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The Bachelor of Science in Forestry and the choice of two Areas of Concentration are aimed at delivering a broad education in renewable natural resources specifically related to forest ecosystems. The B.S.F. is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) and leads to a professional degree in Forestry. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes SAF as the specialized accrediting body for forestry education in the United States.

The curriculum in Forestry consists of a schoolwide core of courses taken by all students in the School of Renewable Natural Resources to  assure a broad understanding of renewable natural resource ecology, sustainability, policy and management. The Forestry curriculum also contains the University general education requirements, support courses from closely related disciplines, a forestry core, and required and directed elective courses within the selected Area of Concentration and allows for a number of hours of free electives. The B.S.F. degree program is flexible and allows students, in consultation with faculty, to select an area of concentration closely associated with their career goals in renewable natural resources. Additional flexibility is allowed within each Area of Concentration. Problem-based learning and multidisciplinary team activities are used to put students in "real-world situations." Skills are stressed in a broad-based curriculum. A total of 128 hours is required.

Areas of Concentration
[forest resource management]  [ecological restoration]

School Core Courses

AGRI 1001:Introduction to Agriculture                             
RNR 1001: Natural Resource Conservation                      
RNR 1002: Natural Resource Issues                                
RNR 2101: Ecology of Natural Resources                        
RNR 2102: Natural Resource Measurements                    
EXST 2201: Introduction to Statistical Analysis                
RNR 3004: Photogrammetry, GPS and GIS                     
RNR 2039 or 4039: Natural Resources Policy                             
RNR 4101: Integrated Natural Res.Management & Policy                                    

The Forest Resource Management Area of Concentration (FRM AOC) is intended for those students who are primarily interested in managing forests as a sustainable, renewable natural resource. The Area of Concentration, in conjunction with the school core courses, is designed to provide students with an appreciation of numerous aspects of forest resource management including timber and non-timber resources and prepare them for employment with public and private entities in forest resource management. The LSU School of Agriculture offers a curriculum and degree path. 

FRM Approved Electives Block I:
Select a minimum of 3 courses from this block (6-9 hrs.)

RNR 3106: Timber Harvesting                                                   
RNR 3107: Wood Procurement                                                
RNR 4032: Forest Fire Protection and Use                                
RNR 4033: Silviculture and Management of Hardwoods                
RNR 4051: Wildlife Habitat Management                                     
RNR 4102: Quantitative Silviculture                                            
RNR 4107: Human Dimensions in Natural Resources                 

FRM Approved Electives Block II:
Select a minimum of 2 courses from this block (6 to 7 hrs.).

RNR 2031: Principles of Wildlife Management                        
RNR 3018: Ecology of Louisiana Wildlife                                 
RNR 4151: Hydrology of Natural Landscapes                         
RNR 4900: Watershed Hydrology Cross Listed as ENVS4900                                                     
GEOG 4044: Computer Cartography: Personal Computer         
GEOG 4070: Environmental Conservation                                 
MC 3000: Principles of Public Relations                                  
MGT 3200: Principles of Management                                    
MKT 3401: Principles of Marketing                                         

* Concentrated courses offered during the first half of Spring Camp semester

Ecological Restoration (ER) Area of Concentration Development/ disturbance mitigation is on the rise as is the desire to restore systems disturbed and disrupted by anthropogenic and natural causes. The Ecological Restoration Area of Concentration (ER AOC) provides the foundation for students planning a career in environmental and ecological consulting, ecological restoration or remediation work. Knowledge of plant and animal taxonomy, geographic information systems and wetlands delineation are currently in demand by environmental consulting/engineering firms. The LSU School of Agriculture offers a curriculum and degree path.This area of
concentration includes 22 hours of electives.

ER Approved Electives Block I – Wetlands

BIOL 4020: Taxonomy and Ecology of Wetland Plants
CHEM 2060: Organic Chemistry
RNR 4033: Silviculture and Management of Hardwoods
RNR 4151: Hydrology of Natural Landscapes
RNR 4900: Watershed Hydrology (cross listed as ENVS 4900)
OCS 4165: Environmental Chemistry of Wetlands
OCS 4166: Wetlands Delineation and Functional Assessment

ER Approved Electives Block II – Planning

EMS 1011: Environment and Technology
EMS 3040: Applied Environmental Management
EMS 4030: Environmental Permit Writing
ENGL 3002: Technical Writing or ENGL 3101 Legal Writing
ENVS 4010: Applied Ecology
GEOG 4019: Aerial Photo Interpretation and Cultural Features
GEOG 4045: Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOG 4047: Geographic Information Systems

ER Approved Electives Block III – Plants

BIOL 4020: Taxonomy and Ecology of Wetland Plants
BIOL 3060: Introductory Plant Physiology
BIOL 4041: Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 4055: Flora of Louisiana
CHEM 2060: Organic Chemistry
RNR 4051: Wildlife Habitat Management

ER Approved Electives Block IV - Animals

BIOL 2153: Principles of Genetics
BIOL 4015: Conservation Biology
BIOL 4141: Mammalogy
BIOL 4142: Ornithology
BIOL 4146: Herpetology
RNR 2031: Principles of Wildlife Management
RNR 3018: Ecology of Louisiana Wildlife
RNR 4051: Wildlife Habitat Management

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