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Notes to Tanya:
Please correct:

Department (not School) of Textiles (not Textile), Apparel Design and Merchandising

Undergraduate Concentrations (not Concentration)

TAM Graduate (not Grad) Concentrations (not Concentration)

International Student Office link should be under both undergrad and grad

Link to Graduate School should be under Graduate Programs -

About us>Degree Programs: add links to LSU general catalog, TAM in general catalog, graduate catalog and TAM in graduate catalog

(All) Contact Us: should include Louisiana State University (after South Campus Drive) and add email address after the fax number. Remove my name and email address.

Change “Point of Contact” to the same as the revised “Contact Us”-
-This is a single person, not an address. You can edit this later, if you like it to be a different person.

For Graduate Programs under “contact us” correct as above and add the following:
-the “contact us” page is actually one page that is published in multiple locations- one cannot be different than the others- the info below is posted in the TAM Graduate Concentrations section.
It is AgCenter policy to not publish an email address, but rather link to the person’s listing the directory (with their email and phone number listed there). It has to do with SPAM emails.

TAM Graduate Advisor

Dr. Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff

129 Human Ecology Building


TAM Graduate Coordinator

Ms. Melinda Mooney

125 Human Ecology Building


3/26/2014 9:36:44 PM
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