Sample Submission Guidelines

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Before Submitting a Sample

  • Provide as much information as possible. This information may include planting date, age of the plant, any fertilizer or chemical treatment, water regime, number of plants affected, signs and symptoms as well as previously encountered problems with the particular crop. Any additional information can provide better and more accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  • The sample should contain both above- and below-ground parts of the plant whenever that is possible. Collect fresh specimens.
  • Collect the sample from the area with early symptoms of the problem. Completely wilted or dead plants contain numerous secondary pathogens and are virtually impossible to diagnose.
  • Sample should be mailed as soon as collected to prevent drying and growth of secondary pathogens; otherwise, keep specimen cool.
  • All responses are sent to the agent, who will contact you. If you prefer faster response, include your phone (fax) number or e-mail address and indicate how you prefer to receive the results.

There are two ways of submitting samples to the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic:

  1. Physical sample
  2. Electronically - Digital image sent through the Louisiana Distant Diagnostic Network (LDDN)

Submitting a Physical Sample

  • Visit the LSU AgCenter parish page to locate the local agent.
  • Contact your county agent to notify him/her about the problem.
  • The agent will fill in the form and mail the sample. This way, he or she will be familiar with diseases and problems in your area.


  • Anyone can bring the sample directly to the clinic.
  • Please fill the form with the background information about the problem and the address and phone number where you can be reached.
  • Our plant disease diagnostic clinic is at: 436 Life Science Building, LSU Campus Baton Rouge, LA 70803 (225) 578-4562

Please feel free to call the clinic with any questions before submitting your sample (225-578-4562).

Digital Image Submission

  • Contact your county agent to notify him/her about the problem.
  • You or the agent can take a digital image of a diseased plant.
  • The agent will fill out the form and e-mail the picture of diseased/injured plant for you. If symptoms cannot be identified through distance diagnostic, we will ask the agent to submit a physical sample.

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic Shipment Address:

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
302 Life Science Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Tips for Taking Quality Digital Images

  • Double check the image quality, clarity and focus before submitting it.
  • Take several images from different angles. If submitting a sample from the field, take the field image as well as the closeup of an individual diseased plant.
  • When possible, include size reference such as a ruler or a coin.
  • As with physical samples, please include as much additional information as possible.

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