to be used to produce food used for consumption by humans or livestock.

This a great opportunity for our 4-H/FFA members who are raising and/or showing livestock and agriculture products to be able to save on some expenses. Form 1098- Student Farmer Certification is the form that the youth will need to complete and have signed by the 4-H or ANR Agent certifying that the youth is a member of the parish 4-H program.


The objective of the youth livestock/horse program is to develop responsibility, dedication, decision-making, leadership, trustworthiness, sportsmanship and citizenship through the possession and personal care of a live animal project. The youth (4-H or FFA member) will have many educational opportunities and activities to learn about animal agriculture and develop life skills. We are striving for maximum contact with the animal and participation in educational activities.


The ability of the youth to provide personal care for the animal is a major goal in livestock and horse projects. The guiding concern in granting permission for hardship requests should be the education and development of the youth. Concern for ensuring that the animal is shown has minimal importance in granting hardships.


Category I - Possession of Animals

A.Animal should be housed within a reasonable distance to allow youth to interact with the animal project on a positive basis.

B.Youth (4-H or FFA member) should do the majority of work and care for the animal project.

C.All housing requests must be made prior to possession date.

1.Residential restrictions will be considered.

2.Opportunities for housing will be considered.

D.Animals housed across the parish line must be recommended by both Agents and/or FFA Advisors.

Category II - Replacement of Injured or Deceased Animals

A.Injured animals must be checked and verified by the 4-H Agent and/or FFA Advisor or veterinarian.

B.The replacement animals should be of comparable quality. Replacement of animals will be considered only to those exhibitors with one animal project per species.

C.Replacement animals must be obtained by the following dates:

1.January 3 - Market Hogs; Breeding Swine

2.December 15 - Beef Breeding; Market Lambs; Breeding Sheep; Market Goats; Breeding Goats; Dairy

3.November 1 - Market Steers

4.June 1 - Horses

Category III - Conflicts with Show and Extenuating Circumstances

Exhibitors must show their own animals. Exceptions will be made only in the following cases and with the proper approval. In all cases, when the exhibitor can not show his/her own animal, the exhibitor must have a bona fide 4-H or FFA member to show in his/her place. If the animal qualifies for the championship classes and the exhibitor is unable to show the animal, the same individual exhibiting in class must show the animal in the championship class.

1. Exceptions at the District Show:

a.Exhibitors animals will be allowed to qualify only for the State Show (not eligible for champion at District Show - Ribbon Group Only) if the exhibitor is not present due to school conflicts (i.e. academic, athletic and other school related activities).

b.Exhibitors animals will be allowed to show in class and in the championship drive only if the exhibitor can not show due to illness, physical handicap, personal injury or death in the family. In the case of illness, physical handicap, personal injury or death in the family, the exhibitor, or representative shall make the request to the Agent/FFA Advisor and District Livestock Show Manager. The District Livestock Show Manager has the authority to approve or disapprove last minute requests.

c.To obtain an exception for school conflicts and physical handicap, the exhibitor must file a Livestock Project Possession/Hardship Form and have the proper approval prior to the District Show.

2.Exceptions at the State Show:

a.Exhibitors animals will be allowed to show in class and in the championship drive only if the exhibitor can not show due to illness, physical handicap, personal injury or death in the family. The State Livestock Show Manager and/or Show Superintendents shall approve or disapprove these requests.

b.Academic conflicts (School Test, Academic Contest, ACT, etc.) will be considered for the State Show.

c.To obtain an exception for school conflicts and physical handicap, the exhibitor must file a Livestock Project Possession/Hardship Form and have the proper approval prior to the District Show.


Youth and/or parent must fill out hardship form and include all pertinent information. The form must be signed by the youth, parent and/or guardian, Agent/FFA Advisor, Parish Chair/School Principal, and approved by the District Show Manager/State Livestock Show Leader. Hardships requiring Management Council approval should be routed through the State Livestock Show manager.


District Livestock Show Manager / State Livestock Show Leader shall have the responsibility and authority to approve are deny hardship request.

Hardships falling outside the hardship guidelines may be recommended by the District Livestock Show Manager / State Livestock Show Leader to the Management Council for consideration.


The Management Council shall have the final authority on all hardships; they will also have authority to approve or deny request that are not defined in the guidelines.

