SPESS Research

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SPESS Research


The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station research is conducted through approved projects that meet specific criteria. Each project is assigned a CRIS number which is used to track the progress of the research and to report the project status to the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station and U.S. Department of Agriculture. CRIS project reports from all states are available from the on-line archives in Washington, D.C.

USDA Current Research Information System

Current CRIS Projects in the School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences

Gerald Myers

Genetic improvement of cotton for Louisiana production 

Don Labonte

Breeding and genetic studies of sweetpotato

Charles Johnson

Breeding and evaluation of selected species of fruiting trees and shrubs for landscape and wildlife utilization

Eric Webster

Weed management in rice

Lewis Gaston

Phosphorus loss mitigation strategies for Louisiana coastal plain soils

Prasanta Subudhi

Genetic Dissection of salt tolerance in rice

Jeff Kuehny

Sustainable Horticulture Production

Stephen Harrison

Small grain breeding, genetics and variety testing

Edward Bush

Nursery and ornamental crop growth and physiology

Magdi Selim

Assessment of carbon sequestration potential of common agricultural systems on benchmark soils across the southern United States

John Dickson

Small Grain Genetic Improvement, Variety Testing, and Cultural Practices

Jim Wang

Characterizing nutrient/pollutant-soil interaction, organic carbon dynamics and improving soil testing for sustainable agriculture

Jeffrey Beasley

Influence of turfgrass on soil, nutrient and pesticide movement in surface runoff

Brenda Tubana

Soil fertility research for effective management of major essential nutrients for crop production

Niranjan Baisakh

Application of molecular biology and functional genomics tools towards marker-assisted breeding of stress resistance

Brian LeBlanc

Design and evaluation of floating wetland systems for treatment of animal and human waste waters

Kun-Jun Han

Assessing management factors determining biomass production and biomass quality in non-sugarcane producing areas

Niranjan Baisakh

Molecular biology and functional genomics of brown rust resistance in sugarcane and cold stress tolerance in energy/sugarcane

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