Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Abiotic Stress Tolerance--EXPIRED

Niranjan Baisakh  |  2/10/2010 9:48:04 PM

Full-length, salt-responsive genes isolated from smooth cordgrass.

Salinity and drought are two very important abiotic stresses that dramatically affect the growth and yield of crop plants because most of the economically important crops are intolerant/sensitive to abitoic stress. There is enormous current interest in improving the salinity and drought tolerance of crops. Salinity/drought tolerance is a complex trait that involves numerous aspects of developmental, physiological, biochemical and molecular adjustments. The regulatory pathways leading to these adjustments are poorly understood and remain a focal point of our research. The "rational" approach is to elucidate the physiological and molecular basis of existing salt- and drought-tolerance mechanisms in different plant species or cultivars and to identify the superior genes/alleles involved so that they can be incorporated into improved cultivars.
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