I am excited to announce an update to the Livestock Ethics requirement for all exhibitors at LSU AgCenter livestock shows. The Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program is an annual, web-based training required for all livestock exhibitors at LSU AgCenter livestock shows. There is a $12 annual charge for each exhibitor. The certification number, found on each exhibitor’s certificate which can be downloaded upon completion, will be a required field in Fair Entry and cross checked with reports from YQCA. The course can be found at

YQCA How to for Parents and Exhibitors

YQCA Curriculum Map


How often does an exhibitor have to complete a course?

Since the curriculum is different each year, each exhibitor has to complete their appropriate age course annually.

Is the program specie specific?

No, the program is not specie specific. General knowledge that covers all species is included in each annual course.

How will agents know if their students have completed their course?

I will periodically receive a list from YQCA in order to cross check with Fair Entry. Upon request, I can share your most updated parish list of completions.

What will the exhibitors be learning each year in their web-based course?

I have attached a Curriculum Map for your reference.

Is the course smart phone compatible?

Yes, the course is easily accessible on a smart phone. Upon completion of the course on a smart phone, each participant will have the option to save the downloaded PDF to their photo, files, or other applications on their phone.

Approximately how long will it take the exhibitor to complete?

Ideally, each course is designed to be completed within one hour. Exhibitors can login and out as needed to complete the course in multiple settings.

Why is there an annual $12 fee for the web-based program?

The fee structure was established by the YQCA Board of Directors with the goal of covering the cost of the program as a not-for-profit establishment. $0.36 = credit card fees (typically); $5.00 = technical/user support, email and phone support, based in U.S.; $5.00 = online system hosting, maintenance, ongoing development, security and privacy assurance; $1.64 = stays with YQCA to invest in ongoing curriculum development and revision, program management, and promotion

Acadia Parish Livestock Show


All entries will be complete through the Fair Entry online system. All exhibitors must complete their online entries by December 9, 2022. Parish entries will open on November 15, 2022. There will be a separate entry link for parish and district shows. Please use the corresponding links below.

  • All applications for entry must be made through Fair Entry online system. Youth will be able to select which animals they would like to enter in 4-H and/or FFA. Phone entries WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Fees are: $25.00 per exhibitor for all species. $30.00 Late Fee will be added to the fees for entries turned in between December 10-15th. No entries will be accepted after December 15, 2023.
  • Make checks payable to: Acadia Parish 4-H Foundation Due December 9, 2022. Validation nor 4-H Online animal sub-missions do not serve as an entry. All exhibitors must fill out their entry for their species for both parish and district at the links below.
  • All parish entries can be submitted on our parish website:
    • For Market swine exhibitors, be sure to put your animals in the class that corresponds with this year’s new divisions (Light Cross Gilt, Dark Cross Gilt, Barrow or AOB) when completing your parish entries

Market Hogs

Market Hogs at District shows and the LSU Jr. Livestock Show will continue to show by breeds. The Breed classes are Duroc, York, Hamp, Cross Gilt and Barrow Division. Exhibitors will be allowed to show barrows in the Barrow Division against other barrows or they may show them in the Market Hog Breed Divisions if they classify Hampshire, Duroc, Yorkshire or AOB. If you show your barrow in the Market Hog Breed Divisions at District and they are classified out of the Breed Division at State, your barrow will show in the Barrow Division. If you show your barrow in the Barrow Division at District, then you will also show in the Barrow Division at State.

NEW! The Parish Market Hog Show will show by four divisions: Light Cross Gilt, Dark Cross Gilt, Barrow, and AOB Market Divi-sions. Market Swine will need to be classified at the scale to be qualified to show in that division.

Light Cross:

  • Any pigs with white and/or blue only.

Dark Cross

  • All other colors (i.e. black, red, and sandy).
  • Excluding solid white or blue.

Market Steers

Market Steers will show by hair and slick, then by breed at all the District Shows and the LSU Jr. Livestock Show. The Parish Steer Show will continue to show by hair and slick divisions and by weight.

Market Lambs

Market Lambs will continue to show by breed at all the District Shows and the LSU Jr. Livestock Show. The Breed Shows are as follows: Hampshire, Suffolk, Natural Color, Black Face AOB/Crosses and White Face AOB/Crosses. The Parish market lamb show will continue to show by weight.

