Animal Waste ACE Group

An earthen dairy manure lagoon.

A concrete swine manure tank.

The animal waste ACE group are faculty and staff members of the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center with research or extension projects related to use, disposal or management of animal wastes. Animal wastes have traditionally been considered either solid or liquid manure-based wastes from horse, cattle, swine, sheep, poultry or other animals, but can also include animal mortality as well.

Increased use of animal wastes in organic agriculture and on grazing pastures, and due to the chemical, physical and biological properties inherent to animal wastes, improving upon past methods for beneficial use of animal wastes or creating new uses for animal wastes has become an environmental issue facing agriculture today. Mismanagement of animal wastes can lead to chemical and microbiological pollution of surface and ground water or cause greater than usual noxious odors leading to insect and rodent problems.

Proper management of animal wastes can reduce the environmental risk associated with confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). Alternative management strategies such as composting or use of manures in field crop production can generate value-added results and products, making the animal waste a benefit rather than a liability.

8/25/2005 1:44:01 AM
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