Diseases of Broccoli

Donald M. Ferrin, Hadziabdic, Denita, Hollier, Clayton A., Overstreet, Charles

Black rot is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris. Yellow V-shaped lesions appear along the leaf margins with the V directed toward a vein. Infected areas of the leaf become dry as the disease progresses and the veins become darker, often extending into the stem.

Downy mildew. The internal darkening of broccoli florets is caused by systemic invasion of the fungus Peronospora parasitica. Infected plants develop a gray mold on the lower leaf surface only, in contrast to powdery mildew. On the upper leaf, Yellowing and necrosis are observed on the upper leaf surface.

Soft rot can be caused by several different bacteria. Large, brown, rotted and sunken areas on the broccoli head are observed several days after the initial symptoms. This disease is favored by warm, wet conditions.

10/21/2005 11:36:18 PM
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