Call the Acadia Parish Rice Arena for camper spot reservations. All reservations must be made in advance and are distributed on a first book first serve basis. Reservations can be made by calling 337-384-4500.

The Acadia Parish Livestock Committee will be awarding a $1,500 in scholarship funds to a 4-H or FFA member. The scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who is a bonafide 4-H or FFA member and shows livestock at the 2023 Acadia Parish Live-stock Show. The youth must complete an application and go through an interview. Applications can be found at the 4-H Office. Applications are due January 3, 2023 at 4:30pm. Interviews will tentatively be held January 5 at 3:30 p.m. Scholarship forms can be picked from the office or found below.

Acadia Parish Livestock Scholarship

If weather permits, the sale will be held in the livestock barn. The agents along with the livestock advisory board reserve the right to move the sale to the 4-H office if they so choose.

  • All youth participating in the livestock sale must wear proper attire (show attire) for the livestock sale. You are representing our whole parish when your sale please be sure to dress in showmanship worthy outfit.
  • Exhibitors will be allowed to sell only one steer or one lamb or one goat or one hog or one meat pen or one broiler pen. If an exhibitor has more than 1 champion, the exhibitor may choose to sale up to 2 champion animals (Overall Grand and Reserve Champions only).
  • Livestock Show Committee reserves the right to make exceptions they deem necessary to the sale rules on a case-by-case basis.
  • All market animals will be placed in numerical order according to class placing. Exhibitors having more than one animal will not be allowed to switch animals in sale after sale order is published.
  • SALE OF ANIMAL. The animal purchased in the sale must be the same animal delivered to the buyer or slaugh-terhouse. No replacement animals are allowed.
  • All exhibitors who wish to sell their animal in the parish livestock sale, must exhibit their own animal in the sale. If circumstances occur and exhibitor cannot be in the sale, a parish sale hardship form must be filled out by 5pm on the Friday before the sale and hardship must be approved.
  • Purchases of animals will be billed to buyers following the show and sale. A 3% charge on all animals sold in the sale will be deducted from each check to assist in defraying expenses for the Parish Show and Sale.
  • There will be no resale of animals. If you wish to resale an animal, you must make arrangements with the selected slaughter house.
  • Animals sold in the Acadia Parish Junior Livestock Sale remain the property and responsibility of the exhibitors until delivered to the buyer or slaughter house. Exhibitors are required to feed and care for all market animals sold at the parish sale for a minimum of 7 days after the last show it was exhibited. Animals can be delivered to the slaughter house any time after the 7-day withholding period upon the buyer’s request.
  • All red and white ribbon market animals will not be offered for sale. Animals not meeting minimum weight requirements are not eligible for sale.


Market Sale Slips to sell market animals in the parish sale must be turned in a market sale slip by 3:00p.m. on the day of that species show.


There will be a parade of champions for all champion animal exhibitors (breeding and market) held before the livestock sale. All champions will receive their awards during the show, but are asked to be present Saturday morning for the Parade of Champi-ons.


Every exhibitor who sold their project in the Livestock Sale will be required to write a letter of appreciation to the purchaser of the project. Proof of the appreciation letter along with a stamped addressed envelope must be submitted to the 4-H Office prior to release of the auction payment to the exhibitor. The County Agent should receive the appreciation letter no later than March 4th. Any exhibitor, who has not submitted proof of their Thank-You Letter to the supervising County Agent by this date, may forfeit his/her proceeds. The proceeds will be sent back to the buyer or donated to the livestock fund


Every effort will be made to pay the Auction payments as soon as possible; however, payment cannot be guaranteed until the buyers remit payment to the 4-H Office. Sale checks will be issued beginning in April. Checks will not be mailed; they must be picked up at the 4-H Office by June 15 or money will be donated to the livestock show fund.


