Horticulture is the science and art of cultivation, propagation,marketing and processing of ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables,fruits and nuts. Horticulture is unique among plant sciences because it also incorporates art and the principles of design. Horticulture students prepare for exciting and challenging careers involving the ornamental plants, flowers and turfgrasses that beautify the environment.

There are several areas of concentration which are taught using a practical application of basic principles.The Environmental Horticulture area prepares graduates for careers as nursery and floriculture production manager, horticulture educator or landscape manager. Students specializing in fruits and vegetables have opportunities in agricultural chemical sales and as farm consultants.The Turfgrass Management area prepares graduates for a career managing golf course grounds and athletic fields.The Landscape Management area prepares graduates for a career in landscape horticulture. A landscape horticulturist designs, constructs and maintains landscape sites, e.g., maintaining turf, controlling pests, irrigating and fertilizing. The Horticultural Science area is for students who have a strong interest in pursuing a graduate degree for a career in academia, extension and research. Our program offers internship opportunities nationwide.

Jobs are diverse and plentiful. There is a nationwide demand for turfgrass managers. Recent graduates have taken jobs as curators of arboretums, nursery stock producers and retail managers. Many graduates have started businesses serving the landscape needs of commercial and residential property owners.

HORT 3000: Horticulture Internship

HORT 3040: Landscape Construction class project

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