  • LSU Livestock Show rules will be enforced at the parish show.
  • The Acadia Parish Livestock Show Staff reserves the right to make any changes and limitations deemed necessary due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The Acadia Parish Livestock Show reserves to the Livestock Advisory Board the final absolute rights to interpret, amend and add to the rules and regulations.
  • The superintendents, Megan Sarver and Kayla Segura have final authority and responsibility for interpretation and enforcement of rules during judging of the show.
  • Open to bonafide 4-H and FFA members.
  • FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS. Non-United States Citizens and Foreign Exchange Students are eligible to compete in the Livestock Shows provided they meet all eligibility requirements.
  • In no case shall the livestock show or any of its personnel be held responsible for any loss, damage or death, by disease or otherwise, to any person, property or exhibit while in route to, from or on exhibit grounds.
  • The Livestock Show also reserves the right to drug test any market animal participating in the parish show.
  • District and State Show Rules with respect to entries, will apply to the parish show. LSU rules regarding possession dates will be adhered to and no animals may be purchased or replaced after possession date unless approved by the Livestock Show Committee through the hardship process.
  • Exhibitors must show their own animal(s) in both the show ring and sale.


  • The Officials of the Acadia Parish Livestock Show are dedicated to the promotion of high standards of competition, sportsmanship, ethics and fair play. Each exhibitor is expected to strictly follow these rules and to conduct himself or herself in a manner that will reflect respect upon the exhibitor, his or her school, organization, and parents. Any exhib-itor or member of his/her family who violates and misrepresents Acadia Parish by misconduct or rule infraction at the Parish, District or State Livestock shows may have parish sale and other awards canceled.
  • Exhibitors may be disqualified for any of the following:
    • Possession or use of illegal drugs and/or alcoholic beverages o Misuse or abuse of personal property (or facilities)
  • Disrespect for the authority of agents, Ag. Teachers or leaders
  • Disruptive or abusive behavior of exhibitors or family members to other participants or spectators. o Failure to comply with all COVID-19 guidelines outlined by the LSU AgCenter
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the barn or on show premises.
  • No heat lamps allowed. No open flame cookers, No BBQ pits allowed in the barn area. No butane bottles in the pen or tie areas. The barn is a smoke free area. Locks on pens and stalls and use of automatic waterers are not allowed. Side fans only in beef.
  • No roping dummies, scooters, hoover boards, bikes, or other riding toys allowed in the barns. No dogs allowed on show grounds except service dogs.
  • Exhibitors and guardians are required to keep their animals and exhibit area clean at all times. Manure and other re-fuse are to be placed in the dumpster located on the East side of the barn during the parish show and never in the trash receptacles in the barn.
  • No one will be allowed in the judging ring other than the judge, contestants and superintendents except in an emergency. This also includes the rabbit and poultry shows.
  • No animals will be allowed to leave the show premises until the designated release time.


  • Judges shall place classes according to the Schedule of Awards listed:


No premiums will be paid on any animal.


Junior, Intermediate and Senior Showmanship Champions

Overall Champions


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Reserve Champions


Champion and Reserve Champion Breeding Animals


Best of Show Rabbit


Overall Champions and Reserve Champions

Division Champions

Best of Opposite Breed Rabbits

Louisiana Bred Champions


Exhibitors will receive purple, blue, red or white placings.

Top five showmanship/class winners.

There are some exceptions to this due to sponsored awards.

  • Only purple ribbon animals will be considered in Champion and Reserve Champion or Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed Classes. This includes Louisiana Bred Champions. A market animal must be properly tagged and entered as LA Bred in order to qualify for the Louisiana Bred Champion awards. Division Champion and Reserve Division Champion animals will be selected in the market lamb and hog shows. Only these animals will compete for overall Champion, Reserve Champion, Louisiana Bred Champion and Louisiana Bred Reserve Champion Awards.


  • Storage of tack, feed and hay should be done in accordance with State Show rules.
  • Health certificates are required on all animals to be exhibited. Each exhibitor is responsible for getting health pa-pers on their animals before the show. Exhibition poultry must be tested prior to parish show by a veterinarian and health papers issued for those birds testing negative for pullorum/typhoid and Avian Influenza. Parents and exhib-itors are responsible for obtaining health certificates for all other health requirements including brucellosis testing and vaccinations. No swine will be unloaded onto show premises unless proper health certificates are presented to the official in charge. *Health certificates issued must be valid through the State Livestock Show.
  • Pen space for all animal species participating in parish show will be acquired by exhibitors on a first come basis. Assigned beef, hog, and sheep pen/tie spaces will be issued for district and state shows.
  • Absolutely NO drenching of livestock will be allowed.
  • Livestock Show Committee reserves the right to disqualify any animals that have been unethically fitted or is ineligi-ble by reason of age for exhibition in class entered. See Livestock Show Catalogue Book.
  • Any mistreatment of animals will be considered grounds for disqualification. Exhibitors must use commercially prepared muzzles.


  • All animals must remain in barn until after the conclusion of the sale (with the exception of rabbits and poultry). If any animals leave the barn prior to the conclusion of the sale there will be consequences for the exhibitor/family. First time offenders will not be eligible to compete as a champion at the parish show the following year, second time offenders will not be eligible to participate in the parish show the following year.


  • Only registered breeding animals that have been properly transferred in the name of the junior exhibitor by that species’ possession date will be allowed to show in their respective classes. No member will be allowed to show more than one breeding animal in each age class.
  • Breeding Animals: If a breed not recognized by LSU has 5 or more entries, they will show as a separate breed. Breeds with less than 5 head will go into their perspective All Other Breeds class.
    • All animals shown at the Parish Show are required to be validated by tag by the possession date for each species. If any animals are not tagged on these dates, they will be ineligible to show.
    • Animals not exhibiting a Louisiana Bred ear tag in their ear upon entry deadline will not be eligible to compete as Louisiana Bred. Swine exhibitors must have Louisiana Bred certificate in possession to compete for Louisiana Bred.
    • Scrapie Tags. Sheep and Goat Exhibitors. The state law and our show rules dictate that an official scrapie tag must be in the ear of all sheep and goats shown in Louisiana. You must obtain your scrapie tags from the person for whom you bought them from.


  • Minimum and maximum market animal weight limitations are listed for each show.











Market Hog


285 with


285 with 5%


285 with

5% toler-


5% toler-



Market Lamb














Meat Goat















  • All market animals will be weighed prior to judging. All animals must be stripped of all covers. Animals will be weighed only once. If the weight of a market animal is questioned, reweighing must be done before leaving the official scale area. Once weights are turned in; they are not subject to be changed.
  • Commercial gilts will be shown by weight. Official weigh in with no weigh back.


  1. Rabbits will be entered by breed, sex, and age. They are classified as Junior, Intermediate or Senior animals by show officials. Breeds recognized by the ARBA and crossbred rabbits are eligible to be exhibited. Exhibitors may show three breeders per class.
  2. Meat pen rabbits shall consist of 3 rabbits not over 70 days of age with each rabbit not less than 3 pounds and not over 5 pounds. Shall consist of the same breed and variety/color. All recognized meat type breeds will be accept-ed (excluding lops). Each exhibitor must show their own pen; one assistant will be allowed at the show table. No adults will be accepted as assistants.


  1. All registered dairy animals older than 6 months of age must be dehorned or be naturally polled. Horn scurs are allowed. All Commercial dairy animals weighing more than 350 lb must be dehorned or be naturally polled. Horn scurs are allowed.
  2. Dry cow class for each breed of registered dairy animals: to qualify the cow must be dry (not lactating) and must have freshen (calved) at least once.

SW District Livestock Show

January 30- February 3, 2024 - Burton Colesium, Lake Charles, LA

Due January 10th

Southwest District Livestock Show, McNeese State University, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, and the Harper Morgan Rodeo Production, INC, and Farm Bureau Federation will be conducting a Calf Scramble Contest again this year. A calf scramble will be held at each rodeo performance and the winner will receive $1000 towards the purchase of a calf to show at next year’s District Show.

Those interested must be a 4-H member or FFA member, must have access to reasonable facilities to keep and care for a calf, must meet academic standards for show participation, must be able to give some reasonable assurance that you are able to feed, groom, and care for a calf, must not be enrolled beyond the junior year in high school, must be in good physical condition, and without any evidence of recent injury, must show the calf at next year's District Livestock Show.

Calf Scramble Form

Due to hurricane Laura's damage, camper spots may not be offered this year.

  • Online entries for Beef, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Dairy, and Exhibition poultry are due December 9th
  • Online entries for Rabbit Breeding show due January 5th

Entry link for the district show:




The Southwest District Livestock Show and Rodeo would like to recognize individuals who made a significant contribution to the show throughout their lifetime. If you would like to help us recognize someone who fits this description please fill out the attached application and submit it to Megan Sarver at by October 29th.

Southwest District Livestock Show Hall of Fame Application


February 10 - 17, 2023- Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Gonzales, LA

Exhibitors will be assessed a fee to participate in the state livestock show. For all species, except poultry, this fee is paid at the state show at the time of check-in. Exhibition exhibitors must pay the entry fees at the same time as the forms are due

Call Lamar Dixon (225) 621-1700 for reservation information. Requests for both lots must be made by letter through regular mail (U.S. Postal Service) and include payment by check or money order. No telegrams, night letters, e-mails, or other forms of communication will be accepted to secure reservations.

Mail payment to:

Lamar-Dixon Expo Center

9039 St. Landry Road

Gonzales, LA 70737

Make checks payable to Lamar-Dixon Expo Center

Phone Number: 225-621-1700

The State Livestock Show Schedule and the District Show Schedules have been posted to the website. Click here for the link. Please remember that these schedules are tentative and to check back for any updates or revisions. Revised schedules will have a version number in the name (v2, v3, etc.) if updated.

2023 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Schedule

The 2023 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show will take place Feb. 11-18, 2023, at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana.

In addition to rules and regulations for the Livestock Show, this catalog contains information on special awards by breed associations, other organizations and individuals. It also lists association rules for some breeds of cattle and for La.-bred market animals. The management of the Livestock Show has done its best to ensure that this information is current and correct. However, neither the LSU AgCenter nor the livestock show management accepts responsibility for the accuracy of this information on special rules formulated by other organizations. Likewise, the LSU AgCenter and its employees do not accept responsibility for awards (cash or otherwise) provided by others. This includes trophies, plaques, scholarships and cash awards shown as provided by breed associations, organizations or individuals.

Below are Links to the Sections of the Catalog pertaining to General Rules and Species Specific Rules and Regulations. In addition to the Rules Sections you will find Links to the full State Livestock Show Schedule and Species Specific Schedules for the State Livestock Show.

All Schedules posted are tentative and subject to change due to concerns with COVID-19.

General Rules and Full Schedule:

Click the links below for the General Rules and Full Schedule

General Rules 2023


Beef Show Rules and Beef Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Beef and Mini Beef Shows, and Beef Show Schedule.

Beef Rules 2023

2023 Beef Show Schedule

Dairy Show Rules and Dairy Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Dairy Show and Dairy Show Schedule.

Dairy Rules 2023

2023 Dairy Schedule

Goat Show Rules and Goat Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Meat, Dairy, and Market Goat Show and Goat Show Schedule.

Goat Rules 2023

2023 Goat Schedule

Poultry Show Rules and Poultry Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Poultry Show and Poultry Show Schedule.

Poultry Rules 2023

2023 Poultry Schedule

Sheep Show Rules and Sheep Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Sheep Show and Sheep Show Schedule.

Sheep Rules 2023

2023 Sheep Schedule

Swine Show Rules and Swine Show Schedule:

Click the links below for Information pertaining to the Swine Show and Swine Show Schedule.

Swine Rules 2023

2023 Swine Schedule

Evacuation Facility, LSU Alexandria Campus


  1. The LSU AgCenter State Rabbit Show reserves to the Rabbit Show Manager and Show Superintendent the final and absolute rights to interpret, amend or add to rules and regulations.
  2. The Show Superintendents and Rabbit Show Manager have final authority and responsibility for interpretation and enforcement of rules during judging of the show.
  3. Superintendent will have the authority to disqualify those individuals seen in violation of rules.
  4. Any person who violates any of the following rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums and will be subject to any other penalties that the Livestock Show Management Council may order.
  5. 4-H and FFA Eligibility Rules
    1. In order for youth to participate in parish, district, state, regional, or national events they must be a bona fide 4-H member 30 days prior to the event.
    2. 4-H Club members must be 9 years of age before January 1 of the current club year and must not have passed their 20th birthday on January 1. Those who graduate from high school after being enrolled at the beginning of the club year and are active members during the club year will be eligible to compete in contests as permitted through the remainder of the club year ending August 31. High school graduates with live animal projects will be permitted to conclude their projects at the first fall show.
    3. All FFA members must be enrolled in a Junior High or High School Agricultural Education Program and must not have reached their 21st birthday prior to the close of the date on which they must have assumed possession of the animal(s).
  6. Youth must exhibit their own rabbits.
    1. Exceptions at the State Show: Exhibitors’ rabbits will be allowed to show in class and in the Best of Breed/Other selection only if the exhibitor cannot show due to illness, physical handicap, personal injury or death in the family. In the case of illness, physical handicap, personal injury or death in the family, the exhibitor or representative shall make the request to the agent/FFA advisor and state rabbit show superintendent and manager. The state rabbit show manager has the authority to approve or disapprove last–minute requests.
  7. Exhibitors should participate in any educational activities that may be provided.
  8. NO SMOKING WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Please go outside to smoke – away from the entrances.
  9. LSU AgCenter is not responsible for the loss or injury of any animal(s) or the loss or damage of personal possessions in the showroom. Every precaution will be used to avoid these occurrences. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children.


  1. Exhibition Rabbits entry fee is $2.00 per rabbit.
  2. Meat Pen Entry Fee is $10.00 per pen.


  1. This will be a one-day carrying cage show. Exhibitors must use a leak proof cage.
  2. Judging and classification will follow the ARBA Standard of Perfection.
  3. All entries should be permanently and legibly tattooed in left ear. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  4. Youth must have their rabbit (s) ready for showing when the class is called. If an exhibitor is not at the judging table after the third call, the rabbit(s) will be disqualified from exhibition.
  5. All judges’ decisions will be final.
  6. Exhibitors and other persons not adhering to the show rules or practicing unsportsmanlike behavior will be asked to leave the show barn; in this case, such exhibitors will be barred from competition and receipt of awards.
  7. Exhibitors are responsible for checking entries for errors and changes BEFORE judging begins.
  8. Any exhibitor found harassing a judge will be eliminated from all competition (no refunds).
  9. LSU AgCenter will furnish scales. These scales will be used as the official scales for weighing rabbits.
  10. The show superintendent may remove any animal showing signs of illness from the showroom.
  11. LSU AgCenter reserves the right to add, cancel, or substitute judges, as necessary.
  12. Any personally involved exhibitor within a Breed, Group, Variety, or Class shall have the right to submit a $55.00 protest fee and a WRITTEN protest within two hours of occurrence to be reviewed by the LSU AgCenter Superintendent and Show Manager.


  1. Each breed will have a Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex; ribbons or rosettes will be awarded to all exhibitors.
  2. Classes of does and bucks will be judged using the following age classes:
    1. Junior Rabbits (Under 6 months of age)
    2. Intermediate Rabbits (6- 8 months old). Only those breeds designated as having an intermediate class in the Standard of Perfection will show as such.
    3. Senior Rabbits (Over 6 months of age)
  3. Exhibitors must have possession of exhibition rabbits 60 days prior to the State Rabbit Show. (4-H agents and Ag Teach-ers must be contacted prior to the 60 day deadline to verify possession of rabbits.)


  1. Each exhibitor will be allowed to enter and exhibit up to 2 meat pens.
  2. Meat Pens shall consist of 3 rabbits not over 70 days of age with each rabbit not less than 3.5 pounds and not over 5.5 pounds.
  3. Meat pens shall consist of the same breed and variety/color. All recognized meat type breeds will be accepted (exclud-ing lops).
  4. Each exhibitor must show their own pen.
  5. Exhibitors must have possession of rabbit meat pens 30 days prior to show. (4-H agents and/or Ag Teachers must be contacted prior to the 30 day deadline to validate possession of meat pens.)


Entries should be submitted online at from January 4 – February 28, 2023.


March 3 - Rabbits may enter building 5:00 pm-8:00

March 4

6:30 am

Barn will open

7:00am - 8:30am

Check in


Judging begins. Order of Breeds will be posted that morning


Premier exhibitor & Showmanship will begin

WHO:4-H Member (one entry per person and one person per entry)

WHAT: Help design the 2023 official Livestock T-Shirt sold at district and state shows.

WHEN: Email your design to Breanna Staab at by 4:30pm, Monday, November 14, 2022.

WHY: The winner of the design contest will have their artwork printed on the shirt, receive a free long or short sleeve State Livestock Show T-shirt, $25 cash, and recognition.

HOW: Use your skills to design the back of the Official State Livestock Show t-shirt. Colored designs should only include purple, yellow, green, and white. Include the T-shirt color, as well (must be purple, yellow, green, or white).

For questions, please reach out to Breanna Staab at:


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